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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chiefs Raiders 2010 - The Rivalry Continues

Chiefs Raiders 2010 - The Rivalry Continues
by Kansas City News

As the AFC West standings reveal, the only two teams left standing in this division are The Kansas City Chiefs and The Los Angeles Raiders.  The Chiefs are a stellar 5 and 2 and the lowly Raiders are only 4 and 4 due to a recent streak of luck that has befallen them.  So basically, even if the Chiefs lose this game they are still in first place, uncontested.  However if the Chiefs can pound the Raiders back into reality, then they will be a lock for a playoff birth in the AFC.

The Chiefs / Raiders rivalry goes way back to the 60's when the Chiefs, led by Hall of Fame coach Hank Stramm, and the Raiders led by the ever-animated John Madden, were constantly battling it out for the top spot and helped to put the NFL on the map.  The Chiefs, of course went on to win Super Bowl IV in 1970, thus showing their overall superiority.

Las Vegas has the Line pick for The Kansas City Chiefs to win over the Raiders with a spread of 2.5 and a total of 44 points.  I don't think that this game will see 44 points as the 2010 season has shown us that when two high scoring teams meet, the score goes low.  If you're out in Vegas, or betting online, definitely take the under on this game.  This will be a defensive battle, although I do predict most of the scoring to occur early in the game.  Amazingly enough, history shows that if the Raiders score first, they are more likely to lose.  Interesting fact.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the number 1 rushing game in the NFL, and they will relentlessly run against an unpredictable Raiders rushing defense.  Plan on seeing more of Tony Moeaki in this game, as well as sleeper receiver Terrance Copper.  On the Raider's side of the ball they have a BIG problem with super star shut-down corner Nnamdi Asomugha out for the game, and adding to their troubles will be the absense of one Zach Miller, who has been a big part of their recent success.

Ryan Lilja, our prized O-Lineman will be returning to duty this week which should really get that running game moving "early and often" as my old partner Mr. Wonderful would say.  I'm almost relieved that this game isn't being played in Kansas City, at least we won't have to be reminded of how much trash and ghetto folk live here when they all show up at Arrowhead (how do they afford tickets?) in their Raiders Jerseys, poor nasty trash - all of them.  I have good friends who usually serve Mexican cuisine at their tailgate party when the Raiders are in town, nice!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chiefs Lead the NFL in Rushing - Jaguars Officially Done for the Season

Chiefs Running Game DOMINATES - Jacksonville is Done - Bowe Catches Two Amazing Touchdowns

Maurice Jones - WHO?  I remember sitting in my comfy 50 yard line / 15th row seat watching Maurice Jones Drew run up and down the field, mud flying up behind his feet, with little or no resistance in previous bouts with our beloved Chiefs.  Today, however, this was not the case.  Jones-Drew, perhaps the only decent player on the Jaguars, was left in the dust as the Chiefs trounced the feeble Jaguars 42 - 20.  The Jaguars are officially DONE.  Last week's Jaguars game vs. the Titans was the most boring game I've ever watched - I'm pretty sure that the CMSU Mules could have put up a better fight.  The fact that Jacksonville was so weak did not take anything away from the pure galvanization that the road-weary Chiefs fans experienced watching this match.

First and foremost we have to give credit to my personal friend Ryan Lilja and the O-Line for bringing this one home.  The running game was on fire and this opened up the flood gates for an offense that would go on to put up 42 points.  The Chiefs currently lead the NFL in rushing yards.  Jamaal Charles continues to be electric - on a side note, we ran into Charles at the store the other day and the checkout guy tried to enthusiastically strike up a conversation with him - Charles didn't even look at the guy, much less respond to his banter, he silently stared straight ahead.  Just so you guys out there know, if you ever run into Charles in public, don't try to talk to him - he HATES you and all other white people - believe me, we've seen it first hand.  So cheer Charles on from the stands or from your couch, but he does not like you, I promise.

Another great sign for the Chiefs today was the performance of Dwayne Bowe, who's role with the Chiefs was in question after dropping two easy passes in week 4.  Bowe had one of the most amazing RAC touchdown receptions in Chiefs history as he caught the ball, SPLIT two defenders to get into open field and then the coup de gras STUFF of the final nameless defender between Bowe and the end zone. Bowe followed this performance up with another stellar catch where he leapt for the sky in the end zone and managed to tap down both feet for a 2nd TD.

Another well deserved touchdown came to Derrick Johnson when he intercepted ill-adept 5th string QB Todd Bouman for a pivotal game changing TD.  Other notables was the hearty performance of rookie safety Eric Berry, who cost the team with a pass interference play (the one that actually WAS pass interference) but then rallied back to intercept lame duck QB Todd Bouman and put on an entertaining run back show for us.

