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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

2023 NFL Draft to Visit Kansas City, Missouri

The NFL Draft 2023 will be held in Kansas City, Missouri

For the first time in history, Kansas City has been selected to host the NFL Draft. After winning the Super Bowl in February of 2020 defeating the San Francisco 49ers The Chiefs put their stamp on legitimacy in the league since 1970. The 2023 NFL Draft will be held in KC at Union Station and the World War I Museum from April 27th through April 29th, 2023 will feature one of the most exciting draft classes in the last decade.

Ticket info and parking info will be posted here at KCMB News as they are announced to the public. This will represent a momentus occasion for the KC 2023 draft and we will keep you updated on everything you need to know about this great event. The NFL Draft has become more and more popular with fans as we expect travelers from all over the United States in attendance. 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chiefs Schedule 2014 Released by KCMB News Kansas City

The Chiefs 2014 Schedule has been released!  Check out who we get to stomp on this year...

We definitely got what we deserved this year. After posting up 9 wins in a row last season to be the only team in week 9 without a loss, the NFL has pretty much made sure that won't happen again. With an early 2nd week match up against the Denver Broncos at Denver, the Chiefs will have their hands full this season. We should have no problem getting past Tennessee and Miami, but then we hit another wall with a Monday Night Football game against the New England Patriots. The good news is that the Monday Night game is here in Kansas City at good old Arrowhead Stadium where the goons will be out in full force cheering on the Chefs. We then move on to play in San Francisco against a strong 49ers team before heading to San Diego for a division game against the Chargers after an early week 6 bye week.

Instead of the Governor's Cup this year, a game typically played in the Preseason, the Chiefs will play the St. Louis Rams at home in the Regular Season. They will then host the New York Jets at Arrowhead where hopefully we send Mr. Ryan packing. On November 9th the Chiefs will travel to Buffalo, New York, where they lost a tragic Playoff game back in 1993 that Chiefs fans have not forgotten to this day. The Bills are not the powerhouse that they used to be back then and we should have no trouble running all over them as long as we're still relatively healthy by November 9th.

Then bring on the pain as we welcome to Arrowhead the 2013 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks on November 16th. Oh boy, that will be a good game as we have developed a rival with the Hawks even though we didn't play them last year, strictly over the stadium decibel level argument.
Seattle held the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium until the Chiefs posted up a higher reading during a 2013 home game. Seattle then rallied and regained the record and much speculation has come from that game as some claim that Seattle was "piping" in crowd noise through their huge PA system. The Chiefs fans will be the ones bringing the noise on November 16th at Arrowhead as we try to humble the 2013 Champions.

The Chiefs then play back to back division games vs the Raiders in Oakland and then the Broncos at Arrowhead, before heading to sunny Arizona to whip up on the hapless Cardinals in their own stadium. The Chefs come home after that to host the Oakland Raiders in the bitter cold of December 14th before finishing off the season with a December 21st match up with the Steelers at Pittsburgh and the final game at Arrowhead vs the Chargers. All together the Chiefs ended up with 1 Monday night game at home vs the New England Patriots, 1 Thursday night game in Oakland, and 1 Sunday night game vs the Broncos at Arrowhead. 2 night games at Arrowhead, that will be good for Kansas City's economy and should help boost ticket sales, provided the Chiefs can stay over .500 and make a Playoff run in 2014. Best of luck boys! Hit the link below to see the schedule in full...

Chiefs Schedule 2014

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sean Smith Signed by Chiefs to 3 Year Deal Worth $18 Million

Just minutes ago the Kansas City Chiefs signed cornerback Sean Smith to a 3 year deal for $18 million, with $11 million guaranteed. Smith was highly sought after in the free agent market even though he only has 5 TOTAL interceptions in his ENTIRE career. The Kansas City Chiefs have shown once again today that they are going to be very aggressive in the acquisition of free agents, as they are most likely going to look for an offensive lineman in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Sean Smith played cornerback for The University of Utah and was drafted in 2009 by the Miami Dolphins where he had an average career. He had an excellent performance in the 2009 Sugar Bowl vs the Alabama Crimson Tide where he made 6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and a game changing knock down which may have influenced his position in the draft. Sean Smith elected to skip his senior year in college to enter the 2009 NFL Draft where he was selected late in the second round by Miami.

This move could have possibly been a reaction to the free agency movement of the Denver Broncos, who signed an amazing deal with star wide receiver and the last great white hope at his position Wes Welker this week. With Peyton Manning throwing the ball to Wes Welker, every team in the AFC West had better stock up at the cornerback and safety positions.

NFL experts have been impressed with The Kansas City Chiefs free agency moves thus far, and most say that the Chiefs got Sean Smith for a great price, one that was much lower than he was hoping for at the beginning of free agency. Sean Smith is a large cornerback who could develop into an elite player. He is almost a sure start opposite cornerback Brandon Flowers. Smith can also play wide receiver and return kickoffs.

sean smith signed by chiefs to 3 year deal cornerback - KCMB Kansas City News, official kc news site with breaking stories on The Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, charity events, the 2012 MLB All Star Game, weather, sports, MU, KU, ufo sightings, dui checkpoints, Kansas City neighborhoods, nightlife, concerts, the Sprint Center, the Power and Light District and current Kansas City news articles.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why The Chiefs Should Sign Alex Smith

Alex Smith, the San Francisco 49ers’ former starting quarterback, has asked for his release before the NFL’s free agency period begins on March 12. Smith was enjoying a strong season for the 49ers before being benched in favor of Colin Kaepernick. The Chiefs are rumored to be one of several teams who are interested in pursuing Smith, which makes sense. Signing Smith would be a great move by new general manager John Dorsey.

