Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chiefs Survive Scare From Buffalo

This one was supposed to be easy. With the red-hot Chiefs facing lowly Buffalo, everyone predicted an easy Kansas City victory. In the end, the Chiefs were lucky to escape with a win, as Ryan Succop nailed a field goal as overtime expired to give Kansas City a 13-10 victory.

Many thought the Chiefs would coast to an easy win given their favorable matchup in the run game. Kansas City entered the game leading the game in rushing, while the Bills boasted the worst rush defense in the NFL. The Chiefs took advantage of the matchup, rushing for over 270 yards including a 177 yard effort from Jamaal Charles. Matt Cassel delivered a steady performance, and the Chiefs defense looked good all night.

Despite the positives, something was missing all game for the Chiefs, and the Bills were able to keep it close. Facing a fourth and four late in the game, the Bills scored to force a wild overtime that was much more exciting than regulation. The Bills had a chance to win it, and Rian Lindell did just that. Only Todd Haley called timeout before the kick, and Lindell's next attempt hit the upright, giving the Chiefs the ball. Only Kansas City, after an impressive offensive drive, missed a FG of its own. However the Chiefs' defense held, and Succop finally delivered and helped the Chiefs avoid a rare overtime tie.

It was an ugly game, but even good teams have poor showings against bad teams. Kansas City won, and took a giant step towards a post-season birth by improving its record to 5-2.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

KU Shows Signs of Life Against Iowa State

For the first time in weeks, KU football actually looked competitive. Yes, the Jayhawks lost again, 28-17 against Iowa State, yet KU was actually in the game (starting its third string quarterback). The moral victory could be a sign that KU may actually turn things around after all. That is a big maybe.

After blowout losses to Baylor, Kansas State and Texas A&M (not exactly the three power houses of the conference), KU wasn't expected to compete with an Iowa State team fresh off a road upset of Texas. However, KU, led by its third string quarterback and starting a bevy of freshmen and sophomores as usual, led at halftime and looked competitive all game long. It was a sign of life from a program that desperately needed anything positive.

After Mark Mangino won an Orange Bowl and took the program to never-before seen success, few thought the transition to Turner Gill would be smooth. Few also thought KU would be this bad in Gill's first season and not only lose, but lose the way it has. While moral victories don't build programs, it is nice to see that Gill is starting to slightly get it together, and KU was able to go on the road and be competitive. After this season ends and KU wins the Big 12 in basketball like it does every year, it will be interesting to see what Gill does in year two. At least its starting to look not as bleak.

Nebraska Mizzou Game Score 31-17 - College Sports are for Dorks

Today, Nebraska bested Mizzou by a score of 31-17.  It appears that Mizzou didn't show up on either defense or offense in this game.

The good news is, is this is COLLEGE football - who the hell cares?  It's like watching a band rehearse, these are not professionals and you must really have a LOT of spare time on your hands if you actually have time to pay attention to college sports in general - especially college basketball, now there's where you find the REAL geeks.  Thank GOD they don't make much of a big deal out of college baseball or we'd have a whole new gathering of college sports dorks.

College football is completely unorganized and it is based on some made-up ratings system that no one actually even understands - or really cares about anyway.  There is no playoffs, there is no sense of closure like the Superbowl, the players are nameless, faceless joe's who are subbed in and out thoughout the game without notice.  I understand that it's cool to watch some of the college players who are surely going to the pros so you can say to your other college sports-watching dork buddies "I remember watching him play at Gonzaga" - or one of those retarded college team names.  Please get off of my TV screen so I can watch the professional highlights.

I definitely wanted Mizzou to win today but look at the bright side:

The stupid Cornholers of Nebraska are ALL THEY HAVE in that redneck town - they don't have a pro team (because no one would want to play there or live there, it would be like trying to get Lebron James to stay in frickin' Cleveland - HA!).  Nebraska has to cling on to the only piteous thing that they have and that is their cornhole COLLEGE football team - and that's pathetic enough for me.  Enjoy your win today Nebraska, then go back to living in the middle of nowhere with bunch of ugly metal factory buildings, miles of corn and several hundred 24 hour smut porn shops along the highway for the truckers - not to mention Nebraska women are all 6'3", 200 pound volleyball / basketball playing sweaty-cooch amazon girls.

As for Kansas City, we get to watch a REAL pro team play tomorrow.

Mizzou, Nebraska Showdown is Last in Series

When Missouri faces the Cornhuskers of Nebraska today in Lincoln, it will be the end of a rivalry that has become quite good in the last few years. Yes, this will be the last battle for the Victory Bell. The MU-NU Rivalry, and yes it is a rivalry - probably the biggest for Missouri given the current state of the Kansas Program - is the second oldest in the Conference (behind MU-KU), and the third oldest west if the Mississippi.

It has been played 103 times, not counting today's contest. For most of its years, it has actually been a pretty good rivalry. It is hard for people alive today to realize this, but the 80's and 90's are the only decades that Nebraska dominated (winning 24 straight between 1979 and 2002), and Missouri has won 4 of the last 7, including the last meeting in Lincoln by a dominating score of 52-17.

Nebraska was also the opponent for one of Missouri's infamous losses. The "Flea Kicker" game as it became known, crushed Missouri's hopes of ending Nebraska's then 18 game winning streak in 1997 (I remember EXACTLY where I was when that play happened). The game was sent to overtime in the final seconds on a bizarre play in which a Nebraska player kicked (intentionally? can you say 15 yard penalty?) the ball up in the air and was caught on a diving reception in the endzone.

Today's game not only has significance as the final in a long rivalry, but is also important because of it's implications on the Big 12 North Standings. If Missouri wins, they have essentially won the North, if Nebraska wins, they are put in the driver's seat in the North. This game also has National Title implications. Missouri is the final unbeaten team, and presumably the final Big 12 team that would have Championship aspirations for this season. Really, the Tigers have never played in a bigger game.

Missouri must once again run the ball effectively, and force Nebraska to throw. If they have some success in both of these areas, or a lot of success in one of them, they will win. I think the Tigers pull out a close one 24-23.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spring Hill High School Football Player Dead

Spring Hill High School Football Player Nathan Stiles died early this morning after falling unconscious on the sideline at last night's football game against Osawatomie. Stiles was a Senior at Spring Hill, and Homecoming King. Obviously a popular kid, and from all accounts a good kid. What a horrible tragedy. All of us here at Kansas City News wish to express our sincere condolences to Nathan's Family and all who knew him.

