Saturday, July 31, 2010

Anthony Weiner Democrat loses his composure in Congress.

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Who has the biggest Weiner? New York!

Anthony Weiner, DEMOCRAT Congressman from New York, showed once again that he is the last one to get the message that his party is in trouble and the Democrats can no longer Jedi Mind Trick the general public into believing warped and twisted arguments that use puppies, babies, old ladies, and veterans as tools to touch heart strings rather than focus on the facts in the issues.

Anthony Weiner, the biggest weiner in Congress, is seen in this video ranting...representing his Democrat people like me who pay attention feel their jaws hit their shoes. This deceptive Democrat transfers the failing to fund a bill that would give support to the fallen heros of 9/11 from his Democrat party to the Republicans. The secret (shhhhh)...Democrats can pass his bill without 1 single vote from a Republican. So as you watch him rant, keep in mind that they don't need ONE VOTE from a Republican to pass this bill.

November can't come soon enough. The Democrats know their days are numbered. When 3 branches of government controlled by people hell-bent on ruining our country are in power, the rest of us need to wake up, tell our neighbors to wake up, read the bills that are being passed before they are passed, have a voice, and understand that our country is the best country on earth and we need to play a major role in making it stay that way.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Chiefs Sign Eric Berry, Start Training Camp

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The Chiefs training camp may have just started, but the team is about to receive a significant boost to its defense. Top draft pick Eric Berry announced today that he has agreed to terms with the organization, and will be joining his teammates at camp at Missouri Western University located in Saint Joseph, MO.

Chiefs fans have been optimistic about this season all summer long, and the addition of Berry will likely increase excitement and expectations for the upcoming season. By avoiding a lengthy holdout, Berry will have a chance to go through the majority of camp and have a shot to start on a defense that is in desperate need of a playmaker. Berry will join a Chief's defense that is young but has a chance to be much improved, especially considering that most of the team's top draft picks in the past few seasons have been moves to improve a defense that has struggled since the days of Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas.

While some of the expectations set on Berry may be unfair, there is reason for hope that the team as a whole will be better. Matt Cassell showed signs of being worth his contract last season when he wasn't running for his life. The Chiefs now have a potent one-two punch at running back with veteran Thomas Jones and the explosive Jamal Charles. If the team can find consistency at receiver and on the offensive line, and the defense should be better as well. With a young and improved roster facing a schedule that is hardly daunting, the team has high expectations. Berry's arrival should only add to that.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Royals Trade of Podsednik Signals Building for the Future

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The Royals traded veteran outfielder Scott Podsednik to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two minor league players. The trade is right on the heals of another Royals deal that sent Alberto Callaspo to Anaheim for a young major league pitcher and another prospect. The moves send a clear message from the organization to its fans: the Royals are in another rebuilding project, and they are just getting started.

Both Callaspo and Podsednik have been very productive for the Royals, and have been some of the few bright spots in an otherwise underachieving offense. Podsednik is getting up there in age, yet has hit over .300 consistently this season, and Callaspo has been good both offensively and defensively during his career in Kansas City.

It is common sense for struggling teams to trade its better veteran players to plan for the future. The problem is, the Royals have been repeating this plan of action since I was born. Alex Gordon, who has been an absolute bust since being taken early in the draft, is slated to be Podsednik's full time replacement. The Royals did acquire some young talent, but what are the odds they will ever produce like Podsednik and Callaspo have in Kansas City? Given the Royals history, the odds are stacked against this happening.

I can't argue with the Royals' plan of action, in principle it makes sense. However, given the way Podsednik, Callaspo and the rest of the offense has produced, I would have liked to have seen Kansas City keep its offense together and get some pitching help. The deals are done though, and we will now enter Royals rebuilding project take 22.

Arizona Immigration Law, Obama, Recent Federal Judge Ruling

Leadership in Arizona vs. The "leadership" in the White House
by Sir Otilc, Kansas City News Blog

I am sick to my stomach at the number of Americans who aren't paying attention to what is happening to our country at the hands of Barack Obama. How can you be the President of the United States...knowing that murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers, gang members, potential terrorists, and every other kind of criminal we do not want in the United States, is free to cross the border, disrespect our country and everyone who has ever come here legally...and knowingly condone the behavior? Why wouldn't that outrage you as President? Why would you publicly fight and use the Department of Justice to allow it to continue?