First, let’s look at Smith. The former top overall pick struggled early in his career, often getting benched and never living up to his lofty draft status. However, over the past few seasons, he has grown into an efficient quarterback who rarely makes a big mistake. In the eight games he played this season, Smith compiled a 104.1 passer rating. Had that held up for an entire season, it would have finished as the third highest rating in the league this past season behind only Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning.

Smith has been labeled by many as a glorified game manager, but that wouldn’t be a bad fit with Kansas City. With the dynamic Jamaal Charles in the prime of his career, the Chiefs should be a run-first team in the near future. Matt Cassel’s turnovers completely derailed the offense last season, and Smith can provide the Chiefs with efficient, mistake-free football.

Many Chiefs fans feel the team should draft a quarterback with its top overall draft pick, but this simply is not a good draft class for quarterbacks. The team could massively upgrade its offensive or defensive line with the firstoverall pick if it gets Smith in free agency, and then decide to draft a quarterback next year or in the later rounds of the draft. Kansas City could also sign Smith and still draft its quarterback of the future. Smith will likely be available for a decent price, and his presence would allow the Chiefs to bring along its new quarterback slowly.

One of the biggest mistakes Scott Pioli made during his reign of terror as Kansas City’s GM was not investing into the quarterback position apart from his initial signing of Matt Cassel. The Chiefs may or may draft their QB of the future in April, but either way, they should sign Alex Smith.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chiefs Draft Pick 2013 - Lose Ground With Win

Kansas City Chiefs take 2 steps back and ZERO steps forward with useless win over the Panthers.

Did anyone in the Chiefs head office pay attention to what the Indianapolis Colts did last season?  In 2011, the Indianapolis Colts flagrantly and intentionally threw nearly every game in order to get the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. This proved to be a stoke of genius as the Colts now hold an 8-4 record and are headed for the Playoffs. The Chiefs, like the Colts in 2011, are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback, and by carelessly winning today they have narrowed their chances of landing that valuable first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Everyone knows that the Colts blatantly threw their 2011 season purposely to attain the first round draft pick in 2012. The media turned a blind eye to it, the fans didn't mention it or throw a fit and protest the team, and look where the Colts are now. Both the Colts management and their fans were intelligent enough to understand exactly what the team needed to do, and they all kept very quiet as they lost almost every game of the 2011 season. This is the difference between a smart football city and a slow, non forward-thinking football city. Kansas City is completely clueless in regards to what it will take to rebuild a struggling football team. Winning 2 or 3 games at this point serves absolutely NO PURPOSE and the team would be better served by losing their remaining games and attaining the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

If the genius of what the Colts did in 2011 isn't enough proof of this fact, then Chiefs management and fans alike are not looking at the big picture. What did the Chiefs possibly gain by winning this pointless game today? We can tell you what they lost; valuable positioning in the 2013 NFL Draft. Winning games at this point is simply ridiculous as the only thing that has any meaning for the dismal Kansas City Chiefs is the possibility of a bright future. With each meaningless win in 2012, the Chiefs lose footing on building a better franchise in 2013 through the highest of draft picks.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chiefs Name Brady Quinn Starting Quarterback

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel has announced that Brady Quinn will start for Kansas City on Sunday, when the team plays rival Oakland. Matt Cassel has been cleared to play following his concussion injury against Baltimore; however Cassel’s poor play to start the year has earned him a spot on the bench.

Cassel has been an enormous disappointment this season, throwing for only five touchdowns next to nine interceptions and a 66.2 QB rating. His fumbles and interceptions have routinely forced the Chiefs defense to defend a short field, and has neutralized a successful ground attack lead by the dynamic Jamaal Charles. To make matters worse, Cassel signed a huge six year, $63 million contract when he was brought to Kansas City by GM Scott Pioli, which makes his poor play even more frustrating to Chiefs fans.

Enter Brady Quinn, the former first round pick out of Notre Dame who has only 393 career pass attempts. Quinn’s career rating is only 65.4, and he has actually produced worse stats than Cassel when he has seen the field for the Chiefs this season. Quinn has shown some flashes of the talent that led to the Browns drafting him in the first round, and Chiefs fans have to hope that Quinn will improve as he gets more playing time. Crennel has stated that he hopes this move helps shakes things up a bit, and that he plans on sticking with Quinn for the foreseeable future.

The Chiefs have stated they are not giving up on Cassel, but this move seems to signify that his days in Kansas City are numbered. Since enjoying a pretty good season two years ago, Cassel hasn’t played well and cannot stay healthy. Is Quinn the answer? Probably not, but he has shown some flashes of arm strength that Cassel seems to lack. Cassel’s contract and play will likely lead to his exit at the end of the year, and Quinn now has a second chance to earn an NFL starting job.

Many also believe that the Chiefs could take a quarterback in next year’s draft, especially if the team continues to lose and finds itself with a top-five pick. It is very likely that the Chiefs could resign Quinn this offseason and let him compete with and help groom a rookie quarterback when the 2013 season begins.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chiefs Fall To Chargers, 37-20

In our preview for today’s Chiefs-Chargers game, we noted that it was essential that Kansas City win the turnover battle to have a chance against a good San Diego team. It is only fitting that the Chiefs turned the ball over six times in route to a 37-20 loss to the Chargers that was never close. The loss drops the team’s record to 1-3 on the season.

