Friday, December 31, 2010

Charlie Weis Florida Rumor - Weis Headed to Florida?

Charlie Weis Rumored to be Headed to the University of Florida
by Kansas City News

A rumor that came from the Gainesville Sun from reporter Pat Dooley claims that Charlie Weis is headed to the University of Florida to become the offensive coordinator for the Gators.  Pat Dooley, during a radio broadcast from Gainesville instructed the offensive coordinator from Florida to "pull his car over because this is going to shock you", and then announced that Weis could be taking his job soon.

The likely replacement would be Josh McDaniels according to Kansas City sources.  This rumor is at this time unconfirmed and when asked Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said that this was the first that he had heard about the news.  Kansas City Chiefs fans have been back and forth on Charlie Weis' play calling all season, sometimes they like him, sometimes they don't.  But then that's nothing new for Chiefs offensive coordinators.

We will keep you posted...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meth Head Shot and Killed in Ruskin Heights

Police were called to a Burglary in progress this morning in the Ruskin Heights area of Kansas City. When they arrived they found two white males (in Ruskin?) outside a vacant house. One man had a 3 foot long metal pole in his hand. When confronted by Police and told to drop the pole, the man charged. Big mistake - DRT (Dead Right There). If you prefer to live, do follow the directions of a Police officer. Their main goal every day is to return home in one piece, and they will shoot you if they feel their lives are threatened.

The dead man is one Kenny Gurley, 40 years old. He was killed in the back yard of the home directly behind where he lived with his pregnant girlfriend. Kenny is (was) a Meth Addict. Know this, if you do Meth - IT WILL KILL YOU - one way or another, eventually it will kill you.

A few burglaries had been reported in the neighborhood in the last week. According to his family, Kenny had been clean for a year and started a guttering business before recently relapsing into his Meth Habit. Sad, for his family - Sad for his unborn child.

Also sad for the Police Officer that had to pull the trigger. It can't be easy to shoot someone, and of course later to find out that person had a child on the way - and incidentally, Kenny was probably a decent fellow when not doing drugs. I've known a few like him.

Of course, the family will likely sue the Police Department - another frivolous lawsuit for the courts. Remember kids, Drugs are Bad, mkay.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rich Gannon Ban - Petition to Ban Rich Gannon

Petition to Ban Rich Gannon Starts in Kansas City
by Kansas City News

A petition has been started in Kansas City today to ban the services of Rich Gannon from commenting during televised Kansas City Chiefs games.  Chiefs fans claim that Gannon is extremely biased towards the Chiefs and demonstrates this bias throughout his commentary of televised Chiefs games.  Gannon consistently "talks up" the Chiefs opponents and downplays the Chiefs success, often pointing out the strengths of Chiefs opponents and what they need to do to beat the Chiefs.  Most notably, Rich Gannon comments on how talented the opposing team's quarterback is, and how they can exploit the Chiefs defense.

Kansas City Chiefs fans are publicly expressing their dislike for Gannon's commentary, both on broadcast radio, print and online fan sites.  Although exact details of Gannon's departure from the Chiefs is somewhat cloudy, it is obvious that he and the Chiefs parted ways on very negative terms.  The fact that Rich Gannon went to play for The Oakland Raiders, Kansas City's biggest rival, demonstrates this.

To sign the petition to ban the commentating services of Rich Gannon, please visit:
Rich Gannon Ban - Sign Petition

Iowa Beats Mizzou in Insight Bowl

What a turd of a game. I wish I had just gone to sleep instead of watch this one. At least I didn't travel half way across the country to see this piece of shit in person. Last night the Missouri Tigers lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes 27-24. If these two teams play 10 times, there is no way Iowa wins twice. Missouri blew this game, simple as that. This is the second year in a row the Tigers have laid an egg in a bowl game, losing last year's Texas Bowl to Navy.

Blaine Gabbert looked great for most of the game, and certainly put up steller numbers - 41 completions in 57 attempts, 400 plus passing yards with a TD throwing and one rushing, and most importantly to the outcome of the game, 2 uncharecteristic Interceptions, one of which was ran back for the winning Touchdown. Gabbert will likely declare himself for the 2011 NFL Draft (if there is one) because scouts are high on him making this probably his last game in a Missouri Jersey.

Luckily, no one really cares about Bowl Games and they are completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things. There is only one Bowl that means anything, the National Championship. Did any of you even remember what Bowl game Missouri played in last year? Didn't think so.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Driving While Texting Will Earn You a Ticket In Kansas

On January 1, Kansas joins 29 other states in officially banning texting while driving. Police have been giving warnings for the past 6 months, but will now be handing out tickets from $150 and up if you are caught texting behind the wheel. E-mailing and instant messaging are also included in the ban. There are exceptions for reading emergency, weather related, or traffic related texts.

