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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missouri's Basketball Coaching Staff Takes Shape

This past week, New Missouri Head man Frank Haith has hired most of Staff. And by all accounts, he's assembled a fine one. On Wednesday, he announced his recruiting coordinator to be Tim Fuller, Bench coach Ernie Nestor, and Strength and Conditioning Coach Todor Pandov. By Friday, Isaac Chew had been added to the staff. I will give a little background on each of these new coached.

Tim Fuller - Great Recruiter. Last year was a member of Rick Pitino's Louisville staff. He played at Wake Forest on some great teams with Tim Duncan. After his playing days were over he spent time all around making some great contacts in the basketball world. He also spent time as a rep for Nike. Fuller has stated that Frank Haith is like a father to him (Haith was an assistant at Wake Forest when Fuller was a player) and is looking forward to working with him in Columbia.

Ernie Nestor - An Excellent coach who has been around winners in the NCAA for 35 years. Along with Assistant coaching stints at Wake Forest under Dave Odom, He was also a head coach at Elon University and George Mason. Should help Haith with the X's and O's aspect of coaching (something he is said to need help with).

Todor Pandov - Pandov was Haith's Strength and Conditioning Coach in Miami. He is Bulgarian and A former college basketball player at Western Kentucky.

Isaac Chew - A great young assistant with ties to Kansas City. He played for Avila in college and was an AAU coach for Kansas City Pump-N-Run, the same program that current Tigers Michael Dixon and Marcus Denmon played for. AAU coaches are a tremendous help in recruiting. Chew's ties with the Kansas City area and AAU will be an asset for Tiger Basketball. Most recently Chew coached for a very successful Murray State program and was instrumental in bringing a Kansas City recruit to that program.

With these winners in place, I hope Missouri fans feel better about their future than they did when Frank Haith was hired. I know I do. They really have their work cut out for them with several scholarships opening up next year.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Painter Will Stay at Purdue, Mizzou's Search Goes On

Matt Painter was in an enviable position yesterday. He had two big time athletic programs basically bidding for his services. The day ended with him staying put at his alma mater with a sweet half a million dollar raise and eight more years on his contract.

This after a full court press from Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden, who flew to Florida to meet with Painter who was vacationing there. The Missouri AD reportedly offered north of $2 million/year, but ultimately Painter wanted to stay at the school he played at, Purdue University.

Missouri fans were all a "twitter" yesterday as a report came out of St Louis that Painter would be accepting Missouri's offer. After news that he would stay at Purdue was announced, Mizzou fans felt that familiar punched in the gut feeling. With years of athletic disappointments in the past, most Mizzou fans, I'm sure, could feel it coming. I know I did. Alden went from hero to zero on Mizzou message board Tigerboard.

Mike Alden, the search goes on. There are still good candidates available, two of which are in this year's Final Four - VCU coach Shaka Smart, and Butler Coach Brad Stevens. Anything less than a Home Run hire could be trouble for Mike Alden - I don't think fans will stand for an unproven mid major coach this time around. I would also suggest to Mr Alden to do everything in his power to keep information out of the hands of the media. That can blow a potential deal in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purdue Coach Matt Painter Meets with Missouri

It has now been made official that Purdue coach Matt Painter is meeting with Missouri's athletic department to discuss the open mens' basketball coach vacancy. Painter was expected to have met with Missouri officials sometime yesterday in Florida, where his family is currently on vacation.

In response to this news, Purdue is now issuing statements that they will do everything in their power to keep Painter. One would think it wouldn't be that hard. Painter is from Indiana, played at Purdue under legendary coach Gene Keady, and is already in his dream job. Why exactly would he want to leave?

The simple answer is money. Painter feels like he isn't being given enough for his services as well as the necessary resources to hire good assistants. Painter currently makes about 1.3 million a year in base salary, and Missouri is thought to be offering a seven year deal worth $14 million.