Last week, Kansas City was able to overcome a slow start to pull off a thrilling comeback win over the Saints. Today was a different story, as the Chiefs once again started slow but never really threatened to make it a game. San Diego scored the first 20 points of the game, capitalizing on three Matt Cassel first half interceptions. The first quarter was so bad for the Chiefs that the team found itself down 17-0 after only running five offensive plays. After Jamaal Charles scored on an eye-popping 37 yard run, the team cut the score to 20-6 (Kansas City botched the PAT). Cassel threw a pick six only a few minutes later, and the fat lady was warming up at halftime.

The Chief showed a little life early in the second half, scoring a touchdown to make it a two score game. However, the offense went three-and-out on the team’s next two possessions, and Shaun Draughn fumbled on the next to essentially end the game.

Kansas City was won only three of its last 11 home games, a startling statistic for a team that prides itself on its home field advantage. Home or away, this team simply has no shot to win when it turns the ball over. The Chiefs once again ran the ball effectively today; it just found itself in a hole because the Chargers routinely had a short field. Kansas City has been outscored 41-6 in the first quarter this season, terrible news for a run-oriented team.

Things don’t get any easier for the Chiefs, as they host the Baltimore Ravens next week. Unless the team pulls off a big upset, it looks like this will be another losing season in Kansas City.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chiefs Training Camp Updates

The Chiefs have one preseason game under their belt, and the 2012 NFL regular season is only a few weeks away. The team is still practicing, and there are several important updates that have recently come out of camp.

The biggest concern the team has is the foot injury of starting cornerback Brandon Flowers. Flowers has a bruised heel which has kept him out of practice since July 31. Initially, the coaching staff thought Flowers would only miss a few practices; however now the team is worried that he might not make it back for the team’s regular season opener on Sept. 9 against the Atlanta Falcons. Flowers is a critical component to the Chiefs defense, and it is very concerning that his foot has yet to heal properly. Time is still on the team’s side, and hopefully Kansas City’s top corner can get healthy before the regular season starts.

One of the biggest position battles has been at nose tackle, where Anthony Toribio continues to impress coaches and hold down the starting spot. This has drawn the ire of many Chiefs fans, as Poe was considered a reach by many and now it appears that the team’s first round pick isn’t good enough to win a starting position. Kansas City has done a poor job of drafting defensive tackles in the past, which is likely part of the reason Chiefs fans are so on edge, but this seems like an overreaction. Poe has talent, and Toribio has had an extremely productive camp. The rookie should be given a little more time to learn the ropes, and Chiefs fans should be happy there is good depth at a position that is critical to the team’s 3-4 alignment.

Finally, it appears that Brady Quinn is still the second string quarterback – although this could change in the near future. Quinn was not impressive in the team’s first preseason game against the Cardinals, and he has rotated with Ricky Stanzi in practice lately as the number two QB. If Quinn has another unimpressive performance in the team’s next preseason game, Stanzi will likely get a shot to win the backup QB position behind starter Matt Cassel.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chiefs Sign Safety Abram Elam

In an effort to add some much-needed depth to its defensive backfield, the Chiefs have signed veteran safety Abram Elam. Elam is entering his seventh season in the league, and spent last season with the Dallas Cowboys after stints with the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns. For his career, Elam has started 64 of 92 games, with 365 tackles, five sacks and three interceptions.

The move is not surprising given the current state of Kansas City’s safety corps. Eric Berry is recovering from a gruesome knee injury and has been held out of practice, while Kendrick Lewis is recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.

It appears that this move was simply an effort to add a veteran body to the defensive backfield, but don’t count Elam out. He has seen a lot of playing time in his career, and if injuries once again hit the Chiefs’ secondary, he could see the field early and often in 2012. Elam will have to battle Travis Daniels, Kyle McCarthy, Donald Washington, and rookies De’Quan Menzie and Terrance Parks for a roster spot.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Chiefs National Anthem Contest Kansas City News

The Kansas City Chiefs will hold a National Anthem contest to determine who will be on the field at Arrowhead Stadium on August 24th, 2012 for a preseason game vs. the Seattle Seahawks singing the National Anthem. This sounded exciting until we realized that it is just a preseason game, and we know that there is no game more boring than a Chiefs preseason game. Just the same, it's a chance to get up in front of several hundred drunken Chiefs fans and sing our National Anthem. I suppose it doesn't have to be sung at all, you could play it on electric guitar like Ace Frehley did in 2009 which was EPIC! But more than likely the winner will be a little teenie bopper tween high school theater type or something like that. Actually, skill will likely have little to do with the final winner as it eventually comes down to an online vote between the top 5 finalists. So basically, a popularity contest - thus our prediction that it will be a younger kid, because the power of the United Soccer Moms of Overland Park are overwhelming and they all know how to vote online with their iPads. Hey, we could always hope for a another William Hung! - Kansas City News

So let the American Idol of The Kansas City Chiefs begin, as there will be semifinals in front of "judges", who are members of the Chiefs staff and probably know nothing about music (or football), giving it that American Idol feel, before the final 5 contestants are put to the test via online voting.  Perhaps the 300 fans in attendance that night will even get a treat of epic failure like when the Eli Young Band royally screwed the Anthem up and messed up the Air Force fly over. At least their hair looked nice and spiky, and for some reason all four members of the band stood out on the field while only one of them sang. What a bunch of talentless California dweebs. Maybe they will pick some really old white lady who looks like Betty White, that would be funny. We know Chiefs fans, they are brutal and self righteous, and if they take a few minutes to log off of the blogs at Arrowhead Pride (not likely) then they might just vote someone very unexpected as the winner as a joke. Too bad we won't be able to watch the beginning audition videos as those are always the best part of American Idol, the first round where all of the scrubs who actually think that they can sing come in, now THAT part is worth watching. - Kansas City News

Now that "Idol" mania is sweeping the country (and I do mean the COUNTRY, as in hillbillies), there are about 38 shows that are carbon copies of American Idol out there now, all of them sucking more than the last, it's certain that this contest will bring all of the wannabe's out of the closet. But in the end it will be a contest of who has the most aunts, uncles, friends and cousins voting online that will determine the winner.