I always love the studies that are done on these types of things. Studies have shown that drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash. Other studies show that bans on texting and driving are not effective. So basically what we know from these studies is that we have a problem, and the government's solution to them is not working - Imagine that.

Like most laws, this is well meaning if not thoroughly thought out. It's also kind of lazy. Other States have passed these ineffective laws, so we will do so also - See voter, we are doing something to protect you. Legislators need to justify their existence and show the electorate they care and they are looking for solutions.

There are a couple of problems with this particular law. The first being enforcement. How can you be sure someone has violated the law? Maybe they were looking down at their phone for the time, how about directions? Is it any more dangerous to look at a piece of paper that has directions on it? What about the exceptions for Emergency, weather and traffic alerts? Can the officer confiscate your phone to see who or what you are reading?

The second problem is the lack of necessity of the law. There are already laws in place for Careless and Imprudent Driving whether the cause is simple stupidity or distraction of a cell phone, child, or whatever. A new law simply is not needed. What do you think?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Chiefs Pound Titans - AFC West Champs 2010

Merry Christmas Chiefs Fans. The Chiefs dismantled the Titans on Sunday 34-14 - and the Chargers choked at Cincinnati losing to an awful Bengals Football team. Your Chiefs are going to the NFL Playoffs after completing an unlikely two year turn around under Head Coach Todd Haley and General Manager Scott Pioli.

The offensive game plan was exceptional, and execution was spot on. The way we came out throwing was great. When the passing game is working (i.e. Receivers catching the ball), this team is unstoppable. It creates such a problem for the defense - who do you stop? The Chiefs scored on their first four possesions and had a 24-0 lead before the Titans scored on a long pass to Britt. A quick 3 and out by the Chiefs and for a second I was worried they might let Tennessee get back in this one. That's when rookie Safety Eric Berry intercepted an ill-conceived Kerry Collins pass and made an incredible run back to the endzone.

Defensively, the Titans never could get anything going. Our front seven played determined and I think the refs could have called holding or illegal block on just about every play for Tennessee. Our guys just manhandled them and the Titans line was having a tough time. Barring a couple of plays where they were out of position, our secondary played quite well. Remember, both of our Safeties are Rookies and they will only get better - the physical tools are obviously there.

Kansas City Chiefs, AFC West Champs - I like the sound of that. A home playoff game - that sounds nice, too. Now lets go beat the Raiders!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chiefs Titans AFC West Playoff Picture - Rich Gannon Tool

Chiefs PUNK Titans, and Rich Gannon is a TOOL
by Kansas City News

The Kansas City Chiefs took out the Tennessee Titans today effortlessly, the game was over by halftime and for some reason I thought that the Titans had a running back?  What was his name again?  Oh well, I can't remember.  The Chiefs took apart the Titans defense by finally throwing the football EARLY and often.  Jamaal Charles was electric as usual, catching two early touchdown passes from Matt Cassel.

Here at Kansas City News, we've been saying all year that the Chiefs need to throw the ball early in the game to get the defense off of our running game, and they must have read our blog as they finally did just that.

Tennessee Titan's receiver Kenny Britt made a hilarious attempt at "shushing" the Kansas City Chiefs home crowd when he made one pathetic touchdown catch.  This was hilarious.  Yeah, Britt, you really shushed us, since we were up 24 - 7 at that point.  Idiot.

On another note, we officially hate Rich Gannon and wonder why we always get stuck with him calling our games.  It's obvious that Rich Gannon HATES the Chiefs as he tries his best to play up the other team, and reluctantly gives the Chiefs credit when they succeed.  The Chiefs now control their destiny in the AFC West and hopefully the Chargers will choke today.  Kansas City News was first on the scene to report today's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Kansas City from Us

From all of us at Kansas City News we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy the company of your friends and family, and forget your troubles for at least the weekend.  Have a drink of Champagne and soak in the beauty that is the holiday season.  Stay home and appreciate the decorations that you and your loved ones have spread cheerfully around, or go out on the town and experience the magical sights that Kansas City has to offer during the Christmas season. 

We've been to many great events in the past few weeks, a magical night at The Hyatt Regency, a festive affair at The Downtown Marriott, and a wild night out on the Plaza.  But the best nights were the ones that we spent right here at home, decorating and gradually building up presents under the tree, and even sneaking out with a flask of holiday juice (homemade recipe changes every year but this year it was a chilled flask of Peppermint Mocha Kahlua mixed with Kettle One) to drive around the neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights.

