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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two Charged In Murder Of UMKC Student

Two Kansas City residents have been charged with the murder of Aaron Markarian, a senior baritone student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Conservatory of Music and Dance. Prosecutors have charged Alonzo D. Ruff, 20, and Anthony J. Williams, 21, of Kansas City with 10 felonies. The pair are charged with second-degree murder, robbery, three counts of assault and five counts of armed criminal action.

Markarian performing
Williams and Ruff decided to rob the college students’ home located at 4900 Brookside Boulevard after Williams had visited the home earlier in the evening. Williams and Ruff then visited the home, armed with a machete and gun, barging inside when Markarian opened the door. The UMKC student and his friends had gathered for a birthday celebration.

After forcing all of the students in the house to sit on a couch, Williams and Ruff stole $400, cellphones and marijuana. After the robbery, Ruff turned and opened fire at the students on the couch. Markarian was fatally wounded during the shooting, while three other victims survived after being hit.
Alonzo D. Ruff and Anthony J. Williams
One of the survivors recognized Ruff from high school, and believes he opened fire on the group out of fear of being recognized. Williams wore a ski mask during the robbery, however it appears that Ruff did not attempt to conceal his identity. Both were arrested Tuesday evening.

Markarian had been set to graduate from UMKC in May with a bachelor’s degree of music in vocal performance. Tony Williams was a graduate of Archbishop O’Hara High School in 2009 and was unemployed. He had met Ruff when the two worked together at a bagel restaurant, and Williams’ family had recently allowed Ruff to move into the family’s home with them.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roeland Park Man Pleads Guilty To Role In International Child Pornography Case

Michael D. Arnett, a 38-year-old former emergency medical technician who resides in Roeland Park, has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. Arnett also had pictures of a one to two-year-old child lying inside an oven, and had discussed killing and eating children in online chats.

Arnett has admitted that he took photos of minors engaged in sexually explicit acts between 2000 and 2008. He was charged in May with three child pornography counts, and has been linked to an international conspiracy to distribute illegal images of children. The United States Homeland Security was able to identify Arnett last year by noticing a water bottle in a photograph that contained the logo of a Johnson County pool. Later, investigators were able to find two teens that cited abuse from Arnett when they were younger.

This international investigation into a child pornography ring, also known as Operation Holitna, has produced 34 arrests outside of the United States and 16 in the USA.  According to Homeland Security, around 160 child victims have been identified and rescued. Operation Holitna began in 2010, when pornographic images were discovered that did not originate in the USA. The images were later traced to a daycare center in the Netherlands, and the operator of the center was charged.

In August, a friend of Arnett’s, Robert Poe III of Kansas City, was arrested and charged with sexually abusing two boys and transporting a minor for the purpose of engaging in a sexual act.

According to Arnett’s plea agreement, he will not ask for a sentence less than 20 years, and prosecutors will not ask for a sentence of more than 30 years.

What is even more unsettling about Arnett’s case is that discussions involving him killing and eating children have been found online. A Florida man who chatted with Arnett about these actions has been charged, but has claimed that these were merely fantasies that he would never act upon.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lee's Summit West Football Star Charged With Armed Robbery

Lee Summit West High School’s Jamone A. Boyd, one of the top prep football players in the state of Missouri, was charged yesterday with armed robbery. Boyd is accused of robbing several victims at gunpoint in a Kansas City apartment.

Court records depict that Boyd and several other men pushed their way into an apartment with five people inside, striking two victims in the head with a pistol while pushing others to the ground. The burglars stole cash, electronics and clothing, and warned the victims that if they attempted to leave the apartment after the robbery, they would be gunned down with assault rifles. The robbers also threatened to return and rob the victims again in a couple of weeks.

Boyd is being charged with five counts of robbery in the first-degree, as well as five counts of armed criminal action. Prosecutors have requested a bond of $150,000. Boyd has turned himself into police and has denied being involved in the robbery; however, four of the robbery victims have identified Boyd.

The football star, who is 6’4 and 250 pounds, has been rated a four-star defensive end and has received interest from all of the local Universities. Boyd was scheduled to sign a letter of intent tomorrow to play football at Butler Community College, deciding to improve his grades at the junior college after originally committing to Kansas State.