More on the National Anthem Contest From the desk of the Kansas City Chiefs:

Chiefs “Voice of the Kingdom” National Anthem Contest Overview

This social media based anthem performance contest is intended to increase interactivity with fans through multiple touch points while building excitement for the 2012 game day experience at Arrowhead Stadium. The competition will include both online and in-person contests culminating in an online fan vote for the 2012 “Voice of the Kingdom.” This winner will perform the National Anthem in front of 77,000 fans at the August 24th Chiefs vs. Seahawks game. - Note from Kansas City News (there will NOT be 77,000 fans at this game)

Chiefs National Anthem Contest Schedule
Round 1
Entry submission period will be from Monday June 4th, to Sunday July 1st.  Video and audio performance submissions will be accepted. Performances for the Chiefs National Anthem Contest should be 1 minute and 30 seconds in length. Submissions will be given to a panel of 4 preliminary judges (Chiefs staff) and they will group all entries for the Chiefs National Anthem Contest into a top 20 list of semifinalists.

Round 2: Semifinals
On July 6th, the 20 semifinalists will be announced.
On July 14th, live auditions of the 20 semifinalists will take place at Arrowhead Stadium. Semifinalists will performa an a-capella version of The National Anthem in front of a panel of celebrity judges. These performances will be taped by 65TPT for potential finalist posting.

Round 3: Finals
5 finalists will be chosen on July 16th and their taped performances will be placed online at and the winner of the Chiefs National Anthem Contest will be decided by online voters who are allowed to vote once per day for their favorite contestant. Online voting will be cut off on July 23rd at Noon. On July 25th, the grand prize winner and the runner up will be announced.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chiefs Roster Moves 2012 Free Agency Draft Picks

Most Kansas City sports writers are basically writing updates, assuming that we already know about what happened the week before this, or the week before that. Well, here at Kansas City News, we're going to do you a favor that those half assed sports writers refuse to do, and that's give you a full recap. This week, some top analysts talked about all of the Kansas City Chiefs roster moves, free agency pick ups, and possible 2012 NFL Draft picks for the Chiefs. So here it is, Chiefs fans, a complete wrap up by the NFL's top source:

On what free agents the Chiefs are still looking at: Jerricho Cotchery, the WR from the Steelers, is visiting with them today. They like him and want to add a veteran WR so I think a deal is possible.

On whether Matt Cassel is good enough to take the Chiefs all the way: The Chiefs are building around their defense and their running game. If the Chiefs are as strong in those areas as they think they will be, then I do believe Cassel is good enough to get the Chiefs to another division title. Getting them deep in the playoffs is another matter.

On why the Chiefs didn't get Peyton Manning: The Chiefs never got in the game with Manning. Basically, they told him they wanted in and he told them, as well as some other teams, that he wasn't interested.

On whether the Chiefs will pick up a Nose Tackle in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's starting to look that way. That's their one remaining pressing need. But the Chiefs also have the luxury more than other teams of drafting best available player. They can find a NT elsewhere

On who the Chiefs have yet to pick up: A veteran WR, like Cotchery. Maybe some backups that they like. They'll still sign some more players but I think at this point, with possible exception of a NT, they'll all be backups.

On the Chiefs drafting Luke Kuelchy in the 2012 NFL Draft: With Johnson and Belcher, the Chiefs are OK at ILB. But with their moves in free agency, they have the flexibility to draft him or any other player they like. That one wouldn't surprise me at all.

On whether or not the Chiefs will see the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football in 2012: Schedule should be out in April and it will be interesting to see how that works out. Would think that would be one of the more attractive games on Denver's schedule as far as TV goes.

On the recovery of Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry from their ACL injuries: The Chiefs are saying they will be. Those injuries, generally speaking, are nine-month injuries so that would put them all back by June, if it holds in their cases.

On who will be the Chiefs fullback in 2012: Looks like Hillis will do some of that. I can see him spending a lot of time in the same backfield with Charles or McCluster. Chiefs could also sign or draft a fullback.

On whether or not the Chiefs have the best players in the AFC West for 2012: Since free agency isn't over and the draft is more than a month away, it's too early to say. But they've got to at least be contenders in that regard. If Berry, Charles and Moeaki are healthy, I think I would take their lineup over anyone else's in the division.

On the Chiefs quarterback situation in 2012: I don't think Orton would have been a huge upgrade over Cassel. If the Chiefs surround either one with a strong defense and a strong running game, he should be able to win. That's the type of QB those guys are. As far as the rest of the Chiefs' QBs, they Chiefs are deeper with Quinn and Stanzi than they've been in a long time. I realize that's not saying much.

On whether or not the Chiefs should beef up on DBs just because Peyton Manning is in the AFC: I don't know they need to bring in an extra CB just for two games a year. Flowers is one of the better CBs in the league. The Chiefs seem to like Routt. We'll see how he works out.

On whether the Chiefs will take a quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's possible. Since they have no pressing needs other than NT, they have the flexibility to take a guy if one is there that they'd like. Makes a lot of sense to me. Cassel is still trying to establish himself. If he doesn't get that done this year, the Chiefs are going to need a new starting QB. Quinn is on a one-year contract. So it wouldn't surprise me. It's not Pioli's style to trade the farm for anyone, so they won't be making any bold moves like Washington made trading up to get RG3 (rookie black "shimmy and move, shuck and jive and then throw the ball quarterback" who's nickname is an idiotic RG3). That's why I think it makes sense that this is the year they draft a QB. If Cassel fails this year, you have a guy on hand to replace him. If Cassel turns out to be the guy, then you've got a QB you can trade. - Kansas City News note: Cassel will NOT be the guy...EVER.