Arizona's Janice K. Brewer has more round ones than Barack Obama will ever have. Not only has she had to fight illegal immigration for years which forced her to take direct state action because the Federal Government wouldn't (Obama is not the only one to blame for this), but now she has been forced to square off with The United States of America because our President is afraid (a common theme for the spineless, castrated one).

Why is our President so spine-o-ball-less? I am guessing many reasons. The first is that if Arizona is successful in getting rid of illegal immigrants, other states will follow. If other states follow, then there will be no illegal immigrants to vote for Obama in 2012 when he grants them amnesty (illegal immigrants might be the ONLY people to vote for him at this point). Another reason might be that by not offending the illegal immigrants, he stays consistent with his World Apology Tour where it is more important to him to apologize to every nation/person for America being so horrible (the most giving country on earth and the one country where freedom prevails...unless you count the sex slave traffickers the President encourages and condones by fighting Jan Brewer and the state of Arizona). Another reason is that people will think he is racist. This one is my favorite because only the racist is more concerned with race than protecting the law of the land, using their brain to figure out where injustice is happening and correcting it, and allows issues of race to cloud judgment. Illegal immigration has nothing to do with race...and fighting it shouldn't either!

Anyone can criticize and I usually tell them to get it out of their system then shut up and tell the rest of us how you would fix the problem. So here is what I would do in his shoes. First I would acknowledge to the world that America is a great country, in fact we believe it is the greatest country on earth. Then I would go on to explain that we are made up of LEGAL immigrants, that we welcome legal immigration, that the problems that DON'T exist at the Northern border of the U.S. DO exist at the Southern border and we need to do something about it. I would publicly give illegals a warning that the U.S. is coming after them and they should peacefully leave our country. I would make sure I used every resource in my power to help them leave the country. I would figure out how to come down hard on sanctuary cities (with a warning first). I would create the biggest tent city in America where Joe Arpaio clothes illegal immigrants in pink and makes doing time for illegal immigration as short, but unpleasant as possible. Then I would make sure we had the manpower to create a sensible LEGAL immigration system where the people who just left our country could come right back (depending on where they were went after being deported)...but legally, above board, out in the open, no more hiding, no more shame, no more dodging taxes, no more bringing down the health care system, no more (fill in the blank)...

Openly fighting a state (Arizona) who is trying to protect themselves is an insulting and disrespectful slap in the face by the U.S. government to the citizens who are suffering the negative effects of illegal immigration in that state. But sadly this isn't Barack Obama's only slap in the face to America...but it does make his top 10 list of things that leave Americans outraged (notice I didn't say top 3).

Read the recent court ruling on the new Arizona Immigration Law

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gardner Edgerton forced to give up "Longhorn" Logo

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After adopting a "Longhorn" logo similar to that used by the University of Texas, Gardner Edgerton High School will switch to a different logo after facing heat from the University. Texas cited that Edgerton's logo was too similar to its own, and asked the high school to adopt a new logo on the center on its gym floor.

While Gardner goes back to the drawing board in search of a new logo, Texas' position on this subject needs to be examined. While copying a college logo may violate copyright infringes, it is done by thousands of high schools across the country. I've seen high school teams on TV or in person who share not only a similar mascot and logo with a well-known college team, but the same color schemes as well.

Gardner Edgerton used a different color scheme than Texas, and at least have the decency to ask for the University's permission to use the famous Longhorn look. Maybe Texas should let a small high school in Kansas have its fun, and worry about more pressing issues facing the University. Soon, saying "Hook Em Horns" may be enough to solicit a fine. 


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Liberals/Democrats don't have anything left but racism.

When children lose every battle they fight, after a while they choose not to fight and resort to name calling. Liberals/democrats do this every time you hear one of them call someone or some group racist. This irritates and amuses the heck out of me because they have no ability to have a conversation when facts are involved. Their brains explode when someone confronts them with facts (like the bot girls do in Austin Powers when he counters their attack with his mojo)'s crazy!