This Christmas I'm really going to focus on appreciating the small things, and appreciate what I've got instead of what I don't.  I've already watched "The Christmas Story" 3 times and I'm in the middle of "White Christmas" right now...

Friday, December 24, 2010

DUI Checkpoints in KC - December 23rd, 24th, 25th

Holiday Weekend DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City
by Kansas City News

Well, the holiday weekend is upon us, and with it comes the police.  Kansas City's finest will be out in full force over the holiday weekend on December 23rd, 24th and 25th.  Please try not to drink too much if you're going to drive this weekend - nothing would put a damper on the holiday weekend than a DUI and a few hours in jail.

DUI charges are no longer easy to deal with.  In the old days, as our old friend and retired lawyer Robert A. would tell you, you could get 4 or 5 DUI convictions and still have a license.  Today, you are pretty much allowed 1 DUI, and even 1 is going to suck.  You're talking about spending the night in jail, possibly having your car impounded for up to 1 year, losing your license, paying around $1500 total (not including the lawyer), going to traffic school, and then finally going on probation for about 2 years.  Sound fun?  Well then stay home if you're going to drink this weekend, because they WILL be setting up checkpoints.

Common DUI checkpoint areas in Kansas City include anywhere along Southwest Trafficway, anywhere along Ward Parkway but particularly at 79th Street or 77th Street.  There will be checkpoints somewhere along Wornall Road, most commonly around 75th Street, or as far south as 93rd Street just as you round the corner to head south to the stoplight at 95th street.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snorting of "Bath Salts" Becomes Popular and Deadly

I've seen and heard of people doing crazy stuff to try and get high - Smoking Banana Peels, Sniffing Paint or gasoline. But I have never heard of snorting "Bath Salts". Apparently this is a substance that has been around for some time in the UK. It's really not a bath salt, that's just the way it is marketed to get around the law. There are numerous sites on the Internet that you can purchase the stuff.

The drug causes a high similar to meth, but serious side effects have been reported. Extreme paranoia, Shortness of breath, increased heart rate all have been reported by users. Some say they feel these effects days after taking the drug. extreme paranoia has lead to numerous suicides - One in St Joseph, Mo where a young man shot himself a few days after taking the drug.

The scariest thing about these "Bath Salts", is that we don't even really know what is in them. And the formulas seem to different from dose to dose and brand to brand. Some have speculated it has a derivative of the drug MDPV in it. MDPV is specifically illegal in the UK and other European countries, but there is some debate about whether or not it is legal in the US. Though not specifically illegal, it could fall under several states laws that ban derivatives of dangerous drugs.

This just goes to show that people will look for ways to get high, no matter how dangerous, or how little they know about what they are putting in their body. It's sad really, why they can't be happy just having a beer or smoking a joint (or both at the same time) like the rest of us is beyond me. Maybe the world is better place if these people do off themselves and can't reproduce.

Brian Aitken's 7 Year Prison Sentence Commuted by Governor Chris Christie!

For those of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment and victim's rights to own, possess, and carry firearms, it is a relief to know that justice has finally been done. Earlier this week Brian Aitken, the New Jersey man convicted of a bogus felony gun charge and sentenced to 7 years in prison earlier this year, had his sentence overturned by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey after serving only 4 months.

Aitken was in the process of moving from Colorado to New Jersey. He knew he needed to move his firearms, and also knew that New Jersey was what I like to call an uneducated, left-wing liberal state that places fear of gun ownership and fear of the 2nd Amendment higher than victim’s rights to protect themselves. He called New Jersey to ask how to properly store and transport his firearms from his then home state to his new home state, New Jersey, and followed the instructions to the letter.

In a moment of sadness, he said under his breath to a relative that life isn’t worth living, and then he proceeded to move. That relative alerted authorities in New Jersey, they picked him up when he got to his new place, found the properly stored hand guns unloaded with trigger locks and ammunition separated from the firearm, and then proceeded to arrest him…after he had done exactly what they told him to do as it related to transporting his firearms.

Nothing about his conviction made sense. He did everything right. He refused to take a plea bargain. He knew the jury would side with him and there was little doubt he would be convicted…after all he had done everything right…right?

New evidence shows that Brian Aitken’s conviction was nothing more than a witch hunt by an activist judge who wanted to make an example of a gun owner and ruin his life. A juror sent an email to Aitken a few days ago explaining to him that the judge kept bullying the jury for the conviction instead of letting the legal process work. Did you catch that? A judge influenced a jury. The judge was pushing them for a conviction when there is a good chance had he left them alone they would have found the defendant not guilty and Brian Aitken would have never had to spend 4 months in jail which according to him "There's not even words for it. It's terrible."