On the Chiefs "ghetto fabulous" and not so bright wide receiver Dwayne Bowe: No, I think they'll keep him. They need him. Imagine what their receiving group looks like without him. Hard to say whether they can get a long-term deal done but I would think a holdout is possible.

On what the new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will bring to the Chiefs in 2012: The Chiefs will probably do a lot of different things. But it will be based on the running game. In their perfect world, I think they'd like to give it to Hillis and to Charles 20 times a game.

On how much cap room the Chiefs have and what they will do with it in 2012: Yes, about $15 million as of now. They'll need about $6-8 million of cap space for rookies, in my estimation. So they have some room left. But you bring up a good point: They will save some of it to try to re-sign Albert, Dorsey and, if he plays on the one-year contract, Bowe. That's something Pioli likes to do.

On what the Chiefs plans are for star offensive lineman Ryan Lilja: Yes, I think he will be a starter this year. Let's see what happens in the draft but my guess is Lilja starts this year. They seem to be happy with where the line is right now with Albert and Winston and T, Lilja and Asamoah at G and Hudson at C. They do need some backups, though.

On the Chiefs beefed up receiving crew - is it a waste of roster space and cap dollars? Not at all. They'll throw the ball. If they don't get some big pass plays, they won't score enough points. But this thing will be built around defense and the running game. They won't be asking Cassel to win a lot of games for them. They will ask him to lose none.

Is Routt as good as Carr? Judging from the contracts they got, no. Carr got $10 million a year, Routt about $6.
Losing Carr gives a fragile feel to KC's defense, in my opinion. But that doesn't mean Routt can't be good enough to help the Chiefs win.

Crennel vs. Haley: Haley did some good things but he was a bad fit with Pioli and his volatility wasn't good for the Chiefs. Crennel is about the most stable coach there is and I think that reliability will be exactly what the Chiefs need right now.

On drafting Fletcher Cox in the 2012 NFL Draft: Dorsey's contract is up after this year and Jackson will carry a huge number but it;s not unsustainable. Salary cap should rise significantly next year. No position would be a huge surprise to me for the Chiefs at this point. They have few pressing needs, so they could go in a lot of directions, including DE.

On the chances of Tebow landing in Kansas City, maybe just to sell tickets: No. You don't make trades to sell tickets. That's always a mistake. You make trades to win games and I don't see how Tebow helps them do that. Besides, the Broncos wouldn't send him here in a million years. - Kansas City News Note: Absolutely not, we don't want "God Boy" in here anyway.

On the Chiefs chances in the AFC West in 2012: Look at this division. Mediocre teams won it the last two years. With Manning in Denver, it looks like it will be improved next year but still, winnable to the team that makes the most improvements. Right now, the Chiefs might be winning that race, even including Manning to Denver.

The Kansas City Chiefs - Reports on Chiefs and AFC West

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Brandon Carr Contract with Dallas Cowboys not That Big of a Deal

Cowboy's fans, two words: calm down. The recent signing of Brandon Carr to the Dallas Cowboys is not that big of a deal. Carr was / still is an AVERAGE player at BEST. His rating in the free agency market was WAY overstated, and he is just not that great of a player. The fact that the Cowboys actually paid 50.1 million dollars for this average guy player is laughable! Brandon Carr has only had 8 interceptions in his ENTIRE CAREER with The Kansas City Chiefs, people. This is the most ridiculous NFL free agency deal since the Chiefs signed lackluster quarterback Matt Cassel for 48 million just because he had ONE good season with a Super Bowl bound New England Patriots that my grandma could have thrown successfully behind, and the fact that the Denver Broncos showed an interest in him.

The Dallas Cowboys signing Brandon Carr will prove to be a complete bust in the coming years, trust us, we here in Kansas City have been watching him play for years and have seen NOTHING that would show him to be a superstar talent in any way shape or form. 8 interceptions in his ENTIRE career? Yeah, that's worth 50 million dollars, any day. After the smoke clears from this ridiculous contract signing, you will not be hearing much from Brandon Carr. Dallas is a team that is notorious for having players with "great potential" that just never seem to get the job done, and the signing of Brandon Carr fits perfectly with that game plan.

We certainly will not miss Brandon Carr here in Kansas City, and Dallas has to be having some serious buyer's remorse right about now. Just because Carr was the only defensive back in free agency that had ever played the game of football doesn't mean that you have to throw 50 million dollars at him. But, on the other hand, congratulations to his agent, who got an incredible amount of money for one of the most average players in the league. In other news, Kyle Orton signs with the Dallas Cowboys as well. Who cares.

Kansas City News Factoid: Did you know that The Kansas City Chiefs used to be the Dallas Texans?

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Chiefs Franchise Tag Bowe - Kansas City Chiefs News

The Chiefs are making some moves in the off season and the biggest one so far happened today when the Kansas City Chiefs put the Franchise Tag on Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs somewhat flaky but occasionally talented wide receiver. It's pretty sad when a team has to put a franchise tag on a mediocre player, who in the case of the Chiefs hardly gets a chance to make game changing differences. With two mid level quarterbacks on the roster, and an offensive line made of swiss cheese, the Chiefs have MUCH bigger fish to fry than to put a franchise tag on a slightly higher than mediocre wide receiver like Dwayne Bowe.

