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Saturday, March 10, 2012

MU beats Baylor - Proves Superiority Over KU Advances in Big 12 Tournament 2012

No more proof is needed, after MU completely destroyed Baylor today, it has been proven beyond a doubt that MU is far superior to KU in basketball. KU was easily defeated by Baylor last night and then MU turned around defeated Baylor tonight, proving easily that MU could have stomped all over KU in the 2012 Big 12 Tournament.

The Missouri Tigers, lead by English, defeated the Baylor Bears today by a score of 95 - 76, absolutely TROMPING the Bears, who last night walked all over the Kansas Jayhawks, eliminating KU from the Big 12 Tournament in 2012. KU will be watching the rest of the tournament from their couch as MU advances to the Big 12 Finals. The ease in which the MU Tigers defeated the Baylor Bears shows how bad MU would have defeated the KU Jayhawks had they met in the tournament. As the MU players interviewed stated tonight, "Kansas City is OUR house, NOT ANYONE else's HOUSE" - an obvious territory marking aimed at all of the superficial KU fans that litter our fine city. KU is now a National joke, and MU will be remembered as champions. They should be given the number 1 ranking that the deserve by the time the Big 12 Tournament wraps up, as Kansas proved that it had no business being ranked number 1 in the first place.

A small number of KU fans could be heard grumbling and booing in the beginning of today's match at The Sprint Center in Kansas City, but the KU fans soon shut their mouths as MU just creamed the Baylor Bears, silencing any doubts as to whom was the better local team. MU now owns the Sprint Center and KU must go crawling back to the small hippie town of Lawrence, Kansas where smoking pot and listening to Phish is the main hobby.

MU has fought all the way to the top of the heap in the Big 12 in the 2012 season, and they will be leaving for the SEC being the crowned champions of Kansas City. What a great send off for MU as they go on to compete in a much more competitive and more respected league, leaving KU back in "middle school" so to speak in the lowly Big 12.

24K. English6/102/261219
1P. Pressey4/86/858315
10R. Ratliffe7/111/150515
12M. Denmon4/106/631215
3M. Pressey2/30/02005

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Friday, March 9, 2012

KU Loses to Baylor MU Beats Texas 2012 Big 12 Tournament

Mizzou gets the last laugh as KU pathetically loses today to Baylor, thus knocking KU out of the Big 12 Tournament. Meanwhile, the better of the two local college teams, MU, stomps all over Texas like they weren't even there. That's KU out, MU in, and the Jayhawks will watch the rest of the Big 12 Tournament from their couches while the Tigers march on to the finals.

Today's Big 12 Tournament excitement started with a match up between Baylor and KU at The Sprint Center in Kansas City under the big spotlight. The number 1 seeded KU Jayhawks were immediately eliminated from the tournament by a thorough beating from Baylor as they sidestepped, juked, picked, blocked and SLAMMED against the weak KU defense all day long. The Jayhawks exit the Big 12 Tournament with little more than a "squawk" and they will watch the rest of the tournament from the couch. A fitting end to the KU Jayhawk season as they looked weak all season, losing to MU in Columbia in a decisive win by the Tigers, and then getting extremely lucky a few weeks later when Mizzou allowed the Jayhawks to miraculously come back from a 19 point hole at halftime. As KU walked off the court at the Sprint Center today in complete shame, the news started coming in from the second, more important game...

Enter the MU Tigers, the Big 12's best team by far, only ranked number 2 due to a skewed college NCAA ranking system that has always favored the hawks. MU showed the world which team was the best once and for all as they stomped all over Texas by a whopping score 81-67. Texas never stood a chance against the amazing MU Tigers basketball super power, and the Tigers had their starters pulled by the end of the game. Had KU and MU met in the Big 12 Tournament, it is now obvious that MU would have pummeled KU by a very large margin with almost no effort. KU showed how weak they were today, and MU showed how strong that they are.

MU will now go on to brighter pastures in a more elite league in the SEC, it was nice knowing you KU, but MU is going to need some better competition going forward.

2012 Big 12 Tournament - MU defeats Texas - KU loses to Baylor and is eliminated from the tournament, March 9th, 2012 - Kansas City News

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

MU Basketball KU Border War February 4th, 2012 8pm Central

At 8pm February 4th, 2012, at Mizzou's home stadium in Columbia, Missouri, the 4th ranked MU basketball team will face the 8th ranked KU basketball team. With less than one hour away from the Border War basketball game between KU and MU, KU players are getting ready to play one of the most important games of the season. As the NCAA Big 12 basketball teams rally for position, tonight's game could (and will) determine which team will sit on top in first place of the Big 12. There is also a possibility of a three-way tie for first, depending on the results of the 2012 Border War between MU and KU.