The Chiefs were the butt of another poor pass interference call today, but thankfully the Jaguars are so lame that they couldn't take advantage.  C'MON REF!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chiefs 2010 - Projections, Offense, Defense, Schedule

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Kansas City Chiefs News - Chiefs projected to go 6-10 according to NFL analysts

Today NFL expert Pat Kirwan predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would likely finish with a record of 6 and 10.  He explained that the Chiefs were definitely moving in the right direction but the changes that they have made would not affect the scoreboard that much in the 2010 season.  The Chiefs were 4 and 12 in 2009 and they have made enough improvement to possibly move up to 6 and 10 in 2010.  Many Chiefs fans are hopeful that the team can at least muster up a .500 season at 8 and 8 this year.

What improvements have the Chiefs made this year?

The Chiefs added star running back Thomas Jones, who many feel was a huge mistake on the Jets part for letting him go.  Jones adds a tremendous threat in the backfield and is a perfect compliment to Jamaal Charles as Jamaal is smaller and faster and Thomas Jones is stronger and can be used to punish defenses up the middle.  The Chiefs are looking to try their wings at the Wildcat offense this year involving speedy rookie WR Dexter McCluster, Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles as the cast.

The Chiefs also added a talented safety in Eric Berry, currently wearing number 29.  Whether or not Berry will make the starting line up is yet to be determined, but you can bet that he will see a lot of playing time when the Chiefs go to the Zone Nickle and the Dime defense strategies.

The Chiefs added Superbowl champion offensive lineman Ryan Lilja to their struggling offensive line.  Lilja is an experienced and capable offensive lineman and he brings a lot of talent to an offensive line that desperately needs a boost.  Lilja is close with co-lineman Casey Wiegmann, who is also a smaller lineman with great ability.

NFL analysts feel that the Chiefs do not have a legitimate threat at the wide receiver position.  Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe has already been in the media this year for a few off color remarks that he made and is not really considered much of a threat to opposing defenses.  Aging Chris Chambers is not considered much of a threat either.  Young rookie Dexter McCluster could provide a spark downfield with his speed but at 5'8" 170lbs you probably won't see him going across the middle.  If the Chiefs receivers are not going to force opposing defenses to take their gameplan focus off the run, then obviously the Chiefs running attack will suffer.

Top NFL analysts are also commenting that the Chiefs are seriously lacking talent on the defensive line and linebacker positions.  The Chiefs were 31st overall against the rush in 2009 allowing 156 rushing yards PER GAME.  That stat has to change or they cannot win.

Even though the Chiefs will do well to end up 8 and 8 at season's end, the Chiefs fans are still very excited and optimistic to see their new team in action.  The Chiefs open their season with an unusual Monday Night Football appearance vs. the San Diego Chargers on September 13th.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chiefs get Monday Night Game to Start KC Chiefs Season

Monday night game for The Kansas City Chiefs - Game one - Home Opener vs. The San Diego Chargers

Well, it hasn't happened since 2004 vs. The New England Patriots but our Kansas City Chiefs have got themselves a Monday night game!  The Chiefs will battle the San Diego Chargers in the home opener on Monday September 13th.  Arrowhead will be full of surprises including a halftime performance by The KC All Stars, two time winners of the "Best Band in Kansas City" Award.  The Chiefs game will start at 9:15pm.  Too bad for all of the office Bobs and office Barbies - will have to call in sick for work on Tuesday.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made several great moves this offseason, and everyone is excited to see who else they add during the NFL draft on Thursday.  The Kansas City Chiefs are slotted to draft in the #5 slot.  Names that have been dropped as possibles for the Chiefs are Eric Berry, Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga, Morgan Burnett, and safety stand-out Golden Tate, who played for coach Haley in college.  The Chiefs have already made great moves including bringing in our personal friend Ryan Lilja - who we can tell you first hand was not happy in Indy - as well as the tandem running backs of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles.

Clark Hunt stated that "this would not be your usual home opener" so expect lots of surprises as Kansas City fans party late into the night on a school night at the Monday night home opener.

KC Chiefs Schedule:

Kansas City Chiefs PRESEASON
Date Opponent Time TV
Friday, Aug. 13 at Atlanta 7 p.m. KCTV5
Saturday Aug. 21 at Tampa Bay 6:30 p.m. KCTV5
Friday, Aug. 27 Philadelphia 7 p.m. KCTV5
Thursday, Sept. 2 Green Bay 7 p.m. KCTV5
Kansas City Chiefs REGULAR SEASON

Monday, Sept. 13 San Diego 9:15 p.m. ESPN
Sunday, Sept. 19 at Cleveland Noo
Sunday, Sept. 26 San Francisco Noon
Sunday, Oct. 10 at Indianapolis Noon
Sunday, Oct. 17 at Houston Noon
Sunday, Oct. 24 Jacksonville Noon
Sunday, Oct. 31 Buffalo Noon
Sunday, Nov. 7 at Oakland 3:15 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 14 at Denver 3:05 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 21 Arizona Noon
Sunday, Nov. 28 at Seattle 3:05 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 5 Denver Noon
Sunday, Dec. 12 at San Diego 3:15 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 19 at St. Louis Noon
Sunday, Dec. 26 Tennessee Noon
Sunday, Jan. 2 Oakland Noon

If you have specific questions, please post them as a comment - no sign up required - quick commenting - and we will try to answer your questions quickly.  Thank you!

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