After an extremely lackluster 2011 Chiefs season, Dwayne Bowe put up a lukewarm 81 receptions for a measly 5 touchdowns - yikes! That's what the Chiefs call franchise tag material? Wow, we must be worse off than we thought. This is a sign that the Chiefs offense still has no direction whatsoever and we could be in for another 10 touchdown season total from this sputtering offense. Here at Kansas City News we have never been fans of Matt Cassel, figuring him to be the NFL's highest paid "back up" quarterback. With the franchise tag, Dwayne Bowe's salary will be 9.5 million dollars in 2012. He is a good back up quarterback, and did lead the New England Patriots to the playoffs when Tom Brady went down - but the fact that we paid this guy almost 60 million dollars to come play for the Chiefs is just plain ridiculous. With mediocre quarterbacks like Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton at the helm, putting the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe just doesn't make any sense. If there is no one to get the ball to our receivers, then why are we putting such a high priority on them? The Kansas City Chiefs are going to be a defensive team, there is no doubt about it. We've made Romeo Crennel, who will absolutely be focusing on the defensive side of the ball, our head coach. And what is worse, we've brought in a terrible offensive coordinator from Miami in Brian Daboll, who had a miserable offensive season in 2011 with the Dolphins.

The Kansas City Chiefs need to realize where their priorities are and they need to do it fast. Putting the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe is not the first thing that Chiefs fans wanted to hear in this off season. What we want to hear is that the Chiefs are going to look for a REAL quarterback, invest top draft picks on offensive lineman, and try to find a way to get our offense back on track. Thank God that Jamaal Charles is coming back, that should take some of the spotlight off of our hideous passing game. The Chiefs defense looks great and I think that the defense alone can get The Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 wins in 2012. Let's just hope that they don't put the franchise tag on any more wide receivers - who's next, Dexter McCluster?

Kansas City News announces that the Kansas City Chiefs put the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe, March 5th, 2012.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chiefs Finish Strong Need Coach Money Offensive Line

Hey, at least the Kansas City Chiefs squashed all of that Tebow hype, and exposed him to be what he really is: an unusually large man, who can run the ball fairly well, and....well, that's about it. Tim Tebow couldn't throw a good pass if his life depended on it and that was more than obvious in Sunday's Chiefs Broncos game. It's great that he is a Jesus Crispy and just like Eric Cartman proved, the Jesus Crispies are going to guarantee you at least some kind of automatic fan base. But, as you could see on Sunday, Jesus has more things to do than to worry about a stupid football game. Tim Tebow is mediocre at best, and with him at the helm, the Pittsburgh Steelers absolutely have nothing to fear in their upcoming AFC Playoff matchup with Denver.

On to the Chiefs - most fans are confused about what we need and what order we need it in, so we're going to spell it out for you:

1. Spend Money
The Chiefs have to be ready to use up a lot of cap room and get out there and spend some money on some quality players and coaches. Without money, the team can't make ANY moves.

2. Offensive Line
It doesn't matter who our head coach is, or who our quarterback is if we can't block up front. Our offensive line is in shambles, and we need to fix that immediately.

3. Quarterback
The Chiefs need a real quarterback, Matt Cassel is no playoff quarterback, nor will he ever be. Yes, he got lucky behind a FINELY TUNED New England Patriot offense, but my grandma could have thrown the ball effectively behind that team. If you need an example of what any average quarterback can do behind a great team, just look at what 2nd string Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn did on Sunday, breaking EVERY Packers single game record with 480 yards passing and 6 touchdowns. Unless we get the rest of our team up to the level of the 2007 New England Patriots or the 2011 Green Bay Packers, Matt Cassel is just not going to be enough - sorry.

4. Head Coach
The role of the head coach in the NFL has become less and less important as the skill of the players has become more of a deciding factor in actual games. Example, Indianapolis head coach Jim Caldwell basically serves absolutely no purpose and it is now obvious that Peyton Manning was running that team. Chiefs fans are frothing at the mouth about finding a head coach and it should be no higher than 4th on their list of priorities.

5. Put Romeo back at defensive coordinator, he was doing a great job, and after they moved him to head coach it was obvious that the defense was not performing as well. Did anyone see 68 year old Denver running back McGahee (don't care if we spelled it right or not) run all over the Chiefs on Sunday? Put Romeo back now, put him back son.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chiefs Fan Puts Sign In Yard to Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt

Northland resident and Chiefs season ticket holder Mike Mason and his neighbors are fed up. On Monday night, Mason and some neighbors erected a 55 foot sign in his front yard with a message to Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli to make some changes in the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

The sign was intentionally designed as a morale building tool for Chiefs fans as they were going to write positive messages on the sign to motivate Chiefs fans in the neighborhood. That was last season - after the events of the 2011 season, these Chiefs season ticket holders are asking for their money back. The sign in the front yard reads "Attention Scott Pioli & Clark Hunt from a 33 year season ticket holder", the sign points out that the Chiefs are $32 Million dollars under the spending cap as well as questions starting quarterback Tyler Palko and the pitch play to Jackie Battle in the end zone that resulted in a safety against the Jets on Sunday. Mason and his fellow season ticket holding neighbors are saying that "enough is enough" and that they want their money back...oh, and a free hot dog.

It is no secret that The Kansas City Chiefs, like the Kansas City Royals do not spend enough money on players. The owners of both franchises simply pocket the left over money from the salary cap pool that is set aside to make team improvements, draft high dollar players and coaches, and generally improve the Chiefs and the Royals' chances of competing with the other teams in the league. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt pockets the cap money and instead of spending the cap money on badly needed players, Hunt spent the money revamping Arrowhead Stadium, essentially finding even more ways to make money off of Chiefs fans. Hunt also raised all ticket prices and also parking prices at Arrowhead to a whopping $27 per vehicle in 2011. David Glass, owner of the Royals, has done the exact same thing, he has pocketed all of the Kansas City Royals cap money and instead of going out and getting high dollar players and/or keeping Royals players who become great (like Zack Grienke), Glass also revamped Kauffman Stadium with more bars and distractions for fans to spend more money on, and more importantly provide something to do besides watch the atrocity that is happening down on the field.