There are no answers currently about what caused his death. There seemingly was no one, big hit that injured Nathan. He came to the sideline and told an assistant coach that his head was hurting and then he collapsed. He died around 4AM at University of Kansas Medical Center. I'm sure it will be some time before we have a cause of death. Another reminder to enjoy life while you can, we just don't know what the future holds.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shawnee Mission Fifth Grader Suspended for Toy Gun

Alyssa Cornish, a Shawnee Mission School District Fifth-Grader has been suspended until January. She will have to spend the next two months at home because she admitted to playing with a toy gun that shoots PLASTIC BBs - spring loaded - on a Sunday - on a School Playground - with other kids - it wasn't even her gun - she was the only one to tell the truth about what happened. Her initial suspension was on three days until she wrote a detailed explanation of what happened at the request of the School. Once they had it in writing, they increased the suspension to the rest of the semester (These are the facts as told by the Mother). But what is known, is that the straight A student is suspended until January. The young student will miss her Halloween party, will not have a picture in the yearbook, and cannot even attend Girl Scout meetings because they take place on school grounds. Zero Tolerance - Zero Intelligence.

School Administrators like "Zero Tolerance" policies because no one has to think. God forbid we use judgement, taking each situation or child on a case by case basis. The School District has responded to criticism by pointing out that the rules against weapons on school grounds are "ironclad" and parents and students are reminded of them at the beginning of every school year. I would respond to that by saying that it is unreasonable for a kid playing with other kids on a Sunday to stop and think "Hey, I need to go home now and not play because someone brought a toy gun that shots plastic BBs." They probably didn't think anything of it until some wimpy little boy came home and told his mommy that someone shot him with it. Maybe, just maybe, not everyone sees a toy gun and launches into a paralyzing attack of fear like so many pantywaists running our schools.


Jon Stewart More Influental Than the President? recently released its poll of the most influential men of 2010, with the Daily Show's Jon Stewart coming in first place. The surprising aspect of this list was that President Obama failed to crack the top 20, finishing at 21st. The poll rankings was determined from an average of users' scores and scores from the staff at

Stewart has the advantage of being on TV five times a week, and is allowed to voice his true opinions on any matter he chooses. It is not surprising that Stewart finished first, and that fellow political funny man Stephen Colbert was ranked at 11. Obama's ranking comes as a huge surprise however, as he has been viewed as a polarizing figure in American culture since taking office. Perhaps Obama's influence was felt more by the average American when he was running for office and promising change, compared to now when he is in the full swing of his presidency.

Interestingly, Obama will be a guest on Stewart's Daily Show for the fifth time, and the first since he became president. The taping will occur three days before Stewart hosts a rally in Washington DC to help boost Democrat voter support. If these rankings are any indication, it will be Stewart, not Obama, who will help the Democrats gain some badly-needed momentum.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clerk in Fatal Gas Station Shooting Charged with Manslaughter

Jackson County Prosecuter Jim Kanatzer charged a clerk, Tuesday, in the shooting death of Frederick C Jones, Jr (pictured at right). Akbar Rana, of Olathe, was charged with Voluntary Manslaughter and Armed Criminal Action. His is not yet in custoday, and there has been some talk that he may have left the country. You might recall the incident on September 3rd at the Shell Station on Bannister Rd in South Kansas City. From the details I can gather, Mr Jones caused a disruption in the store and was involved in an altercation with employees. He was removed from the store and tasered by a clerk, then apparently as he was fleeing the scene, another employee shot Jones in the back. Jones reportedly (it has been confirmed by his family) suffered from mental illness and alcohol abuse. This is surely a sad story.

True, there is not the funding for mental illness that would be ideal. Mr Jones is someone that it sounds like fell through the cracks - we do not put the mentally ill in institutions as we once did, and we are better as a society for it. There are no easy answers, and this clerk (if he is still in the country) will certainly have to answer for his actions.

But, let's put ourselves in the clerk's shoes for just a moment. Just a few nights earlier, the vary same store was robbed at gunpoint - have you ever had a gun shoved in your face? Might make you a little jumpy next time you have an altercation with someone. Now, I'm not justifying what the clerk did if the facts are indeed what we have been hearing, as Alvin Brooks said, it sends a message to the public that you must be careful when you have access to and use guns. I contend there is another message, you also must be careful how you act in another person's place of business and in public in general - you never know how they will react, or perceive your actions. Voluntary Manslaughter seems the reasonable charge given the facts we know.

LeBron James New Ad Attempts To Repair His Image

LeBron James is attempting to win back some fans with his new Nike Commercial. The ad portrays the controversial moments in James' life, from high school to the infamous decision, while also having some fun with a parody of Miami Vice. Throughout the piece, LeBron asks the viewer "what should I do?" while providing a list of possible decisions.

James' Nike ad is much more effective than Tiger Woods' video, in which the disgraced golfer tried to win back fans by using his deceased father. Many are claiming James ripped off Woods in the ad, however James' is more humorous and much longer. Nike writes the commercials, not the athletes, and James was likely doing whatever his PR team instructed him to.

While the ad does a good job of juggling both a sincere LeBron with the joking, fun-loving star we have seen in years, it fails to address why James has become so unpopular. It wasn't so much the decision James made, it was how he did it: using national TV and staging his back-stabbing of Cleveland in a Boys' and Girls' Club building. In the add LeBron asks "should I become a Villian?" and at this point, it might not be a bad idea.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Golfer Wins Tournament With Sudden-Death Hole-In-One

Golf has provided many clutch moments and memorable shots over the years, but none are as big as what Jonathon Byrd recently did at Timberlake. Byrd hit a hole-in-one on the fourth playoff hole of the tournament for the walkoff victory, becomming the first person ever to win a tournament on an ace. Unbelievable.

I can't imagine the feeling of hitting a hole-in-one, but to do so to clinch a tournament is unheard of. The shot earned Byrd over $700,000 for winning the tournament, as well as a two-year exemption to play on the PGA tour. Not a bad upgrade for a guy who was ranked 117th on the money list.

A chip-in or long putt makes for great drama, especially when sealing a tournament. A hole-in-one is so rare though, Byrd's feat will likely never happen again (or at least for a really long time). The odds of making one are slim, and making one in walkoff fashion is incredible. Enjoy your moment in the sun, Jonathon Byrd. Just don't count on it happening again.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Controversial Goal-Line Call Dooms Dolphins

What exactly happened here? This seems to be the general outlook of football fans regarding Ben Roethlisberger's "touchdown" that helped the Steelers edge the Miami Dolphins, 23-22. The controversial call has led to universal criticism against the refs and will be talked about for weeks.