Thomas Robinson is a standout player for KU basketball and is most noted for his play on the court but also for the loss of his grandparents and mother within one month's time. Robinson's mother died of a heart attack at the age of 37 after losing both of her parents only weeks before. The KU Jayhawks honored Robinson with a moment of silence in a game on January 22nd, 2011. Of Robinson's character, head coach Bill Self said "Thomas lost his grandmother at the very end of December, he lost his grandfather on Sunday and lost his mother on Friday night. For him to even be out there [on the court] is remarkable."

This Border War between MU and KU is going to be a good one because both teams are rated in the top ten and if the right things happen the result of this game will cause a three way tie in the league for first place. Mizzou basketball fans have been camped out all night in front of Mizzou Arena, waiting for the ESPN analysts and other media hype institutions. The stadium opened up minutes ago and there is no doubt that this will be a sold out event. Missouri enters the match up with the better squad, but both teams have been performing poorly as of late, losing to or barely defeating inept teams. MU will be washing it's hands of the Big 12 in July and heading to the bigger and better stage of the SEC, leaving KU behind to continue to battle in the trenches with the mutants. Regardless of the outcome of tonight's Border War between KU and MU, Mizzou will be victorious overall in the Border War history, thus closing that chapter for good.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MU Tigers Win Independence Bowl 2011 Crush UNC

Our MU Tigers continue to crush opponents who stand in their way. KU was crushed by MU effortlessly, ending the Border War series with MU ahead in total wins and will be locked in eternity proving that MU is the better team over 100 years of games vs the pathetic and weak KU Jayhawks. This weekend was the Independence Bowl featuring the star MU Tigers vs the lowly University of North Carolina. The Mizzou Tigers crushed North Carolina by a score of 41 - 24.

This game was over by halftime as UNC had no chance from the start. The Tigers took a huge lead in the game and continued to run effortlessly over UNC for the remainder of the Independence Bowl live on national TV for the whole country to see. It is clear that MU is going to be a dominating factor in the SEC after becoming bored with dominating KU and the other teams in the big 12 for so many years.

It was considered by most NCAA experts that MU got a shitty deal when it came to handing out the bowl games in 2011, but they did not complain, held their heads up high and went to the Independence Bowl and kicked some butt. Look for big things for the MU athletic department in the future, they are definitely the team to watch!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mizzou Leaving Big 12 for SEC July 1st 2012

After weeks of talk radio talk and rumors, it was finally announced today that Mizzou is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC on July 1st, 2012. There have been many speculations about the MU move, and fans have many different reactions to Missouri leaving the Big 12. Most of the more heated comments have been in reference to the MU - KU rivalry and what Mizzou's move to the SEC will do to that rivalry and the subsequent revenue losses that may occur in Kansas City and in Lawrence because of the MU move from the Big 12.

Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self was quoted today saying that "KU doesn't give a flip about whether or not KU plays Missouri" - and that is ok considering that the MU / KU rivalry really only exists in football, not basketball. KU is usually superior in basketball and usually loses severely to Mizzou in football every year. The Border War game at Arrowhead Stadium does not look like a possibility for 2012 as KU is trying to play down the MU move to the SEC as much as they can. In typical KU fashion, they are jealous that MU is getting more attention than they are, and they are making few if any comments about the future of the MU / KU rivalry that has existed since 1891, making it the longest living college rivalry in history. KU will maintain their history of putting black players on the basketball team but hoping that they don't sit next to them in the stands. Watch a KU basketball game on TV sometime and watch the home crowd at KU - all white people. The only black people at a home KU game are on the court. KU is so hypocritical and Anglo-Sax to the max. We really don't care what they think about Mizzou leaving the Big 12 for greener pastures anyway - they can just keep losing every football game just like they are doing now.

Mizzou, after leaving the Big 12 will face new rivals in the SEC, and a much more difficult schedule, with opponents in Alabama and Florida and other blue ribbon college teams. MU football has always produced pro players such as Jeremy Maclin so they will continue to do so in the SEC with no problem. The only financial loss that may come to the Kansas City area will be at the Sprint Center, but they are not based in Kansas City anyway, with all of their profits going to Maryland, home of Cordish who owns everything in the Power and Light District. It's just unfortunate that KU didn't just pick up their whole university and move it to Alaska somewhere - now THAT would have been a much better move. But, as Kansas City will find out next year, MU will continue to flourish and be a great new addition to the SEC, who officially welcomed them today.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missouri's Basketball Coaching Staff Takes Shape

This past week, New Missouri Head man Frank Haith has hired most of Staff. And by all accounts, he's assembled a fine one. On Wednesday, he announced his recruiting coordinator to be Tim Fuller, Bench coach Ernie Nestor, and Strength and Conditioning Coach Todor Pandov. By Friday, Isaac Chew had been added to the staff. I will give a little background on each of these new coached.