Good news though...that judge will never sit on a bench in New Jersey for the rest of his life as Christie has chosen not to reappoint him (for something unrelated).

I have been a fan of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie since the day he put a teacher in her place at a town hall meeting and will make an incredible president of the United States when he decides to run. If you wonder why education is screwed up in America, watch this exchange between an educator and Governor Christie for one little slice. You will be a fan is simply perfection.

Deer Feeding in Winter - What to Feed Deer

Tips on Feeding Deer in the Winter
by Kansas City News

As the bitter cold winter months approach here in good old Kansas City, some of us start thinking about giving our furry friends who live outside a helping hand. Most will at least put out some bird food to be enjoyed by both birds and squirrels alike, and if you're like us and have your own "pet" deer roaming about in your yard, you might like some ideas on how to feed them as well. First and foremost, be aware that deer feeding is not recommended by wildlife authorities.  Experts claim that feeding deer on your property creates an unnatural environment for them and could also contribute to the spreading of Chronic Wasting Disease, which has been found to be fatal for deer in both Missouri and Kansas.

Our neighborhood is very secluded and the deer in our area are pretty much tame deer who are very used to all of us and they have made our backyards their home.  They don't just wander through, like most deer that you will see on your property - so since they are our "pet" deer, we feel that it's ok to feed them :)

Attention:  Deer cannot digest whole kernel or "deer corn".  Even though it is called "deer corn" it is NOT good for the deer, or at least the deer cannot digest it and gain any nutritional value from it.  They probably don't get as much of a kick out of having corn in their poo as much as we humans do.  However, that's exactly what whole kernel deer corn does, it passes straight through with no benefit to the deer.  In order to properly provide nutrients for the deer you must use CRACKED corn.  Here is a nice recipe for deer food:

The mixture that we use is a very simple mix of Cracked Corn and Apple Flavored Deer Protein Pellets.  The Cracked Corn we purchase at Waldo Grain and Feed on Wornall Road and the Apple Flavored Deer Protein Pellets we order online - or if you like to go to stores for idiots you can visit your local redneck BassPro store and buy it there - be sure and put on your camouflage hat with a fishing hook so that you'll fit in.  We made a homemade feeder by attaching a plastic oil catcher on to the top of a saw horse, but you could use any type of elevated bowl or container.  It's usually best to get it up off the ground, but low enough so that the baby deer can still reach it.  Our deer pretty much eat the entire bowl within about 2 days time, and if you're lucky enough to get a traveling group of  male deer to come through, they will eat a full bowl in about 5 minutes.

Most of the deer that you will see around your property will be female deer.  The females are much more outgoing and don't seem to mind being around humans.  Male deer are very exciting to watch, but are much more rare and they are extremely cautious and afraid of humans.  The male deer, like the female deer, travel in small groups of 3 - 8.  The female deer will tend to be casual about dining, hang around for a while, return more than once to feed, etc.  The male deer will most likely come through in a group, get to eating, and then get to moving on.  Sometimes the male deer will engage in a head butting contest to see who gets to eat first - this is great entertainment.  Males also use this same head butting technique to shove along the younger male deer in the pack when it's time to move on.  Note:  If your deer feeding area is in a closed area (fence, corner, etc.) DO NOT attempt to approach the male deer - the large ones can and will kick your ass.  Male deer, when cornered will raise up on their hind legs and beat the crap out of you.  Female deer actually use the same fighting technique but are much less likely to attack humans.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Missouri Attorney General Releases List of 15 Worst Charities

Missouri State Attorney General Chris Koster has compiled a list of the worst charities that solicit funds in the State. The criteria for the ranking was percentage of funds spent on charitable causes. Under guidelines set up by the Better Business Bureau, Non-profits should use a minimum of 65% of their revenue for charitable causes. The organizations on this list do not even come close. Non-Profits on this list have large expenses for fundraising, many of which use professional telemarketing companies that can take as much as 60% of the revenue right off the top. In this holiday season of giving, these are organizations to stay away from -Here are the worst of the worst.

1. United States Navy Veterans Association - Washington, DC
This charity is probably the worst ever - basically a fraud. According to the Attorney General's office, no more than 1% or the organization's revenue went to charitable causes. Director and CFO "Bobby Thompson" - whose true identity is not even known, is currently on the lam. A nationwide arrest warrant has been issued by the State of Ohio. Several states have also banned the organization from any fundraising in their States. Their website is also currently unavailable.