In case you missed the thousands of replays of the play, here is what happened: Big Ben lunged for paydirt during a QB sneak, and fumbled the ball. The refs initially ruled it a touchdown, and then correctly overturned their call when Miami challenged. Only problem is, the refs failed to see who recovered the fumble. Here is referee Gene Steratore's explanation:

"After review it has been determined that prior to the ball crossing the goal line, the runner did lose possession of the ball. However, by rule in replay, two aspects of this play must be available to be viewed. Not only did we have to view the fumble being a fumble, we also have to have clear evidence of the team recovering the ball. After review, we do not have clear evidence of the defense recovering the fumble, therefore Pittsburgh will have the ball, fourth and goal at the half-yard line. Miami will not be charged with a timeout and the clock will start on the ready for play."

Video evidence shows Miami emerged from the pile with the football. Roethlisberger claims he originally got the ball, then the ref told him to let go of it. No matter who is right, in the end the Dolphins are angry, and the refs missed the call.

Big Win for Mizzou Elevates Them to National Title Picture

This ain't your daddy's Tigers - or your big brother's for that matter. Saturday night the Missouri Tigers exorcised a few demons at Memorial Stadium in Columbia, beating the Oklahoma Sooners by a score of 36-27. The Sooners had beaten the Tigers 19 of 20 games prior to this years contest. The win takes the Tigers to an impressive 7-0 record and the only unbeaten team in the Big 12. Fans rushed the field to remove the goal posts and take them to Harpo's tavern downtown as is the traditional post-big game victory celebration in Columbia. The Tigers are now 6th in the BCS poll, and one of only 6 undefeated teams remaining in the country.

Missouri had Oklahoma's defense on it's heals all night with a devastating combination of running and passing plays. They rushed for 178 yards - a huge key to victory as pointed out by yours truly earlier in the week. Enough cannot be said for the play of the offensive line, Quarterback Blaine Gabbert had plenty of time to throw, and they opened up huge holes for Missouri's running back by committee. They could by the best unit in college football, plus they have a Tackle named Elvis - that is awesome.

And what about Missouri's Defense? It wasn't quite the dominating performance we have seen from the Tigers D up to this point this season, but they were excellent when it counted. On numerous occasions Oklahoma would drive down the field only to be stymied in the red zone. D-Lineman, and Raytown's own Aldon Smith made a spectacular interception and run back halting one of Oklahoma's First Half drives.

If Mizzou can go on the road and get a win next week in Nebraska, they would be virtually guaranteed a spot in the Big 12 Title game - and win out (dare to dream) and the Tigers should get a shot a National Championship.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dwayne Bowe Touchdown Catch - Chiefs vs. Jaguars 2010

Here is an incredible video of Dwayne Bowe's touchdown catch vs. the Jaguars today.  Bowe had experienced a few weeks of doubt as he started dropping critical passes - one for a touchdown - but it appears that Bowe is back to his true form as one of the league's dominant receivers.  Granted, the Jacksonville Jaguars are absolutely terrible, but this video clip of Bowe's TD catch is worth checking out:

Dwayne Bowe Touchdown Catch - Chiefs vs. Jaguars 2010

Oh, and as a side note, the announcers that covered the Chiefs vs. Jaguars game today were totally LAME.  I think one of them might have been our old punk QB Rich Gannon.  They were coddling and slobbering all over Todd Bouman's nutbag and it was pissing me off.  They kept showing his stupid family in the stands taunting the Chiefs fans around them.  Hey Todd Bouman, you are a 5th string QB at best, retire already.  The idiot commentators finally shut up about how great Bouman was when he threw a nice PICK to our soldier Derrick Johnson - SWEET.  Gannon and whoever else you had in the booth today, you might even be weaker than the Jaguars :)  Alright alright, check out the clip already:

Chiefs Lead the NFL in Rushing - Jaguars Officially Done for the Season

Chiefs Running Game DOMINATES - Jacksonville is Done - Bowe Catches Two Amazing Touchdowns

Maurice Jones - WHO?  I remember sitting in my comfy 50 yard line / 15th row seat watching Maurice Jones Drew run up and down the field, mud flying up behind his feet, with little or no resistance in previous bouts with our beloved Chiefs.  Today, however, this was not the case.  Jones-Drew, perhaps the only decent player on the Jaguars, was left in the dust as the Chiefs trounced the feeble Jaguars 42 - 20.  The Jaguars are officially DONE.  Last week's Jaguars game vs. the Titans was the most boring game I've ever watched - I'm pretty sure that the CMSU Mules could have put up a better fight.  The fact that Jacksonville was so weak did not take anything away from the pure galvanization that the road-weary Chiefs fans experienced watching this match.

First and foremost we have to give credit to my personal friend Ryan Lilja and the O-Line for bringing this one home.  The running game was on fire and this opened up the flood gates for an offense that would go on to put up 42 points.  The Chiefs currently lead the NFL in rushing yards.  Jamaal Charles continues to be electric - on a side note, we ran into Charles at the store the other day and the checkout guy tried to enthusiastically strike up a conversation with him - Charles didn't even look at the guy, much less respond to his banter, he silently stared straight ahead.  Just so you guys out there know, if you ever run into Charles in public, don't try to talk to him - he HATES you and all other white people - believe me, we've seen it first hand.  So cheer Charles on from the stands or from your couch, but he does not like you, I promise.

Another great sign for the Chiefs today was the performance of Dwayne Bowe, who's role with the Chiefs was in question after dropping two easy passes in week 4.  Bowe had one of the most amazing RAC touchdown receptions in Chiefs history as he caught the ball, SPLIT two defenders to get into open field and then the coup de gras STUFF of the final nameless defender between Bowe and the end zone. Bowe followed this performance up with another stellar catch where he leapt for the sky in the end zone and managed to tap down both feet for a 2nd TD.

Another well deserved touchdown came to Derrick Johnson when he intercepted ill-adept 5th string QB Todd Bouman for a pivotal game changing TD.  Other notables was the hearty performance of rookie safety Eric Berry, who cost the team with a pass interference play (the one that actually WAS pass interference) but then rallied back to intercept lame duck QB Todd Bouman and put on an entertaining run back show for us.

The Chiefs were the butt of another poor pass interference call today, but thankfully the Jaguars are so lame that they couldn't take advantage.  C'MON REF!