Overall, this feels like a reach on Mizzou's part. Most insiders expect Painter to stay if Purdue's counter offer is good enough, and I would agree. Painter is likely using Missouri to get a better offer from Purdue, and so far it appears this is working. Credit Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden for going after the best possible candidate (and trying to avoid another Quin Snyder hire), but it appears Painter might be too hard to get.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mike Anderson Leaves Missouri for Arkansas

Mike Anderson should brush up on his SOOOUY pig call, or whatever it is those rednecks down in Arkansas yell at Razorback games. Wednesday night Coach Anderson announced his decision to leave the University of Missouri to rejoin the Arkansas Razorbacks program he was a part of for 17 years. The decision was not a shock in this age of coaching carousel that is college sports especially taking into account the years he spent there as an assistant to Nolan Richardson.

The only thing a little surprising is that less than a week ago Anderson reiterated that he was Missouri's coach and planned to "retire here". I always though Coach Anderson was an honorable man, but I guess, like most men, his honor only goes so far. I can say I appreciate the coach's efforts in bringing Missouri back to respectability, but as for wishing him luck in Arkansas? I'll pass. I hope he loses, a lot. I hope Arkansas regrets paying him $2.2 million per year. Oh well, good riddance.

Now let's look to the future. This could be a great opportunity for Missouri to make a great hire. Some possible candidates?

Cuonzo Martin - currently the Head Coach at Missouri State -played collegiately at Purdue and several seasons in the NBA. Grew up in East St Louis. Never been to an NCAA tournament as a coach, but is a rising star. Would probably accept if offered.

Brad Stevens - Currently coaching at Butler. Went to the NCAA championship game last year. Missouri would take him in a heartbeat, but he probably would not leave Butler, even for more money. He stated this when he was being courted last off season, he is a man of character and will probably stand by his word.

Gregg Marshall - Currently coaching at Wichita State. In the Final FOur of the NIT this year. Another up and coming coach who would probably come to Missouri if offered.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mizzou Squeeks into NCAA Tourney with 11 Seed

University of Missouri's Basketball team just barely slipped into this year's field of 68 teams for the NCAA Tournament. They secured an 11 seed in the West region - 11 and 12 seeds are generally reserved for the final at large bids into the tournament. Mizzou will play the Bearcats of Cincinnati University on Thursday night in an 8:50 Central time tip. The game will be played in Washington, DC - kind of ironic seeing as how this is the west region and you can't get much further east than DC.

Missouri was the last of 5 Big 12 team to get in the tournament. Most pundits thought Colorado would make it, but the committee chose UAB and Virginia Commonwealth instead. Strange, since Colorado finished with the same Big 12 record as Missouri with arguably better wins than the Tigers (they beat K-State 3 times) - in the Conference, anyway.

The Bearcats are a decent match up for the Tigers. It should, at the very least, be an entertaining ballgame is you like a fast pace. Cincinnati plays a similar style to Missouri's "40 Minutes of Hell". They both push the ball down the court and like to full court press. The 11 seed is actually a bit of a break for Missouri. Projections had the Tigers in the dreaded 8/9 game where the winner has to face the region's #1 seed. I don't think Cincinnati is markedly better than any 8 or 9 seed in the tournament. The highest seed Missouri could face if they beat Cincinnati is #3 Connecticut - a big step down from any of the #1 seeds.

Also on Sunday, Arkansas officially fired their coach renewing speculation that Coach Anderson could be headed to the University where he was an assistant for 17 years under Nolan Richardson. Coach Anderson reiterated what he said several weeks back that he is a Missouri Tiger and has no plans to leave, he would like to "retire here". I take the man at his word, and hopefully turning down Arkansas will be the end to yearly speculation of his leaving.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mizzou Finishes Road Conference Season at an Embarassing 1-7

Mike Anderson's Missouri basketball team plopped another turd on the court Tuesday night to end their Conference road season at 1-7. Now, we MU fans are generally not nearly as reactionary as KU fans, but that is F'n ridiculous! There is no way in hell this team should be only muster one stinking road win.