2. Law Enforcement Education Program - Troy, MI
This organization's mission statement says that their goal is to create and support educational programs for the betterment of the general public and the law enforcement community. But, according to Koster's report, they use just over 2% of their revenue for charitable programs.

3. Cancer Survivor's Fund - Missouri City, TX
Sounds like a great organization, providing scholarships and prosthetics to young adults who have survived cancer. However, their administrative costs were 96.8% of revenue for fiscal year 09-10.

4. Wishing Well Foundation - Metarie, LA
This Organization claims to give terminally ill children a wish, much like the legitimate MAKE-A-WISH Foundation - in reality, they only spend 4.4% of income on on charitable causes.

5. Firefighters Charitable Foundation - Farmingdale, NY
When you look at the list of worst charities, you see sick kids, veterans, and Fire and Police. Everyone wants to help these types of people out, but you really have to do your research. Firefighters Charitable Foundation is another one of these organizations that raises money with telemarketers making you think you are helping firefighters and their families. Less than 5% of their revenue goes to a charitable cause.

For the rest of the worst from the Attorney General's site, click here. I personally would not give money to any organization that called me without being contacted first, but at the very least, do your research before giving. A simple search at the Better Business Bureau website can be a good place to start.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favre Retires - Brett Favre to Retire

Without actually saying the words, Brett Favre retired today, Monday December 20th, 2010 from the NFLCorey Wootton delivers final blow to Favre.
by Kansas City News

Hey, our news site called Matt Cassel playing last Sunday first, might as well go for another:

Brett Favre has thrown his last Touchdown pass in the NFL...or interception, or any kind of pass.  Favre's last TD was a short left pass to Percy Harvin  who ran the rock in for a 23 yard score.  Just a few plays later, a crushing hit by Corey Wootton sent Favre to the rock hard surface of the frozen tundra that is The University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium.  It was widely known that several players from the Chicago Bears in particular were concerned about the safety of the frozen field at The University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium, a few players twittered (oh, I HATE that word) their concerns to whatever pathetic losers were actually following someone's frickin' TWITTER account - oh, I guess that's everyone in the media as even Chris Berman was hip to the tweet.  Shoot me now.

Brett Favre retires after several attempts at retirement.  The first time Brett tried to retire The Green Bay Packers offered to pay him 20 million dollars to sit his ass down and retire.  Brett took this as an insult and rebutted by signing on to play for Packer rival the Minnesota Vikings.  The first season went extremely well, with Brett making one of the most spectacular touchdown pass and catch plays in NFL history - but alas, all good things must come to an end and today Brett Favre retires from football for good.  Brett's career stats broke all of the records including consecutive games started (297), and of course interceptions (336).Brett's post game interview tells it all.

Kansas City News is first in KC to land the video footage:
With comments like "you know, my last pass was as exciting as my first pass", we have to assume that Brett Favre is retired.

According to Brett's wife Deanna, he is a lawn nazi and will no doubt take to "greening up the place" back in Ole Miss.  I like to picture him walking off into the sunset like Forest Gump - "Lieutenant Dan says that we got invested in some FRUIT company, and that we don't have to worry about money no more", and of course the classic "mama says that a person only needs so much money to be happy and the rest is just for showin' off".  I will always remember Brett Favre as the 3rd stringer from Atlanta with a gruff old coach Glanville making bets with his friends that Favre could throw a football all the way into the third tier of the stadium.  Brett was often too hung over to participate in the Falcon's practices and was pretty much the coach's whipping boy.  Favre stopped drinking along with his brother, who also gave up drinking at the same time and the rest is history - all the way to his best receiver target in history, Andre Rison and their legendary hook up to win the Superbowl in 1996.

Brett was a thrill to watch on the field as you NEVER knew what he was going to do next, and he will always be a part of the NFL and what it takes to make your mark in that environment.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cassel Outstanding in Return From Surgery Chiefs Win 27-13

The Chiefs started a little slow on Sunday in St Louis against the Rams. By the end of the first half, however, the Chiefs had stolen momentum and it was apparent they would go on to a victory. The Rams got off to an early 6-0 lead before the Chiefs woke up on offense and scored 14 unanswered for a 14-6 halftime Chiefs lead and never looked back. Ryan Succop (how would you like to grow up with that last name) added added two field goals, including a 53 yarder to put the Chiefs up by 2 TDs in the 4th Quarter. A Rams score added some drama until this Jamaal Charles outstanding 80 yard run set up an insurance 2 yard TD run by Thomas Jones. Incidentally did you see Cassel's AWESOME spike after Jones's TD - Man he was fired up.