Giants Beat Phillies, Advance to World Series

The San Francisco Giants beat the Philadelphia Phillies 3-2 to clinch a spot on the world series. San Francisco relied on strong pitching and clutch hits to steal the road victory in the NLCS' sixth game, and earn a trip to the World Series to face the Texas Rangers.

The Giants haven't won a World Series title since 1953, when the club was still located in New York. San Francisco nearly won it all in 2002, but eventually was upset by the Anaheim Angels after an epic collapse late in game six. The loss wasted a ridiculous series from Barry Bonds in which the now-disgraced slugger was nearly unstoppable. San Francisco may not have the offensive firepower it did in 2002, but it has great pitching that could deliver a championship.

San Francisco's opponent, the Texas Rangers, are in the World Series for the first time. Texas has a ton of offensive firepower and Cliff Lee, who is pitching out of his mind this postseason. The Rangers have to be the favorite to win it all, but after the NLCS, it is impossible to rule out the scrappy Giants.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ESPN in Columbia for Big Matchup with Sooners

The Missouri Tigers will play their toughest, and most important game of the year tonight in Columbia when they host the Oklahoma Sooners at Faurot Field. Though Missouri could still win the Big 12 North with a loss in this one, to be viewed as an elite team, they must beat the Sooners. Oklahoma has beaten Missouri the last 7 times they have met. Particularly painful was 2007. That year, Mizzou lost only 2 games, both to Oklahoma - the first loss took Missouri out of the National Championship picture (MU was ranked #1 at the time). There is no doubt the Tigers have motivation for this one.

ESPN Game Day has made the trip to Columbia as well. This marks the first trip to Columbia for the Game Day crew (They have been to the site of several Missouri Games, but not in Columbia). This only raises the hype and importance of this game for the Tigers. Lots of national attention can be a great thing if you can pull off a victory, it would be excellent for national reputation.

Blaine Gabbert looked as good as ever last week in College Station, but the Tigers are going to need a running game if they are to hang with the Sooners. You can't expect your defence to win this one for you. Vegas has the Sooners as a 3 point favorite. Missouri CAN win this game, but I think they don't - mostly based on past experience as a Tiger Fan. Until they show me they can beat the Sooners, I am not a believer. Oklahoma 30, Missouri 19

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chiefs Shaun Smith Saves 10 Grand

The Chiefs Shaun Smith aka "The Genital Giant" can keep his $10,000 - he has won his appeal with the NFL. Smith was sent a letter from Appeal Officer Art Shell stating that the video could not show conclusively whether Smith grabbed the junk of San Fransisco player Anthony Davis, therefore the fine would be dropped. Smith said he was happy to have this incident behind him, but was still upset that his name was dragged through the mud, he was worried what his kids might think and that they might be teased. Just goes to prove, you didn't do it if you didn't get caught. I'm alright with it as long as the guy is on my team.

Tyson Jackson will be back in the Chiefs lineup this Sunday against Jacksonville, but also in uniform for the Chiefs at D-Line is a fresh face. Atiyyah Ellison was signed this week by the Chiefs. Ellison is a graduate of Missouri, and played last year with the Jaguars. He takes the roster spot of Alex Magee, who was trade to Tampa Bay earlier in the week. Look for Ellison to see limited action with Jackson back in play.

Wide Receiver Chris Chambers will also be back in action for the Chiefs this Sunday. Chambers missed last week's game against the Texans with a finger injury. Terrence Copper was largely ineffective as a replacement for Chambers. Hopefully he can bring some added help to the Chiefs passing game.

The Chiefs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at Noon at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Televised on CBS.

Phillies Beat Giants, Send Series back to Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the San Francisco Giants 4-2 last night, avoiding elimination and sending the series back east. The win narrows the best-of-seven series to 3-2, and forces the Giants to try and seal a trip to the world series as a visiting team.

The game featured another matchup of all-star pitching, as Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum squared off for the second time in the series. Halladay was able to overcome a groin injury to outdual Lincecum and extend the series. The Giants can only think about missing a big opportunity to win the series, and things will only get tougher with game 6 and a possible game 7 taking place in Philadelphia.

The Phillies joined the Yankees in extending the series after falling into a hole. New York is also attempting to come back from a 3-1 deficit and make a run at defending its 2009 title. While this has been a memorable postseason, it appears things are just now heating up.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rampaging Chimp to go to Kansas City Zoo

If you haven't heard, Sue, the pet chimpanzee, went on a rampage in a South Kansas City neighborhood on Tuesday. Sue freed herself from her owner's truck, made obscene gestures at pedestrians, and damaged a police cruiser before being shot with a tranquilizer gun by Kansas City Animal Control. Her owner, Mark Archigo has had run ins with the law over his chimp for years. The city had confiscated the animal first in 1995 - at that time the zoo had made progress in assimilating Sue into the chimp population. Also, after another incident where Sue picked up a girl by the ankles and tossed her, the animal was supposed to be turned over, but never was. The seriousness of the situation has been highlighted by the horrific attack on a Connecticut woman in February of 2009.

Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff said the assimilation process could take months of even years. Sue would have to learn to be a chimpanzee again. Eat chimp food like a chimp, not off a plate - she must also get used to being around other chimps and the social structure that comes with it. A city spokesman said the only other alternative was to euthanize the animal. The city is on strong legal footing this time around since there is a history of problems with the animal.

Sue could go to the Zoo as early as today to begin her long journey back to being a chimp. She could live up to another 30 years in captivity. Hopefully her assimilation process goes smoothly, but she certainly can have a better life with other chimps rather than caged in a truck. By the way, Kansas City residents can visit the Zoo for free through the month of November!

NFL Takes Stance On Illegal Hits

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking a strong stance on illegal hits, issuing several fines for players who committed vicious hits last Sunday. According to Goodell, the NFL will continue to enforce its current policy towards illegal hits, and may increase fines. The commissioner did rule out new in-game punishments such as ejections.

The new rules have players all around the league crying foul, arguing the new rules take away from the neccessary violent nature of the sport. Many argue that the NFL is moving towards flag football territory, and that new stance taken by the league gives an unfair advantage to players on offense. Steelers LB James Harrison is so upset after his $75,000 fine that he is now considering retiring from the league.