Tim Fuller - Great Recruiter. Last year was a member of Rick Pitino's Louisville staff. He played at Wake Forest on some great teams with Tim Duncan. After his playing days were over he spent time all around making some great contacts in the basketball world. He also spent time as a rep for Nike. Fuller has stated that Frank Haith is like a father to him (Haith was an assistant at Wake Forest when Fuller was a player) and is looking forward to working with him in Columbia.

Ernie Nestor - An Excellent coach who has been around winners in the NCAA for 35 years. Along with Assistant coaching stints at Wake Forest under Dave Odom, He was also a head coach at Elon University and George Mason. Should help Haith with the X's and O's aspect of coaching (something he is said to need help with).

Todor Pandov - Pandov was Haith's Strength and Conditioning Coach in Miami. He is Bulgarian and A former college basketball player at Western Kentucky.

Isaac Chew - A great young assistant with ties to Kansas City. He played for Avila in college and was an AAU coach for Kansas City Pump-N-Run, the same program that current Tigers Michael Dixon and Marcus Denmon played for. AAU coaches are a tremendous help in recruiting. Chew's ties with the Kansas City area and AAU will be an asset for Tiger Basketball. Most recently Chew coached for a very successful Murray State program and was instrumental in bringing a Kansas City recruit to that program.

With these winners in place, I hope Missouri fans feel better about their future than they did when Frank Haith was hired. I know I do. They really have their work cut out for them with several scholarships opening up next year.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mizzou Hires Frank Haith - Wait, Who?

I don't understand Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden. He goes from trying to hire one ot the top tier coaches in America, to hiring a coach who was on the verge of being forced at a mediocre (at best) basketball school. Frank Haith has coached Miami University's basketball team for 7 seasons. He's been to the NCAA Tournament a total of once. He has a 38% winning percentage in the ACC in the last 7 years - to give some perspective, that's roughly equivalent to Iowa State's performance in the Big 12 over the last 7 seasons. Not Good. Alden really fouled up this one, and there is no shortage of criticism from MU fans either.

With good reason. Even if Haith wins a National Championship at Missouri, this is a bad hire. Why? Because he doesn't have the kind of pedigree that a coach needs to be at a big time program. Obviously Alden doesn't think he has a big time basketball program - it's embarrassing. It's almost like he's settling for a guy that he likes personally and simply getting the hire over with. It's really incomprehensible.

Now what. Well, I guess the we have to give the guy a chance. By all accounts he's tremendous person - honest, loyal, family man, all that, and that does count for something. He's got a reputation as a good recruiter, and he plays a more traditional brand of basketball that Missouri is surely ready for after the Mike Anderson Era. I wish the man well, and he doesn't deserve all the negative comments coming his way, but he may just be over his head. He does give a great "mean look" though.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mike Anderson Leaves Missouri for Arkansas

Mike Anderson should brush up on his SOOOUY pig call, or whatever it is those rednecks down in Arkansas yell at Razorback games. Wednesday night Coach Anderson announced his decision to leave the University of Missouri to rejoin the Arkansas Razorbacks program he was a part of for 17 years. The decision was not a shock in this age of coaching carousel that is college sports especially taking into account the years he spent there as an assistant to Nolan Richardson.

The only thing a little surprising is that less than a week ago Anderson reiterated that he was Missouri's coach and planned to "retire here". I always though Coach Anderson was an honorable man, but I guess, like most men, his honor only goes so far. I can say I appreciate the coach's efforts in bringing Missouri back to respectability, but as for wishing him luck in Arkansas? I'll pass. I hope he loses, a lot. I hope Arkansas regrets paying him $2.2 million per year. Oh well, good riddance.

Now let's look to the future. This could be a great opportunity for Missouri to make a great hire. Some possible candidates?

Cuonzo Martin - currently the Head Coach at Missouri State -played collegiately at Purdue and several seasons in the NBA. Grew up in East St Louis. Never been to an NCAA tournament as a coach, but is a rising star. Would probably accept if offered.

Brad Stevens - Currently coaching at Butler. Went to the NCAA championship game last year. Missouri would take him in a heartbeat, but he probably would not leave Butler, even for more money. He stated this when he was being courted last off season, he is a man of character and will probably stand by his word.

Gregg Marshall - Currently coaching at Wichita State. In the Final FOur of the NIT this year. Another up and coming coach who would probably come to Missouri if offered.


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