This hasn’t been Boyd’s first run-in with the law. In November, he was cited for possessing marijuana and resisting arrest. After this incident, Boyd was sent to Summit Ridge Academy. He was benched for one game last season at Lee’s Summit West after receiving a detention in school, which is a violation of team policy.  Lee’s Summit West head football coach Royce Boehm and district athletics director Darwin Rold have not yet commented on Boyd’s actions.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kansas City Police Vehicles Burglarized

Seven vehicles were burglarized yesterday, including six police vehicles, in the area of east 76th street and Breckenridge Avenue in southeast Kansas City.

Kansas City Police Major Anthony Ell, who lives in the neighborhood in which the vehicles were located, suspects that the thieves were after police radios, bullet-proof vests, uniforms and weapons. The Kansas City police department has not released what was specifically taken from the vehicles. The thieves were able to burglarize the police vehicles by smashing out the windows.

Ell stated that it would be difficult for the thieves to use the stolen radios and computers without the proper police codes. The primary concern for the police department has to be any missing weapons and uniforms, as the thieves can now impersonate an officer.

Four unmarked Kansas City police cars were also burglarized; however the KC Police Department has stated that no weapons were taken from these vehicles. The seventh vehicle that was broken into was a civilian vehicle.

For those that are forced to park their car outside of a garage, this crime spree should serve as a reminder to never leave valuable items in your car overnight. The police department must also bear some responsibility – police cars are stocked with weapons, uniforms and other items that cannot fall into the wrong hands, and officers need to take further measures in regards to securing their vehicles. Police cars will always be a main target of thieves, especially when they parked sitting in a dark neighborhood and unattended.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Woman Uses Facebook To Accuse Man Of Physically Assaulting Her

The picture Taylor uploaded to Facebook
A woman who had suffered physical abuse posted a picture of herself at Liberty Hospital on her attacker’s Facebook wall, leading to a charge of second-degree felony domestic assault.

Amber Taylor, 23, was found in a bathtub at a motel after being hit in the head with the handle of a baseball bat and knocked unconscious by 19-year-old Austin McCauley. A witness who found the woman initially feared that she was dead. McCauley also held a knife to his throat after the attack in front of other witnesses, threatening to hurt himself if any contacted the police.

Witnesses say that Taylor and McCauley have been living together in the motel room for a little over two weeks. After McCauley assaulted Taylor with the bat, he took her to the bathroom to clean her up before threatening to kill both the witnesses on the scene and himself with a knife.

Austin McCauley
It is believed that McCauley’s attack started after he found text messages on Taylor’s phone between herself and another man.

The woman then snapped a picture of herself recovering in Liberty Hospital and posted it to McCauley’s Facebook page using his account, where it received 6,500 likes and has been shared over 700 times. Taylor wrote on the picture’s caption “I want everyone to know who he is bc he is fake and honestly NO woman ever deserves to be in my spot.” Many people have left comments of praise and encouragement for the woman.

McCauley is currently in police custody with a court date scheduled for December 31.

In today’s world filled with social media outlets, one’s actions will get magnified. McCauley learned that the hard way, and thousands of people now know he is assaulted a woman, left her for dead and then threatened to kill others. Many people are weary of how platforms like Facebook have invaded our privacy, but in cases like this, they can help deliver justice.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Manhunt In Riverside Underway After Man Attempts To Abduct Girl

Riverside police are currently conducting a manhunt to try to catch a man who grabbed a 13-year-old girl this morning and attempted to drag her into a wooded area. The girl was waiting at her bus stop located in the 4900 block of Northwest Gateway Avenue, and the attempted kidnapping occurred at 6:30 a.m.

The girl was able to escape from the attacker after several people near the scene noticed the attacker and scared the man off by yelling at him. The man released the girl and fled into the woods.

The suspect was described as a Hispanic male in his 30s, with a dark complexion and a heavy Hispanic accent. He has dark hair and dark eyes, and stands around 5 feet 8 inches tall with a thin goatee. At the time of the attempted kidnapping, he was wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt with multi-colored stripes.

This situation is particularly troubling for Kansas City residents as it eerily resembles the kidnapping of Jessica Ridgeway. Ridgeway, who has family in the KC area, was kidnapped and murdered by Austin Reed Sigg on her way to school in Colorado. Ridgeway’s murder and this latest kidnapping attempt in Kansas City shows that parents need to be extremely cautious in regards to how their children travel to and from school.