Most of the controversy stems from helmet-to-helmet hits, as the NFL is trying to take a more proactive approach on concussions and head trauma. Most players say that unless the league forces them to play without helmets, they are going to use their hats as a weapon. Legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno has an interesting take on the issue, advocating that football should eliminate facemasks. Many other coaches and players, including Mike Ditka, agree with Joe Pa, feeling that the facemasks are used as a weapon and eliminating them would lead to less vicious hits. It is an interesting idea, however I'd like to see football stay football, and not move into rugby territory.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nunley Likely to Aviod Executioner until 2011

Roderick Nunley's execution has been put off until probably 2011, at least. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster was pushing up until the last minute for a way to proceed with the execution. Koster was attempting to get the Missouri Supreme Court to clarify their ruling denying an earlier stay request. That denial was at issue when a Federal Judge issued a stay on Monday. That Judge's decision required clarification from Missouri as to why they have denied new sentencing of Nunley by a Jury. Of course, Jury sentencing probably won't turn out any differently, but this does prolong Nunley's worthless life. The Missouri Supreme Court will revisit the case and has scheduled hearings and oral arguments into January of 2011.

Nunley and accomplice Michael Taylor, brutally raped and murdered 15 year old Ann Harrison in 1989. They both sit on Missouri's Death Row and have now for longer than their victim was even alive.

These cases are a prime example of why many oppose the death penalty. It takes many, many years to impose the Sentence, and untold millions of dollars spent on court time, lawyers for the state, etc. Though the thought of housing and feeding these animals for their lifetime is not very appetizing, it costs more to actually execute them. There certainly is no easy answer. Some might say "Just Do It" - and I understand that, but no doubt there have been innocent people put to death, and I would want every doubt erased if it was me or someone I loved in this situation. On the other hand, if it were my child that was murdered, I would probably want to kill the perpetrator myself.

Mel Gibson Joins Cast of Hangover 2

Mel Gibson is attempting to make a comeback, and has chosen one of the most anticipated comedies in years to appear in. Gibson will appear in the Hangover 2 as a tattoo artist. It will be Gibson's first work since his scandal with exgirlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

It appeared Gibson's career was finished after his threatening tapes to Grigorieva were leaked to the press and his latest project was shelved. Gibson was not the first choice to make a cameo, the film makers originally wanted Tiger Woods. Gibson's cameo should make for good camera time, especially if the disgruntled star is willing to poke fun at himself and the allegations against him.

The Hangover 2 is set to be released on May 26, 2011 and will return its all-star cast from the original. Hopefully Gibson's cameo will be as well received as former boxing great Mike Tyson's was in the first installment.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Travel News: Air Travelers Want To Do More Themselves; New KC Flight

A recent survy found that air travelers would like to be able to do more by themselves at airports. SITA, a Swiss travel research firm, surveyed over 2,500 travelers at airports across the world for its results. It found that nearly 2/3rds of the survey takers would like to check their own bags, change routes and claim lost baggage without dealing with airline and airport personel.

The survey results are no surprise for anyone who has had to deal with rude airport employees or spent way too long getting through security. With travelers booking flights more and more online, it may not be long until more aspects of air travel can be done without dealing with airline employees.

In other travel news, Frontier Airlines announced it is opening a seasonal flight from Kansas City to Fort Myers, Florida. The flight will take place once a week on an Embraer 190 Jet.

Federal Appeals Court Grants Stay of Execution for Nunley

Roderick Nunley will not die in the Missouri Execution Chamber at Bonne Terre tonight. This after a Federal Appeals Court Judge Stayed Nunley's execution. At issue is whether or not Nunley was entitled to a sentence handed down by a jury instead of a judge - even though at the time there was no option for sentencing by a jury for a Defendant who plead guilty. Past rulings by the Missouri Supreme court have stated that the right could be applied retroactively in some cases. At least Three different judges have upheld the death sentence on Nunley thus far. The state has appealed this decision.

Roderick Nunley and Michael Taylor plead guilty to raping and murdering 15 yr old Ann Harrison on March 22, 1989. They abducted the girl as she waited for the school bus in front of her house in Kansas City. Taylor and Nunley then drove her to Nunley's mother's house and raped and stabbed the girl. Both turned on each other and pleaded guilty to try and save their sorry asses. Both were given the death penalty. Taylor's previous execution date was also stayed, and no date has been set for his execution. So these two pieces of filth breath on. Kansas City News will keep you updated on any further developments in the case.

Monday, October 18, 2010

BCS Standings Released

The first BCS Standings have been released, and the Oklahoma Sooners find themselves currently in first place. OU, who is undefeated in the always tough Big 12, narrowly edged Oregon. Despite its early season success, the Ducks may be in a difficult position. With an easy schedule remaining Oregon could get passed up for a title shot by an undefeated SEC team.

The Boise State Broncos find themselves in third, much to the dismay of its fanbase. The Broncos looked good in wins over Virginia Tech and Oregon State, however the weak WAC will likely keep the Bronco's out of the title game. At this point, BSU needs a lot of chaos to happen in the top 5 to have a shot.

As usual, the SEC has a few wildcard teams that could find themselves in the national title hunt all year. LSU is ranked first by many computers, and both the Tigers and Auburn will be in the mix baring any upsets. The Big 12 also has a few surprise teams in the unbeaten category in Missouri and Oklahoma State. Both schools have tough remaining schedules, but a few upsets could throw one into the mix at season's end.

The BCS race hasn't been this wide open since 2007, and every week seems to be full of upsets. With Nebraska and Ohio State both losing this past weekend, the field has started to shrink. Boise State will need several more weekends like this past one to have any chance at a national title game appearance.

Texans Over Chiefs in 4th Quarter Rally

Going into Houston on Sunday, we knew the Texans offense could score in a hurry. No lead would be safe. Matt Schaub and Company wore down the Chiefs defence, and absolutely shredded them in the 4th Quarter scoring 21 points. A Chiefs offense that had success all day couldn't keep up and another game slips away. This loss hurt, to have a 2 TD lead in the second half on a good team and blow it - yes, we should have, could have, would have won. You could blame the refs (the really only egregious mistake was the false start call on the Chiefs on 4th down), but, hey, you gotta stop the other team. The Chiefs did not come close in the 4th Quarter to stopping the Texans.

That's not to say there wasn't some encouraging play. Dwayne Bowe looked like a First Round pick for the first time this year. Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones both look nearly unstoppable. Matt Cassel had his best game in a Chiefs uniform. If the passing game finds some consistency, this could still be a great year for the Chiefs. I think the Defence will come around - Crennel will get it figured out.

With two home games in a row coming up, and the reset of the AFC West sucking eggs, we can be optimistic, and this division is ours for the taking. Yes, this one hurt, but that's a good thing - because we care once again in Kansas City about our Chiefs.