Matt Cassel didn't show any ill effects of his recent appendectomy and was very efficient all day (with the exception of the 1INT he threw). He was 15-29 for 184 yards, and I counted 2 terrible drops by receivers, both on third downs. Cassel also had a gutsy 13 yard scramble in the second quarter. Great performance by a gamer 11 days after invasive surgery.

You also can't say enough about Jamaal Charles. He increased his season yards/carry to an incredible 6.4, more than yard/carry more than anyone else in the league. He probably would have reached the endzone on that 80 yard run if not for legs cramps that had bothered him throughout the game.

The Chiefs still hold their destiny in their hands. Wins at home against Tennessee and Oakland ensure a Division title and a playoff game at Arrowhead. Get some Chiefs!

Greinke Trade Jeremy Jeffress Pot Smoker

Royals Trade Greinke for 3 Unknowns and one Pothead
by Kansas City News

Ah, those wily Royals, once again they have brought up a young player to greatness and .... well.....then they uh......gave him to another team.  Seems like the logical thing to do, right?  The names of famous ex Royal players keeps adding up and currently includes Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Carlos Beltran, and now Zack Greinke - who will no doubt go on to achieve great success with other teams after giving us a lackluster year in 2010.  What an odd pattern the Royals have of waiting until their players are really starting to produce and then immediately get rid of them.  I understand that most of the players would have moved on of their own accord and that the Royals had to offer up trades while interest was high and the most could be gained by letting them go, but it just seems that the Royals do this more often than any other MLB team.

In today's trade, the Royals sent Zack Greinke packing to the Milwaukee Brewers along with our shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt and in return they received a basket of cash, Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Jake Odorizzi, and Jeremy Jeffress.  Lorenzo Cain is slotted to take over in center field, he was a 17th round draft pick by the Brewers and batted for .306 in 2010.  Alcides Escobar will replace Betancourt at short stop, Jake Odorizzi is a young prospect that will spend some time on the bench before we see him, and of course then there's Jeremy Jeffress, who was suspended multiple times in Milwaukee for violating the league substance abuse testing positive for marijuana.

Jeremy Jeffress, a right handed pitcher chosen in 2006 by the Milwaukee Brewers in the first round of the amateur draft - whatever the hell that is - and is most widely known in the sports world for his marijuana habit.  Jeffress was suspended 3 times for testing positive for marijuana.  He was suspended for a total of 150 games over the last 3 years for violation of the MLB substance abuse policy.

The Royals were very instrumental in the development of Zack Greinke, including a brief period when Greinke was having anxiety issues and even considered quitting baseball all together.  Greinke was diagnosed with SAD or Social Anxiety Disorder and is on anti-depressant medication.  I suppose if it's ok for Zack to pitch while heavily medicated on anti-depression medication, then it should be ok for Jeremy Jeffress to pitch while smoking blunts on the mound.  Hey, let's not forget that Dock Ellis once pitched a no hitter for the Pirates while on LSD!  Go Royals!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow Creek Opens for 25th Season

Snow Creek, near Weston, MO opened in 1986 giving this part of the country it's first ski area. It opened up on Friday to start the 25th season of operation. They currently have a 3-5 foot base of snow, and are making snow daily. The cold weather we are having is ideal for the snow making machines and they have state of the art snow groomers. Snow Creek has the capacity to make 12" of snow in a day under ideal conditions (20 degrees).

All day lift tickets are available for $40, an additional $29 for ski rental. Children 6 and under get free lift tickets and $25 rental. They also have special priced sessions such as Family Fun Nights, College Night, Military Appreciation, and this year they are commemerating their 25th Aniversary with specially priced midnight sessions. Details can be found here.

It is a great place for beginners, with instruction available - or just to warm up for your trip to Colorado. For directions, click here.

Snow Creek
PO Box 567
Weston, MO 64098

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kansas City Zoo Meerkat Mystery Solved

Jacob Bradley and Justin Santhuff thought they were going to the Kansas City Zoo to steal a cuddly, unique pet. On November 4th, the two knuckleheads went to the Zoo with a stroller and a cage hidden under the blanket. Santhuff allegedly jumped into the open air Meerkat exhibit in the Africa section of the Zoo and grabbed one of the Meerkats. They put it in the cage and pushed it out of the Zoo. Mission Accomplished.

Problem is, of course, Meerkats are wild animals and don't make good pets as our fine young Kansas Citians soon discovered. On the way home, Santhuff appenrently made a comment about how cute the little guy was and was promptly bitten harshly on the finger. The fellows took the Meerkat to the Trailer Park (big suprise) where they lived and kept it in a glass aquarium. They fed it cat food, but soon realized what smelly little bastards Meerkats are. They dropped the little guy off at an area pet store - the pet shop notified the Zoo - and the Meerkat was home.