Anyone who may have information on the situation or the suspect should contact the Riverside Police Department by calling 9-1-1.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Murder Suspect Van Note Freed On One Million Dollar Bond

Susan “Liz” Van Note, a Lee’s Summit lawyer who is accused of killing her father and his girlfriend, was recently freed from jail on bond. The bond was set at an astonishing one million dollars – an attempt to keep Van Note in prison by the judge. Where the money has come from is baffling the prosecution; however Van Note has paid the fee and has been released from prison.

By now, the Van Note murder case is well known to those in the Kansas City area. On the night of October 2, 2010, William Van Note, a 67-year-old millionaire businessman and his longtime girlfriend, 59-year-old Sharon Dickson, were attacked in front of Van Note’s lakefront home in the Sunrise Beach area at the Lake of the Ozarks. When police arrived on the scene, Dickson had been shot several times and had been slashed with a knife, while Van Note had a bullet wound in his head.

Dickson died at the scene, and Van Note was taken to the University Hospital in Columbia, MO and lapsed into a coma after having the bullet removed from his brain. Liz Van Note presented a signed document stating that she had the authority to make medical decisions for her father, and requested that he be removed from life support. Van Note died after doctors turned the life support machine off.

Only last month, a grand jury indictment accused Liz Van Note of killing her father and his girlfriend, and forging his signature on the document that granted her authority to make his medical decisions. Due to the premeditation of her actions, Van Note has been charged with first degree murder.

What is shocking about Van Note paying a million dollar bond is that she declared bankruptcy only a few years ago. A search has begun to find out where this money came from and how Van Note was able to beat the system. Until then, a woman who is suspected of murdering two people is walking free… after paying a one million dollar bond.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Murderer Commits Suicide

The Crossland Economy Studios in Independence is short one room to rent today. That's because the coward murderer Rufus Young thankfully blew his brains out in one of the rooms as Police closed in on him Thursday night. Rufus was wanted in the shooting death of his ex girlfriend and her mother the night before.

After fleeing her home, Naushay Riley went to her mothers house as Rufus Young followed. In the company of Naushay's two small children, Young shot her and her mother Jackie, at the house on east 40th Terr. Two more parentless children in the city, and the cycle continues.

Rufus Young was no stranger to gun violence. He was released from prison in 2006 for the murder of a 17 year old in St Louis in 1994. As for Mr Young's decision to end his own worthless life, I wish more of the world's garbage would take themselves out. It sure would save a lot of money and trouble taking care of them for the rest of their lives.

There's also a lesson here for the ladies. What on Earth was this woman doing with this loser? She had a job, and a house, and she is making babies with a convicted murderer? Ladies you've got to choose your man better than that.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trolley Track Attacker Appears in Court

James Kemp was shackled to other inmates this morning at his first hearing at the Jackson County Courthouse. It was a routine first appearance and a new court date was set for Aug 22. Kemp is facing 8 Felony counts (4 Armed Criminal Action, 2 Kidnapping, 1 Sodomy, 1 Robbery) in connection with attacks on the Trolley Track Trail near the Waldo section of Kansas City, and at the Top of the Wornall Car Wash. He is being held on a $250,000 cash only bond.

According to court documents, DNA from the first attack where he Sodomized a woman on the Trolley Track Trail June 16th matched Kemp. Fingerprints from the second attack also match Kemp. Reportedly, he confessed when confronted with the evidence. The second attack is particularly chilling. The victim was able to get the duct tape off of her wrists to fight off her attacker and it really sounds like she was in a life or death battle.

His poor, pregnant wife was on the news last night making a fool of herself claiming that her husband is owed an apology and he would never do anything like this. She, along with Kemp's brother and sister think a confession was coerced by the cops. Yeah, coerced after he saw all the evidence they had. This fucking idiot has ruined lots of peoples lives. Hopefully his (future ex) wife and unborn child can move on and make something of themselves. I actually feel bad for her. Yes, Mr Wonderful does have feelings.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Dead, One Critical in Chubby's Shooting

Chubby's on Broadway is an interesting place, especially at 2:30am. Never will you see a more generous assortment of freaks, east of California, congregated in one place. Or at least that's how I remember it when I lived around the corner back in the 90's. I suspect today it's a little more dangerous than it was, you know, with a thuggish element.