Chiefs - AFC West Standings - 2010

Kansas City Chiefs and the AFC West Standings - Good News!

Hey, it's Monday and we need some good news Chiefs fans.  Well, here it is:

EVERYONE in the AFC West lost on Sunday.  The Raiders fell to the 49ers, The Broncos fell to Jets, and the Chargers (who everyone thinks are so great) lost to the friggin' RAMS!  On a side note, the Chargers are also 0-2 in the division, which is bad.

With a winning percentage of .666, the Chiefs are in great shape against a division that is all even at .333 after the Chiefs.  The Chiefs are also 3rd in the NFL in points allowed at 92 - not bad.  Don't despair Chiefs fans, our division sucks!

Chiefs Lose to Texans - Brandon Flowers Complains to Ref

Chiefs vs. Colts - turning point in the game:  Dwayne Bowe drops the ball in the end zone.
Chiefs vs. Texans - turning point in the game:  Brandon Flowers gives up on a play to call for a flag.

I don't claim to be a Chiefs expert by any means, but I made one observation today that I thought needed mentioning.  This game turned at the precise moment when Brandon Flowers stopped his coverage of Andre Johnson to complain about a push off that was never called.  It wasn't until I rewound the play several times (love that rewind button) that I convinced my fellow Chiefs fans that Flowers still had a chance to break up that play if he wouldn't have quit on the play, threw his arms up and looked for a flag.  If you watch the play closely, Brandon could have stayed with the play until the end and easily kept Andre Johnson from catching that ball.  Instead, he quits in the middle of the play and starts to yell at the ref before the play is even over!  C'Mon MAN!

Today's loss was very similar to last week's loss when the game seemed to turn on one event - Dwayne Bowe's dropped a pass in the endzone, the game turned because Peyton's face lit up and came out of the funk that he had been in up to that point and turned on the zipp.  This week's Chiefs loss to the Texans had a similar moment;  when Brandon Flowers completely gave up on a play to waive his arms about and try to coax a flag out the ref on a completed pass to Andre Johnson that he could have easily defended had he stayed with the play.  The so called "push off" was NOT that big of a deal folks.

Notice to Brandon Flowers:  This is the NFL, you're going to get pushed around - A LOT - but you need to finish plays and help your team to put up W's.  Finish the damn play and let the refs sort it out after the fact.

Helen Netherton - Maryville, Missouri Woman to Turn 110 Years Old

Helen Netherton celebrated her 110th birthday early this year in Maryville, Missouri today.  Helen will officially turn 110 years old on December 19th, 2010.  Helen is a resident of Maryville, Missouri.

Local news has been helping Helen Netherton celebrate all of her recent birthdays beginning with her 100th birthday 10 years ago.  The kindly woman was received by several of her friends at her recent party and she commented that "she didn't know that she had so many friends!".  Helen says that you "should love your friends".  Netherton contributes her long life to a good diet, drinking lots of milk and help from the Lord.

Best of luck Helen from your friends at Kansas City News!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chiefs Lose to Texans, Fall to 3-2

Despite a strong effort from its offense and a breakout game from WR Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs blew a late lead and lost to the Houston Texans, 35-31. Kansas City played well on both sides of the ball, but couldn't hold off a potent Texans offense late. Despite the loss, the Chiefs still find themselves in first place in the lousy AFC West.

Kansas City found themselves leading the entire game, but a stalled late drive gave Texans QB Matt Schaub too much time. After failing to convert a late third and 2, Schaub eventually found WR Andre Johnson wide open in the end zone for the game winning score. The loss wasted both Matt Cassel and Bowe's best games as Chiefs, as well as a strong running attack led by Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles.

A loss is a loss, but Chiefs fans should still remain optimistic about this season's potential. With such an easy schedule, Kansas City should be able to drop a few games on the road against potential playoff teams. With its next two games at home against Jacksonville and Buffalo, and a weak division, the Chiefs still remain in the driver's seat in the AFC East. If Kansas City's offense can continue to improve, there is no reason why this team shouldn't be in contention when January begins.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Colleges Start Basketball Practice

Area colleges officially started basketball season last night and KU put on their annual Dog and Pony show know as "Late Night in the Phog" (it should be called "acting stupid in that dump that looks like a warehouse"). This is good news for Kansas fans who can stoke the fires of inflated sense of "Self" again. With the football team looking a little bit like a Division II powerhouse, thoughts can now turn to a little round ball. Kansas has won 6 straight Big 12 regular season championships, and there is no reason to think otherwise until another team steps up to knock them off. The Jayhawks are not, however, the favorite this year. That title belongs to Coach Frank Martin and his Kansas State Wildcats.

In Manhattan, the Wildcats also held their first public scrimmage and team introduction on Friday night. But they did more than just practice as Athletic Director John Currie also announced plans for a $20 million state of the art basketball training facility. This is good news for the Wildcats, as they were the only institution in the Big 12 that had not at least begun a basketball training facility. This should help with their future recruiting efforts. The Wildcats are looking to improve on their run last season into the Elite Eight.

Down I-70 in Columbia, the Tigers started out in a low key fashion with only a simple afternoon practice. They will not show the team to the public until the annual Black and Gold Scrimmage on October 28th. Head Coach Mike Anderson likes the low key approach and takes a workman like attitude to coaching. Of course, the fact that media that covers Mizzou are all in College Station for the Football game probably has something to do with the delay. Coach Anderson finally has a true big man in Ricardo Ratliffe (Big 12 coaches voted him preseason newcomer of the year), Mizzou has good reason to be optimistic about the upcoming season.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kansas State Routs Kansas

Heading into last night's Sunflower Showdown, most fans expected a tight game between two in-state rivals. Last year's game in Manhattan was close, and both the Wildcats and the Jayhawks were coming off bad loses in conference play. Nothing could have prepared either side for the final result, a 59-7 bloodbath in favor of KSU.

K-State is a good team, a team that will likely finish second or third in the Big 12 North and make a middle-tier bowl. There is no way, however, that the Wildcats are 52 points better than the Jayhawks. None. Coaching is 100% to blame for this loss and the final score. There already is a website dedicated to the firing of Turner Gill, and with each crushing blowout, the notion is becomming more likely.

Losing isn't what this is all about, its the nature of the loses and the direction of the program. KU Football is in a state of emergency and is close to destroying everything Mark Mangino built. Only 31 games ago, KU was winning the Orange Bowl. Now KU isn't just losing games, it is getting blown out. Instead of fixing the problems on the field, Gill is focused on implementing rediculous rules to "build character" in his players. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet, but KU is on the verge of hiring a new athletic director. Gill better improve quickly, or his days are numbered.

