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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tony Gonzalez Announces That He Will Retire As A Kansas City Chief

Tony Gonzalez to retire as a Kansas City Chief in the NFL Hall of Fame - KCMB Kansas City News Exclusive

Tony Gonzalez announced today that he would be retiring as a Kansas City Chief. Tony was recently traded to The Atlanta Falcons for a second round draft pick - which was an extremely questionable trade - and will report to Falcons training camp in a few weeks.

At a recent fundraiser hosted by "Shadow Buddies", a charity group that Gonzalez helped found and operate, Tony announced to the eager crowd that he would officially retire as a Kansas City Chief. This is an exclusive KCMB News story, as they were at the event and videotaped Tony's heartfelt speech (see video below). The Chiefs fans in attendance cheered when he told us this news, and we now know that when Tony is eventually inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, it will be as a representative of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Gonzalez gave away several pieces of memorabilia including his last autographed football, which he presented to the Official Band of The Kansas City Chiefs, "The KC All Stars" (pictured above at the event with Tony) who he mentions and thanks in the video. Tony Gonzalez played for Kansas City from 1997-2008 and was hoping to win at least one NFL Playoff Game before he would retire. He has failed to do that in KC and will now try his luck in Atlanta. He will wear number 88 in Atlanta as he did with The Chiefs, however it will be the Chiefs who will lay permanent claim on Gonzalez when he is added to the list of the best NFL players in history at Canton.

Tony Gonzalez to retire a Kansas City Chief in the Hall of Fame by KCMB Kansas City News


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