Anyway, last night it got real dangerous in the parking lot. Cops were called around 2:30 with reports of gunfire. When they arrived, one man was dead and another man injured. The dead man is described as black and in his 20s. The dead man is also a robbery suspect.

Two black men in a Cadillac (stereotype alert) attempted to rob two white guys (another stereotype alert) in the parking lot of Chubby's. Fortunately (well not if you are the dead man), the alleged victim of the robbery was packin'. Bad guy, DRT, justice served. White guy robbery victim was also shot in the leg and is in critical condition.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Census Shows White Babies are Minority

It's finally happened. According to new census data, white babies are the minority in the United States. It will now be a matter of time before white folks are the minority race in this country, and Democrats will be able to completely plunder the wealth of the United States with the help of welfare cows and community organizers.

The figures also show that the number of black households headed by women outnumbers the black households headed by two parents. This sad truth goes hand in hand with the violence that plagues our inner cities - Kansas City being no exception. The rash of shootings in Kansas City is on a record pace, while our new black mayor gives lip service to the problem.

Twelve States and DC now have white populations below 50 percent in children 5 and under, that's up from six on the 2000 census. At the current rate, 7 more states will have a white minority under 5 at the next census (in 10 years).

Our only hope as a nation is that minorities, and blacks specifically reverse their current attitudes as absentee fathers, and lazy entitlement culture that plagues the American Ghettos. God help us.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kansas City Ranked 9th Most Dangerous City in US

A new report that analyzed the past seven years crime statistics from the FBI has ranked Kansas City as the 9th most dangerous city in the United States. The study assigned a numerical value to each city based on the amount of property crimes and violent crimes reported. Kansas City scored a 337. a score of 100 would indicate average crime rate for all cities studied. Kansas City's score reflected a crime rate more than three times the national average.

St Louis ranked first (or worst - depending on how you look at it) with a score of 530 - Followed by Atlanta, Birmingham, Orlando and Detroit.

The report did note, however, that the overall rate of crime has dropped significantly in the last 20 years. The full report can be found at the US News and World Report Website.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thugs Rob Snowbound Victims at Gunpoint

Karma's a bitch. These two fine looking gentleman to the right were caught by Kansas City Police Thursday stuck in the snow in a stolen Chevrolet Suburban. Darion Page, Michael Taylor (yes, that is a man), and an unidentified Juvenile have been arrested in connection with a series of robberies Wednesday and Thursday. The suspects would roll up on folks stuck in the snow, pull a gun and rob them (nice).

On Wednesday evening they robbed a preacher at 85th and Prospect after the preacher and another man freed the vehicle from a snowbank, these two thugs stole the Suburban as well. Another stranded motorist was held up at on Hillcrest near 103rd st. While Police were responding to that robbery, they happened upon the suspects, themselves stuck in the snow. While being interviewed, Page and Taylor both admitted being present during the robberies, but blamed the holdups on the 16 yr old juvenile. The juvenile did not make a statement to Police - he's probably the smartest one in the bunch.

I hope the courts aren't too hard on them, I'm sure they were just short on money for college tuition for next semester.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wife Shoots Husband in the Groin

A Kansas City man is recovering today after an altercation with his wife last night. Around 10PM last night, Kansas City Police were called to a residence at 1130 E 76th Terr for a domestic dispute with gunshots fired. When they arrived a 50 year old man with a gunshot wound was getting ready to drive himself to the hospital. He had a gunshot wound to his groin.

The man stated that he was showing his wife how to use the safety on the gun when is fired accidentally. Neighbors, however, told Police that they heard the couple arguing and the wife yelled "Give me my card or I will shoot you" - moments later they heard the gunshot and called Police. Next time the bitch asks for her card, give it to her, she obviously ain't playin. The wife was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clerk in Fatal Gas Station Shooting Charged with Manslaughter

Jackson County Prosecuter Jim Kanatzer charged a clerk, Tuesday, in the shooting death of Frederick C Jones, Jr (pictured at right). Akbar Rana, of Olathe, was charged with Voluntary Manslaughter and Armed Criminal Action. His is not yet in custoday, and there has been some talk that he may have left the country. You might recall the incident on September 3rd at the Shell Station on Bannister Rd in South Kansas City. From the details I can gather, Mr Jones caused a disruption in the store and was involved in an altercation with employees. He was removed from the store and tasered by a clerk, then apparently as he was fleeing the scene, another employee shot Jones in the back. Jones reportedly (it has been confirmed by his family) suffered from mental illness and alcohol abuse. This is surely a sad story.