Mizzou Faces Test Saturday in College Station

The Missouri Tigers head to College Station, TX on Saturday to take on the Texas A&M Aggies in an 11AM kickoff Saturday Morning. The Tigers are an undefeated 5-0 and 1-0 in the Conference having shutout Colorado at home last week. The A&M Aggies have lost two straight and are sure to be good and pissed for this one especially after the tough loss at home last week to 12th ranked Arkansas. Texas A&M leads the all time series with Missouri 7-3.

It's a big game for the Tigers and their Quarterback Blaine Gabbert. If the Tigers are to challenge for the Big 12 North, they need to be without a loss when they head into Lincoln for a showdown with division favorite Nebraska on October 30th. Gabbert is nursing a painful hip pointer injury sustained in last Saturday nights game. If he is not 100% it could hurt Missouri's chances at stealing an ever elusive conference road win.

The Aggies are a 3.5 point favorite. It may come down to how well the Missouri defence plays - if they can stop A&M like they did Colorado, they stand a good chance. I think Missouri wins this one in a close game - let's go with 27-24.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preseason All Big 12 Awards Announced

Jacob Pullen was named the Preseason Big 12 Player of the Year today following a season in which he scored nearly 20 points per game and K-State to the brink of a final four berth. Pullen's wildcats are predicted to win the Big 12 next season, and the senior guard will have to duplicate his stellar 2009 season to get them there.

Ricardo Ratliffe of Missouri was named the Big 12 Newcommer of the Year, while KU's Josh Selby was named Freshman of the Year. Selby was the nation's top recruit, and joins a talented KU team that should reload quickly after losing Sherron Collins, Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry to the NBA. The Jayhawks were picked to finish second in the Big 12 behind K-State, despite winning six strait league championships. Marcus Morris, who was named preseason Big 12 First-Team All Conference, will be another big component for KU. Bill Self owns the Big 12, and Selby could be part of another banner-hanging season for the Jayhawks.

LaceDarius Dunn of Baylor was also named to preseason first-conference team, although his recent suspension could force the guard to miss some time. Without Dunn, Baylor goes from a Final 4 darkhorse to a fringe top 25 team.

Charges Upgraded for Mother in Attic Child Case

Rachel Perez will not be receiving the reduction in bail she was seeking earlier this week. You may remember her story and that of her 6yr old son with Down Syndrome. Because of a "high risk" pregnancy, Perez's lawyer had asked for a reduction in the $250,000 bail. That request was withdrawn yesterday as attempted Second Degree murder charges were added. Also previous charges of Child Abuse and Child Endangerment were expanded to cover two years instead of one day of abuse.

The case started in August when authorities were called to Perez's home in DeSoto, KS after her parents were concerned for the boy's safety. They found the boy starving in an unfurnished, sweltering attic. He weighed just twenty pounds; Less than half of what a 6yr old boy should weigh. Neighbors had said that Perez was seen walking with her two daughters, but they never saw a boy. They were told the boy lived with their father. Perez also did not alert the authorities to the boy's presence in the attic at the time of her initial arrest on an outstanding warrant. It was not until the authorities returned 6 hours later at the urging of the boy's grandparents did they find him in the attic. This is probably the basis for the murder charge - to knowing have left the boy in the attic while she was in jail, as well as his extremely low body weight.

No doubt Rachel Perez will spend many years in prison, but at least now these kids stand a chance. You just wonder how many other folks out there have similar situations going on with no one to alert authorities.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MLB Playoffs: Baseball's Final 4 Set

The 2010 MLB playoffs has given us terrific pitching duals, close games decided in the final innings and more. With Texas' win over Tampa Bay last night, the AL and NL Championship Series are set, and only four teams are left to compete for a World Series title.

The NLCS clear favorite is Philadelphia. Roy Halladay has already thrown only the second no-hitter in postseason history, and the Phillies have a great offense. Experience helps, and the Phillies' Championship run in 2008 should give them an edge. Don't count out the Giants though, as their pitching may be enough for them to pull the upset. The series is filled with must-see pitching duals, starting with Roy Halladay vs. Tim Lincecum, but don't be surprised to see the Phillies in a third strait world series.

The ALCS features the Yankess, who seem to be here every season, vs. the Rangers, here for the first time. Both teams have dangerous offenses and decent pitching, and this series could come down to a game seven. The defending champion Yankees are as good as ever, but the Rangers have a postseason magic about them. Expect ace Cliff Lee to be the difference, and the Rangers to take a close series and make the team's first World Series.

Construction Worker Survives Mile Long Journey in Raw Sewage

Construction Worker Survives Mile Long Journey in Raw Sewage

You think you had a bad day at the office yesterday? Twenty-seven year old construction worker Daniel Collins most likely had a worse day. Mr. Collins was working on a project relining sewer pipe (talk about a shitty job - ehh) in Raymore, MO when his security harness broke and he fell in the sewer system and was swept into a two-foot diameter pipe with rushing raw sewage. Workers followed the sewer line to locate Mr Collins nearly a mile from where he entered the sewer. He was in raw sewage for nearly two hours before being pulled out by a rescue worker around 10AM Tuesday. He is currently being treated for hypothermia and likely ingested some of the, uhhh, waste water. He is being treated with antibiotics for fairly obvious reasons.

Searchers heard the mans cries while canvassing an area around Crrekmoor Golf Course. The firefighter that rescued Collins described the scene as "really nasty" - when he popped the manhole cover the methane gas was so strong it "kind of stings you a little bit". Nevertheless, he went down twelve feet into the chamber where Collins came to rest and plucked him out of there. Rescue workers got the man out of his soiled clothes and put blankets on him until a medical helicopter arrived.

Mr Collins, who is from the Lake of the Ozarks, works for Rosetta Construction Company out of Springfield, MO. The United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration is already on the scene looking for causes in the accident.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chief's Passing Game - Receivers to Blame

Much talk around Kansas City this week has focused on the play of Chief's QB Matt Cassel. Cassel has not come close to living up to his enormous contract and has been average at best in his short time in Kansas City. However, blaming all of the Chief's passing woes on Cassel is wrong - Kansas City's mediocre receiving corps should shoulder most of the blame.