Even worse perhaps, was the way they lost on Tuesday night. The Tigers were out-rebounded 32-18 while tying the Cornholers in the turnover battle 17-17. Mizzou had ZERO second chance points. You're not going to win many games with those kind of stats. Really, to me, it seems they just don;t have their heads in the game - almost like the opposing crown is getting to them. That should not happen at this level and Coach Anderson is to blame.

That's not to say something stupid like Mike Anderson should be fired, but he is definitely having a down year and we should expect better from him in the future. The good news is that Missouri has no more road games left, and they have been decent on neutral courts. With just one home win over rival Kansas standing between them and an undefeated season at home, Missouri could sure make their faithful breathe easier if they take care of business on Saturday at Mizzou Arena. This team could still do some damage in the tournament and salvage the season.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wins For K State and Mizzou Set up Big Game on Saturday

Wins by both Kansas State and Missouri on Wednesday sets up an intriguing match up this Saturday in Manhattan at the Octagon of Doom (still the world's stupidest nickname for an arena). Kansas State has been on fire of late winning 5 of their last 6 since being blown out in Lawrence - including an impressive victory over Kansas.

Mizzou has also won 5 of their last 6, but have just recently picked up their first Conference road win over an abysmal Iowa State team. The Tigers won the previous meeting between the two schools earlier this year in Columbia.

A Missouri victory this Saturday will strengthen their position in the top 4 of the Big 12 Standings and a first round bye in the Conference Tournament, and earn them more respect nationally with an impressive road win. A victory by K State, I think would almost assuredly earn them a spot in the NCAA tournament. Missouri is surely in at this point with 22 wins and a guaranteed Conference Record of at least .500 - not to mention undefeated at home (so far).

For Missouri to pull off the victory they will need great efforts by their big men. The three forwards (Ratliffe, Bowers, and Safford) combined for 40 points and 25 boards against Baylor Wednesday night. They will need a repeat performance to knock off K State on Saturday night.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mizzou and Kansas State Both Seeking Needed Victories

The Kansas State Wildcats travel to Columbia to take on the Tigers in a rare Monday Matinee game today at 4:30. It should be a great game between two teams that came into the season with very high expectation in conference play. Missouri is 15-3, but has already lost two conference games to only one victory. Kansas State, also 1-2 in conference play, has been a disappointment so far this year having been ranked third in the country at one time, they have since dropped to 20th after losses to unranked Florida, Oklahoma State, and UNLV.

Both teams see this as a must win to keep their Conference Championship hopes alive - the loser of this game would likely have to run the table in the Big 12 to have a chance. Of course, that's assuming Kansas stops being the luckiest team in the history of sports and actually loses a few games.

The Tigers are awfully tough at home, and with Clemente sidelined for The Wildcats, Missouri should hold the edge in this one. But of course Missouri has let a couple of games slip away with bad mistakes at crunch time losing in overtime to Georgetown and Texas A&M. If Kansas State can stay close until the end, anything can happen. I'll say Missouri by 8.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Missouri Pulls Out Overtime Win Against Vanderbilt

The Missouri Tigers Basketball team escaped with a victory last night at Mizzou Arena beating unranked, but solid Vanderbilt in overtime 85-82. Marcus Denmon came on strong for the Tigers in the second half only hours after his cousin, Marion died from injuries sustained in a shooting late last Friday. After having an abysmal first half, Denmon scored 19 in the second half and overtime including a layup and free throw to give the Tigers their final three point lead with 5 seconds left. Denmon and his cousin grew up in the same Kansas City house and his death obviously affected his play in the first half. Denmon leads the Tigers in scoring this year averaging over 17 points per game.