These two morons probably would have gotten away with it if they hadn't bragged about it on the Facebook page (as you do). They now sit in Jail under a $5000 bond each. Both are charged with one count of Felony Theft.

Matt Cassel to Start on Sunday vs. St. Louis

Matt Cassel to Start on Sunday vs. St. Louis
by Kansas City News

I'm going to go ahead and call it - after listening to coach Todd Haley's interview today it really looks like Matt Cassel is going to be a go for Sunday.  The Chiefs are looking at this game as the biggest game they have faced so far this year - not because of the weak ass Rams, but because the game means so much now that the 49rs couldn't figure out how to stop the Chargers.  I don't want to hear any more about how great the 49rs defense is - NO GOOD - they suck ass.

We will be the first news source to announce the starting of Matt Cassel, and we hope that Matt feels well on Sunday and can lead us to victory.  Further into the interview today Haley mentions that he is preparing "multiple quarterbacks" for Sunday, showing us that he does not trust Brody Croyle and that he is probably taking applicants from people on the street to play the QB role for the Chiefs.

No matter who is playing QB this week, we need to throw the ball early and often so that the St. Louis defense doesn't get comfortable early in keying on our running game - like we did vs the Chargers last Sunday - sheesh - let's just telegraph exactly what we're going to do - idiots.  The Chiefs running game shouldn't even be featured until the 2nd quarter at the earliest.

Michael Richards Not So Racist Rant

Michael Richards Rant Not So Racist After All
by Kansas City News

As many of you know, the comedian / actor known mostly for his role as "Kramer" in the number 1 sitcom of all time "Seinfeld" was doing a stand up act at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles when he became irritated at a table full of black people who were talking loudly, bee-bowin', scattin', rappin' and monkeying around during his act.  Richards stopped the whole show to address the people at the table and eventually broke out into a rant that most people considered racist.

Do me a favor and watch this clip again.  Here it is, I'll wait...

Michael Richards calls table full of rude people talking during his show Niggers

Now notice that the table full of Jigs also calls Richards a "Cracker" - funny, no one mentioned that.  No, they drag out Spike Lee and other stupid black leaders and Richards is advised to apologize to these fools.  No one EVER mentions the fact that the table full of monkeys calls Richards a "Cracker".  To me this was an equal argument - both sides were offensive and for a while the audience actually laughs about it.  I think that the half wit reverend Jesse Jackson and the rest should issue an apology to Michael Richards for being racist to him.  Funny how one sided this argument was.  Richards should have NEVER apologized for this - Rock On Michael - you have more talent in your little pinkie than any of those idiots have in their entire affirmative action bodies.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thuggery at KU Continues as Mario Little Arrested

Few details are currently available, but KU Senior Mario Little was arrested overnight on charges of Battery, Criminal Damage, and Criminal Trespass - all misdemeanors. Police were called to an apartment building on Ohio St in Lawrence because of a disturbance around 3AM. Mario was booked and posted bail around 5AM this morning.

Little will most certainly be suspended from the Basketball team, maybe worse. Though maybe I'm wrong, Bill Self is known to put up with criminals and thuggery. You might remember Mario Little's involvement last year in the fights with the Football Team (makes me laugh to think about those idiots). Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

In other Big 12 Basketball news, Missouri Point Guard Michael Dixon was suspended indefinitely by Missouri Basketball coach Mike Anderson for unspecified violation of team rules. Word is the violation has nothing to do with breaking the law. Now that Mike Anderson he runs a tight ship. Go Tigers!

Christmas Sales - Shopping Deals and Doorbusters

Looking for great Kansas City Christmas sales, doorbusters and shopping deals?
by Kansas City News

Here are some great shopping deals and Christmas sales going on around Kansas City:

Nebraska Furniture Mart is having a sale called "Christmas Crunch" who's headline sale item is a 32" HDTV on sale for $329.99 - limit one per customer.  NFM is also offering 20 month financing with no interest if paid in full by August 2012.  They are offering free delivery on appliance purchases over 299.99, and claim to be giving away a FREE Samsung Intercept Cell Phone.  The cell phone is in conjunction with Sprint so I'm assuming that you probably have to sign on for something with them - the ad says new or current customers.  Nebraska Furniture Mart's Christmas web specials include the world famous "Snuggie" on sale for $13.99, a Toshiba 55" LCD TV for $1269.99.  Man, I remember when I paid $1600 for my 55 inch Sony - I'm sure that some of you paid a lot more than that if you bought an HDTV when they were first introduced.  Ah, technology - my favorite is the cell phone industry;  you buy a new cell phone and 6 months later you take it up to the store to get something fixed and they've never even heard of your phone..."oh, that phone is out of production now"...  And back to the Christmas Sales:

Best Buy's Christmas sale is offering up the Apple iPad for $499.99, a Dynex 32" LCD TV for $259.99, and Best Buy is also offering a range of free cell phones.  For 3 days only (or so they say) the musical instrument department is offering $5 - $30 off karaoke machines and acoustic guitars, and they have a full size Roland keyboard for $799.99.