Until Cassel has a legitimate number one receiver, it is impossible to fully analyze his accomplishments. The Chiefs spent a first round pick on WR Dwayne Bowe, who has, to put it mildly, failed to live up to expectations. Bowe's drop of an easy touchdown catch against the Colts (that would have given the Chiefs a fourth quarter lead) has prompted SI's Peter King to name him the goat of the week. This is the Chief's best wideout? Chris Chambers has all but dissapeared this season as well, leaving Cassel with little to work with with his receivers.

Despite the poor numbers, the Chiefs do have some hope to improve in the passing department. Rookie tight end Tony Moeaki looks like a futre Tony Gonzalez, and has produced at a high level while also providing a few eye-popping grabs. The Chiefs have playmakers who can do a lot after the catch like Dexter McCluster and Jamaal Charles, and the team's strong running game should keep the passing game open.

The team needs to address its problem at receiver quickly for Matt Cassel to have any chance to be a legitimate NFL QB. Until he has the proper talent at wideout, Cassel's performance grade remains an "incomplete."

The Sunflower Showdown is This Thursday in Lawrence

Kansas Jayhawks play Kansas State Wildcats in Lawrence

For the one hundredth year in a row, the University of Kansas Jayhawks will play the Kansas State University Wildcats in football this Thursday night in Lawrence. The Jayhawks got an extra week of practice after a bye giving them more time to work on game plan, or go into a severe depression after getting run out of Waco, TX last Saturday by the Baylor Bears. The Jayhawks are 2-3 overall, and 0-1 in the Big 12. The Wildcats come into this one licking wounds of their own having been abused at home by the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As bad as Kansas has looked this season, you can always throw out the record books when it comes to the "Sunflower Showdown" (God, what a stupid name). I would even say they have a chance.

The all time series record between these two fine institutions is 65 for KU, 37 for K-State, and 5 ties. More recently the series has been pretty even having split the last eight meetings, but KU has won the last three meetings in Lawrence. Kansas State has turned in the better body of work thus far this season, but has not ventured past the friendly confines of Bill Snyder Family Stadium, this will be the first road test of the year for the Wildcats. Vegas has the Cats favored by 2.5 points. I'd lay the points in this one, Kansas State wins by a touchdown.

The game will be widely televised on Fox Sports Net regional carriers at 6:30PM Thursday Night, although I can't imagine it will have a large audience outside the State of Kansas.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Brett Favre Scandel Could Tarnish Legacy

Celebrated athletes falling from grace is nothing new, and Brett Favre may be the latest to join the list. Favre is currently involved in a sex scandal from his days with the New York Jets. The future hall of famer is accused of sending inappropriate pictures of himself to Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger, as well as leaving her voice mails and other signs of evidence. The scandal may produce a suspension from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, which would bring an end to Favre's epic consecutive starts streak. More importantly, it will likely destroy the legacy of America's favorite All-American athlete.

Favre is one of the most popular and enduring athletes in America today, and there are plenty of good reasons why our country loves him so much. He has constantly fought through hardships in his life and came out stronger, from surviving a near-fatal car accident in college to shredding the Oakland Raiders right after his father died. Favre was that good ol' boy from the Mississippi Bayou, the small-town kid who became the greatest player in the history of America's small-town franchise. Then it all went downhill.

Favre started garnering a lot of negative attention in his public war with Packers' President Ted Thompson and later signing with the New York Jets. After an average season in New York, Favre stabbed Packer fans in the back even further, signing with the hated Minnesota Vikings. Favre's legacy slowly turned from All-American hero to spoiled, me-first prima donna. The sex allegations may be the final nail in the coffin. Remember when Favre's wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and all we heard about for three strait months was Favre's family commitment with the shots of Deanna Favre in the stands? This same player was sending naked pictures of himself to another woman years later. Even worse, we are now learning that this behavior is nothing new for number 4. America has finally caught on, and Favre will now join the long list of Athletes who's personal lives tarnished their legacy.

Kansas City Zoo Offering Free Admission To Kansas City Residents

Once again this year, The Kansas City Zoo will be offering free admission to Kansas City, MO residents for the entire month of October and November. The deal is good any day during normal business hours. You need to provide a photo identification, and proof of residency consisting of utility bill, credit card bill, or some other official correspondence. Normal hours are 9:30AM - 4:00PM on weekdays, and weekends the Zoo closes at 5:00PM.

For those of you who have not been to the Kansas City Zoo lately, they have made lots of improvements in the last several years. The most recent of which is the Polar Bear Passage - a state of the Art Polar Bear Exhibit that houses "Nikita", a three year old male. It has a large chilled water pool for swimming and observation areas from three angles. Pretty cool.

The Africa region of the Zoo is excellent also, in fact it was rated #1 in the country according to "America's Best Zoos 2008". The African Exhibit is 95 acres and represents animals from 5 countries. It includes quite a large family of Chimpanzees, a gorilla, an african plains exhibit that houses Zebras, Giraffes and others.

I highly recommend our city's zoo, if you like it, come back again - you can get an annual zoo membership for $79 - this incudes FREE admission for your whole family for an entire year. Normal admission prices are $11.50 for adults, and $8.50 for kids over 3. For other Kansas City Events and things to do click here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chiefs Lose to Colts, Fall to 3-1

The Kansas City Chiefs' magical start to the 2010 season finally hit a roadblock today, as the Indianapolis Colts beat the NFL's last unbeaten team, 19-9. The loss drops Kansas City to 3-1, and brought the team back down to earth after the Chiefs became the talk of the NFL en route to a 3-0 start.

Despite the loss, Kansas City fans can still remain optimistic about this season. The Chiefs lost on the road to Indianapolis, who never loses at home and was hungry after losing at Jacksonville last week. The Chiefs continued to run the ball extremely well and Matt Cassel played well and minimized mistakes. The Chiefs once again were plagued by drops, which has been a theme in Kansas City over the last couple seasons. Dwayne Bowe, known for having a bit of a history with dropped balls, failed to haul in a perfectly thrown ball in the endzone for a touchdown. The running game remains Kansas City's biggest threat, but the passing game must continue to evolve for the Chiefs to remain a contender.

While Kansas City's offense struggled, the Chief's defense played well, frustrating Peyton Manning all afternoon and forcing the Colts to settle for field goals every time it sniffed the end zone. The Chiefs defense under Romeo Crennel has quickly turned into one of the league's better units, and should only get better.

Despite the loss, Kansas City still remains in great shape to have a shot at the playoffs. With the easiest schedule in the league, the Chiefs can afford to drop a few tough games like facing Peyton Manning on the road.


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