When David Glass and Clark Hunt decided to revamp both stadiums they might as well have said "Hey fans! Don't pay any attention to the team that is pathetic and getting their asses kicked on the field down there, look at this shiny new BAR! And look at these neat little pictures of ex Chiefs and Royals players on little spin cards, and DON'T FORGET TO STOP IN AND SPEND SOME MONEY AT OUR NEW GIFT SHOP! But whatever you do, do NOT pay attention to the actual sports teams because they suck."

What Clark Hunt and David Glass are doing to our beloved sports teams is criminal. They are pocketing all of the money and spending mere pennies on improving the teams and coaches. Just think of all of the money the Glass family are going to pocket after hosting the 2012 MLB All Star Game - they are going to make a MINT on that freakshow. The fans in Kansas City are so dedicated that they will continue to attend the games anyway. It is a shame, but most fans only go to Chiefs games to tailgate and to get drunk. Chiefs season ticket holders like Mike Mason have a right to be upset, and hopefully this message will get to the greedy owners that are ruining this city's great sports legacies.

More on Mike Mason's Chiefs yard sign on the video below:

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Chiefs Jets 2011 Kansas City Chiefs

With thier hopes of making the playoffs barely breathing, The New York Jets may have to win out the remainder of their games to earn a spot in the AFC playoff picture. Their remaining 4 games will include facing The Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at MetLife stadium at 12pm followed by bouts against the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and finally the Miami Dolphins. After watching several Jets games this season, this just isn't going to happen. Anyone watch the Sunday night game in week 4 vs the Ravens? After watching that debacle, coupled with the Jet's recent loss to the luckiest team in the world Denver Broncos on Thursday night, I just don't think that the Jets have what it takes to be a playoff contender.

With that being said, let's turn to our Kansas City Chiefs. You cannot give enough credit to the Chiefs defense right now, they are performing so well that we don't even need an offense, well, maybe just a little bit. But seriously, if the Chiefs defense can just get a pick 6 this Sunday, or a fumble recovery touchdown, or at least put the offense on the 2 yard line - we could win this game. The only reason that the last game looked so close was because the Chiefs weren't awarded the defensive score that we earned in the play where we clearly had a safety and the refs called holding on a nonexistent player (number 69? Jared Allen? Are you here?) when the holding play DEFINITELY occurred deep in the end zone. With those 2 points on the board and a resulting kick coming to the Chiefs, that game would have looked like a blow out. Slow and boring, yes, but a blowout none the less.

The Chiefs defense has taken the team on their shoulders, led by Tamba Hali (8 sacks, 2 forced fumbles), Derrick Johnson who is playing like a man possessed, taking out the Bear's star running back Matt Forte within his first few carries last week with a SMASHING tackle, and of course the emergence of our rookie draft pick Justin Houston who has finally started showing some signs of life at line backer. Mark Sanchez cannot be looking forward to this game, as he will be sacked repeatedly and will hopefully even cough up a few fumbles. The Jets running game is almost nonexistent with the ever slow Shonn Greene gaining just a couple yards per carry at best. Old man Ladainian Tomlinson leads the pre game chants, but that's about it. He's good for a few catches in the flat, which has proved to be a weakness in the Chiefs defense in the past so they should keep at least one eye on that.

Tyler Palko will again get the start this week, as he faces his old college teammate from the University of Pittsburgh Darrelle Revis. There has been no mention of Kyle Orton since he was injured after just one snap last week. Thomas Jones should be fired up as well as he returns to MetLife Stadium where he was the star running back a few years ago. Our prediction for this game is Jets 24, Chiefs 13 as the Chiefs will put up a good fight but will eventually be overmatched by Jets wide receivers Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes who will probably bust a big play or two in between Sanchez sacks.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chiefs Stomp Bears Easily as McCluster Leads Offense

The Kansas City Chiefs pounded the Chicago Bears like they weren't even there today, revealing that the Bears are not even close to a playoff quality team and are extremely inept at running the ball or throwing the ball. The only player that showed up for the Bears today was Julius Peppers, who pestered Tyler Palko as he easily led The Chiefs to a victory over the pathetic Chicago Bears.

Once again the Chiefs defense pummeled and stumped the opposing team's passing and running attack with sacks going to Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Jon McGraw (uncredited), and a key interception by Eric Carr to boot. This is the second straight week that the Chiefs defense has allowed less than 14 points and in the past two weeks the Chiefs defense has only allowed a total of 16 points. The Chiefs really should have defeated the Steelers as well, but the offense just couldn't get it done. Dexter McCluster surprised everyone and shushed the doubters today as he put up monster numbers on the ground and in the air. McCluster caught a 45 yard touchdown pass at the end of the 1st half, representing the Chiefs only touchdown for the day. Dwayne Bowe was definitely off his game, dropping passes and acting like he doesn't care (as usual), we're not impressed with Dwayne Bowe today, or last week, or the week before that. Yes, we understand that Palko doesn't put the ball where he is supposed to most of the time, but Bowe still needs to go up and try to get that ball. We told you before the season even started that we should have gone after Plaxico Burress, look at how he's playing now.

Overall it is great to see the Chiefs playing defensive football again. It has been a long time since the Chiefs have dominated with their defense and with the way the offense is playing lately, we really have no other choice. In other news, our new 2.3 million dollar quarterback Kyle Orton played 1 down and injured his right index finger, and then left the game.