Walmart is having perhaps the biggest Christmas sale, although this year they will not be doing any doorbusters where people get trampled to death.  Walmart's Christmas sale includes a Dell Inspiron 15.6" Laptop for $488, a Viore 24" LCD TV for $199, a Radio Flyer tricycle for $25, a Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board for $249, and they advertising Kansas City's best prices on all iPods.

It looks like TVs, cell phones and the new Nintendo Wii products are the focus of many shoppers this Christmas.  There are some great deals out there, but remember that it is always better to wait and make larger purchases after the holiday when the stores have a surplus.  If you can, wait until mid-January to get that new TV - I guarantee it will be cheaper by then.  Happy shopping Kansas City!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elderly Woman Beats Attacker With Frying Pan

When 25 year old Kevin Funderburk talked his way into the home of an elderly Hutchinson woman on Saturday night, he got more than he bargained for. The woman felt sorry for Funderburk when he knocked on her door and told her he was homeless and had nowhere to go. He was drunk and didn't want trouble with the Police, he told her (so much for that). Once inside, he attempted to rape the 71 yr old woman, injuring her and causing property damage.

She grabbed a frying pan and beats this idiot senseless. When Police arrived, he was unconscious in a puddle of his own vomit. He was taken to a Wichita hospital to get his head stapled back together before being escorted to the Reno County Jail, where he sits with a $55,200 bond. He is being charged with Attempted Rape, Aggravated Battery, Criminal Damage of Property, and Criminal Restraint. He is also being held on an extradition warrant to California. No information is available about what California wants him for.

I think they should just send him to California, let them pay for his incarceration. They will like a nice little white boy like him in Folsom.

Morning Rush Hour - Kansas City

Morning Rush Hour in Kansas City
by Kansas City News

I have owned my own business since 1996 when I retired from the accounting business.  I have not seen a morning rush hour in Kansas City since.  All I can say is - WOW - you guys are freaking crazy!  Cut-throat dashing and slashing in traffic - rude cutoffs, horn blowing and giving the finger.  And then you pull into the Quik Trip parking lot - a feat that requires at least 3 years of NASCAR driving school.  Then you get into Quik Trip and line up at the Holy Alter - the QuikTrip coffee machine.  Oh, the Quik Trip coffee has to have massive amounts of CRACK in it to be this popular.  Are you kidding me?

I was impressed to see that there was still some polite door holding for folks and a general good attitude.  But DUDE, you morning rush hour people are hauling ass!  Everything is quick and to the point and I must say that I am generally impressed.  I understand now why I get messages from my clients at 8:47am with such urgency and then when I go to answer their questions and respond around 4pm they are much more laid back.  The coffee buzz has run it's course and they are ready to be home with the wife and kids.

I admire you, oh morning rush hour tweakers - crackheads have NOTHING on you guys - you are the real tweakers.  Running your own business is VERY stressful, but that morning rush upon the city is a miracle to behold, and I congratulate all of you who can function at that insane level.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Health Care Reform Law Ruled Unconstitutional.

Thank God for the State of Virginia! Today a Virginia federal court judge ruled a critical part of Obamacare is unconstitutional. He justified his ruling by saying that Obamacare exceeds the power of Congress, under the Constitution’s Commerce and General Welfare Clauses, to force Americans to purchase health insurance.

Wow…that is so strange…why it only seems like people with half a brain have been saying this for months and months and months…even prior to the passing of the law nobody read before they signed it. How can a President, a Speaker of the House, and a Senate majority leader be so pompous, stupid, and bold to think that their passing of a Health Care Law that most Americans opposed and believed unconstitutional (given you could understand the constitution), was good for America? I am still baffled by this.

I think Americans who are for Obamacare don’t realize that repealing it doesn’t mean there can’t be health care reform. In fact, if when the thieves who have stolen our country are finally kicked out in 2012, we will not only be able to formally repeal Obamacare, but be able to implement health care reform that is far more effective, takes care of the people who actually need it, and doesn’t force the rest of America to have it.

I never thought anyone could be dumber than Moe, Curly, and Larry of the Three Stooges…until America got stuck with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid…the three worst leaders in our nation’s history.


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