A disturbing trend is developing with the Missouri Tigers Basketball team. The last three games have come down to the final play before the buzzer. Last week, Missouri blew a late lead and folded in overtime against a good Georgetown team - then traveled west two days later and let a poor Oregon team back in the game after amassing an 18 point halftime lead (and growing it early in the second half). The Oregon game can probably be chalked up to tired legs, but the Georgetown and Vanderbilt games are signs this team still has work to do. They continue to leave players WIDE open for three-pointers and will continue to be troubled be teams that can shoot the three. Wild swings in games is something we have grown accustomed to as Missouri fans with Coach Mike Anderson's "Forty Minutes Of Hell" style of play, but the Tigers have to play better defense. They probably will, as every Mike Anderson team at Missouri has gotten better throughout the year.

Missouri has now won 51 consecutive non-conference home games. That's pretty cool. Oh yeah, and KU can SUCK IT!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nebraska Mizzou Game Score 31-17 - College Sports are for Dorks

Today, Nebraska bested Mizzou by a score of 31-17.  It appears that Mizzou didn't show up on either defense or offense in this game.

The good news is, is this is COLLEGE football - who the hell cares?  It's like watching a band rehearse, these are not professionals and you must really have a LOT of spare time on your hands if you actually have time to pay attention to college sports in general - especially college basketball, now there's where you find the REAL geeks.  Thank GOD they don't make much of a big deal out of college baseball or we'd have a whole new gathering of college sports dorks.

College football is completely unorganized and it is based on some made-up ratings system that no one actually even understands - or really cares about anyway.  There is no playoffs, there is no sense of closure like the Superbowl, the players are nameless, faceless joe's who are subbed in and out thoughout the game without notice.  I understand that it's cool to watch some of the college players who are surely going to the pros so you can say to your other college sports-watching dork buddies "I remember watching him play at Gonzaga" - or one of those retarded college team names.  Please get off of my TV screen so I can watch the professional highlights.

I definitely wanted Mizzou to win today but look at the bright side:

The stupid Cornholers of Nebraska are ALL THEY HAVE in that redneck town - they don't have a pro team (because no one would want to play there or live there, it would be like trying to get Lebron James to stay in frickin' Cleveland - HA!).  Nebraska has to cling on to the only piteous thing that they have and that is their cornhole COLLEGE football team - and that's pathetic enough for me.  Enjoy your win today Nebraska, then go back to living in the middle of nowhere with bunch of ugly metal factory buildings, miles of corn and several hundred 24 hour smut porn shops along the highway for the truckers - not to mention Nebraska women are all 6'3", 200 pound volleyball / basketball playing sweaty-cooch amazon girls.

As for Kansas City, we get to watch a REAL pro team play tomorrow.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Colleges Start Basketball Practice

Area colleges officially started basketball season last night and KU put on their annual Dog and Pony show know as "Late Night in the Phog" (it should be called "acting stupid in that dump that looks like a warehouse"). This is good news for Kansas fans who can stoke the fires of inflated sense of "Self" again. With the football team looking a little bit like a Division II powerhouse, thoughts can now turn to a little round ball. Kansas has won 6 straight Big 12 regular season championships, and there is no reason to think otherwise until another team steps up to knock them off. The Jayhawks are not, however, the favorite this year. That title belongs to Coach Frank Martin and his Kansas State Wildcats.

In Manhattan, the Wildcats also held their first public scrimmage and team introduction on Friday night. But they did more than just practice as Athletic Director John Currie also announced plans for a $20 million state of the art basketball training facility. This is good news for the Wildcats, as they were the only institution in the Big 12 that had not at least begun a basketball training facility. This should help with their future recruiting efforts. The Wildcats are looking to improve on their run last season into the Elite Eight.

Down I-70 in Columbia, the Tigers started out in a low key fashion with only a simple afternoon practice. They will not show the team to the public until the annual Black and Gold Scrimmage on October 28th. Head Coach Mike Anderson likes the low key approach and takes a workman like attitude to coaching. Of course, the fact that media that covers Mizzou are all in College Station for the Football game probably has something to do with the delay. Coach Anderson finally has a true big man in Ricardo Ratliffe (Big 12 coaches voted him preseason newcomer of the year), Mizzou has good reason to be optimistic about the upcoming season.


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