The Chiefs were almost the only winners today in the AFC West, until Denver once again got lucky and squeaked out a win.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kyle Orton Signs with Chiefs - Kansas City News

Today the Kansas City Chiefs must have decided that they did not trust Tyler Palko or Ricky Stanzi to take over quarterback duties for the injured Matt Cassel as they went to the "quarterback couch" and picked up Kyle Orton, formerly of the Denver Broncos, who was replaced earlier in Denver's season with backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

Kyle Orton was signed to a one year deal after only starting a handful of games for Denver in the 2011 NFL season, by popular demand from Denver fans, religious fanatic Tim Tebow was put into action early in the season. The Denver Broncos released Kyle Orton soon after and he has been on waivers ever since. This now leaves the Kansas City Chiefs with 4 quarterbacks including one Matt Cassel on injured reserve. Kyle Orton was a miserable 12 and 21 as a starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, throwing 8434 yards, 49 touchdowns and 28 interceptions. Kyle is known for being an ultraconservative quarterback, rarely taking any chances down field, and stick to the dink and dunk passing. Orton usually throws the ball within about 10-15 yards of the line of scrimmage, which really won't be much of a change from Matt Cassel, who rarely threw the ball further than 20 yards or so.

The Chiefs will lose the mobility that Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko bring to the table and this may result in a tough outing for the slower and less elusive Kyle Orton. The Chiefs offensive line is questionable at best and due to a recent injury to star offensive lineman Ryan Lilja, they will be even less likely to effectively block for the quarterback. Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko were both running for their lives during the past few games due to the weak offensive line and with a slower quarterback in Kyle Orton this doesn't look good. It has not been announced yet whether Orton will start on Sunday night when the Chiefs take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on National TV, but since the Chiefs only have about 10 passing plays in the playbook, this should be a quick study for Kyle Orton.

All we can say to Kyle Orton is, be ready to be sacked - a lot.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Chiefs Raiders 2011 Rivalry Game

It's as good as it's going to get for the Kansas City Chiefs right now vs. the Oakland Raiders this Sunday as the Raiders are limping around on a hobbled quarterback position. Recently, the Oakland Raiders lost their starting quarterback Jason Campbell to a painful collar bone snap, and this left them with their less-than-proven backup in Kyle Boller. As expected, the Raiders quickly snapped up Carson Palmer from the Bengals, which was an easy task considering that Palmer had told the Bengals at the beginning of the year that he would "not set foot inside Paul Brown Stadium again" and he also stated that he "has 80 million dollars in the bank" and that he does not have to play football for money any more.

It was speculated in the beginning looking at the Chiefs Raiders 2011 rival game that Carson Palmer would not be ready to participate in the game, but now sources are not ruling out the possibility. This leaves the Chiefs in an interesting position as the Raiders are forced to choose between a sub-par quarterback in Kyle Boller to start or a quarter back in Carson Palmer who has literally been on the Raiders for less than one week and with no time to prepare would be a risky start. Who will start at QB for the Raiders vs the Chiefs on Sunday? We will keep you posted...

The only thing we can focus on right now is what we do know:

Darren McFadden can REALLY run the ball. We have to stop him. Matt Cassel and the Chiefs passing game has been in a brief renaissance period and we need that to continue. We've got to get Steve Breaston involved across the middle and get some tasty passes up top for Dwayne Bowe. Finally, we're going to have to run the ball. Hopefully Jackie Battle can put up similar numbers to his performance last week and Thomas Jones can bash through the Oakland Raiders defensive line for some crucial 3rd down conversions. There are two X factors at play in this rivalry match up as well; Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson need to create an extremely uncomfortable environment for whoever the Oakland QB is, cause turnovers and stop the run. The other X factor is a hobbled Janikowski, the Raiders kicker, who is trying to recover from a hamstring injury. There is no need to mention that the kicking game usually comes into play when the Chiefs play the Raiders.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chiefs Vikings 2011 Kansas City News

We hate to say it, but this game might actually be a win for the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Minnesota Vikings, who suck almost as bad as the Chiefs. Now remember, we do not WANT to win due to the ongoing "Suck for Luck" campaign in which we must LOSE every possible game this season in order to acquire super star quarterback Andrew Luck in the 2012 draft for next season. It is imperative that we lose as many games as possible this season, and just focus on next season, there is no way that we are going to be a playoff (or regular season) competitor this year with Jamaal Charles and Eric Barry missing. Let's not kid ourselves and just throw the rest of the games this year.

810 sports radio has been heard arguing this case by saying that "they won't blow the rest of the season because staff members, players and coaches will risk losing their jobs". That is an ignorant statement - here's why: EVERYONE sits down and agrees that losing the remaining games this year is in the Chiefs best interest and no one will lose their job based ONLY upon the team's record for the 2011 season. Now, with that said, if someone on the Chiefs payroll was going to be losing their job after this season ANYWAY, then so be it. But the team would need to sit down and actually agree not to fire anyone based upon this season's record. That, my friends, is the solution.

We are kidding ourselves if we think that Matt Cassel is EVER going to be the right guy for us at quarterback. The only way that would be possible is if we were to build the BEST defense in the NFL, then you might get a team that resemble the Baltimore Ravens 2000 Super Bowl winning team behind mediocre quarterback Trent Dilfer. We would need the best defense in the NFL to propel us to a Super Bowl win behind Matt Cassel.

In other news, Jared Allen, our former defensive lineman who now wears a Minnesota Vikings jersey, has requested that the fans at Arrowhead Stadium please not "boo" him this Sunday.


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