True, there is not the funding for mental illness that would be ideal. Mr Jones is someone that it sounds like fell through the cracks - we do not put the mentally ill in institutions as we once did, and we are better as a society for it. There are no easy answers, and this clerk (if he is still in the country) will certainly have to answer for his actions.

But, let's put ourselves in the clerk's shoes for just a moment. Just a few nights earlier, the vary same store was robbed at gunpoint - have you ever had a gun shoved in your face? Might make you a little jumpy next time you have an altercation with someone. Now, I'm not justifying what the clerk did if the facts are indeed what we have been hearing, as Alvin Brooks said, it sends a message to the public that you must be careful when you have access to and use guns. I contend there is another message, you also must be careful how you act in another person's place of business and in public in general - you never know how they will react, or perceive your actions. Voluntary Manslaughter seems the reasonable charge given the facts we know.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Man Shot and Killed by Store Clerk in Kansas City

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For the second time this week, a disturbance at a local Shell Station has lead to gunshots. The gas station and convenience store located at 5501 Bannister Rd in Kansas City was the scene of a fatal shooting last night. Police responded to a disturbance call at the location that was quickly upgraded to a shooting around 7PM on Friday. A witness described the victim as "acting crazy", throwing things and generally tearing the place up before the clerk took action. The clerk reportedly tasered the man before shooting him. Police arrived to find the man bleeding just outside the door of the store. He later died at the hospital.

Early Wednesday morning, cops were called to the same station. Two armed men tried to hold up the store. A clerk (we don't know if it was the same one involved in last nights incident), pulled a gun from his waistband and fired several shots. The would be robbers fled and have not been arrested. One of the men may have been shot.

I think the message has been sent to would be robbers and other dirt bags. Do not pull any shenanigans at the Shell Station at 5501 Bannister Rd. They are packin' and not afraid to spray a little lead. One more piece of trash cleaned off the street.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Man Beats, Robs Blind Uncle

There is low, and then there is really low. Way below that lies where Allen Bennett lies, a man being charged by authorities of robbing and beating his uncle. If you thought that sounded bad, it gets worse: his uncle is legally blind.

Bennett, who looks like the blind beating type, says he did not take part in the beating and has not seen his uncle in months. So we are supposed to believe someone else did this (despite the uncle's testimony)? Committing this horrible action is one thing, but lying about it might even be worse (if that is possible).

Unless it is this guy, the blind must rely on others for help, especially those that are family. I hope that the law gives Allen Bennett a stricter penalty considering that not only did he do something terrible, but he did it to a man who was completly defenseless.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kansas City Police - KCPD's relationship with Kansas City Detectives

Kansas City police and their relationship with Kansas City detectives

Does someone have to be murdered in Kansas City in order for the Kansas City police to turn over any pertinant crime details to the Kansas City detectives? After living here for most of 30 years, my friends and I have been the victims of countless crimes. No big deal for the most part, the occasional robbery, car theft, assault, etc.

Here's the thing:

The police show up, write up a report, and then split.

Is it no longer the job of the Kansas City police department to INVESTIGATE crimes? I mean seriously, I've had fingerprints, shoe prints, tire prints, friggin DNA samples, everything in the book on those who have broken into my house or car and the police just IGNORE this and dismiss the evidence completely.

Ok, so my question is, what level of severity does a crime have to be before the Kansas City police turn over a crime to the Kansas City detectives? Do the KCPD detectives only investigate murders? I understand that the "beat cops" that are on patrol are mostly simpletons and cannot initiate an investigation, but can they at least turn the facts over to the detectives?

A good policeman friend of mine once told me that if I'm ever robbed while at home to "shoot him and drag him in front of your front door". I think that may be my only recourse. Good advice :)


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