This exact scenario played out perfectly Sunday when Chris Wallace of Fox News handed Howard Dean his azz (Howard was the guy with the worst sounding campaign rally cry in the history of the planet) and made him listen to the facts on an issue. When confronted with the facts, Howard Dean just froze, and then of course went back to calling Fox News racist.

Howard Dean and every other liberal Democrat on the planet who believes that anyone who doesn't believe like they do is racist, is insane! I can't wait until the Democrats/liberals develop the skill of arguing/conversing with facts, lose their emotion, grow up, and stop calling people racist when getting their buttocks kicked on an issue (or are losing at the polls).

Next time you hear someone called a racist, look for the Democrat/liberal who just lost an argument...and think of Sir Otilc.

See the entire Howard Dean vs. Chris Wallace interview


Census Shows Spending Paterns for State of Kansas

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A recent censusconducted by the state of Kansas showed that both local and state governments spend more on highways and higher education compared to other states. While ranking higher than many other states in these categories, Kansas was below average on spending for parks and recreation.

Many state officials are taking pride in the fact that Kansas has both placed a priority on education as well as staying fairly balanced in terms of the revenue from taxes the state generates. This balance will allow Kansas to survive a sudden loss in revenue to a major contributor, something that has hit states that rely heavily on tourism hard in the past year.

Kansas was above average in revenue generated from higher university, while government expenses were among the lowest in the country. With low government spending and balanced sources of taxed income, Kansas should be in a good economic position heading into the future. Unfortunately in these times, many other states cannot say the same.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wizards Defeat Manchester United in Record Fashion

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The Kansas City Wizards as well as its fans sent a strong message to the world about American soccer yesterday. The Wizards took down the Red Devils 2-1 in regulation in front of a record crowd at Arrowhead stadium.

The game had an announced attendance of 52,424, beating the old record for a soccer crowd in Kansas City set in 2001 for a national game against Costa Rica. Davy Arnaud scored for the Wizards in the 11th minute off an assist from Kei Kamara. United tied the game just before halftime on a penalty kick, however Kamara was able to convert off a corner kick in the second half to give the Wizards the lead for good.

After Kansas City set record crowds for watching televised soccer during the world cup, the Wizards vs. Manchester United game was able to successfully build on that momentum for a memorable experience on Sunday. The popularity of the world cup and the arrival of Manchester United, one of the most recognizable teams in the world, certainly helped the record setting crowd. It will be interesting to see if soccer continues to gain momentum in both Kansas City and the United States as a whole, or if Sunday's game was merely a diamond in the rough.

You had me at Kansas City Star...Sir Otilc backs Todd Tiahrt

Campaign season is normally a turd-fest of politicians flinging "candy bars" at each other on a daily basis. It gets old faster than a giant hemorrhoid on a 12 hour turbulent plane ride sitting in coach. One political race that caught my attention this year was Jerry Moran versus Todd Tiahrt. They are both running for a senate seat in the state of Kansas.

I watched all of the commercials and paid attention closely to the differences between the two and was having a tough time figuring out which one had a spine and which one was going to cave to political winds. With one of the most crooked administrations in the history of our country in charge of the White House, and the other two branches blindly supporting the destruction of our nation, I am now forced to pay attention to politics.

So what was the deciding factor for my vote? The Kansas City Star. I was listening to the radio the other morning when I heard the Kansas City Star was backing Jerry Moran. That was all it took. Maybe I am a little off because I stopped reading the "Falling Star", as a local radio talk show host likes to call it, once I realized they stopped being journalists. If The Kansas City Star supports Jerry Moran, then I support Todd Tiahrt.

But things went from bad to worse for Jerry Moran when the big news story was how his campaign manager, Paul Moore, left his camp after 2 months because Jerry isn't really a conservative. Moore gives the impression Moran is one of those politicians who says whatever needs to be said to gain public support. As I dug into it a little more I found out that Paul Moore wasn't the first campaign manager to leave Jerry Moran and endorse Todd Tiahrt, Chuck Knapp left the Moran camp and is now Tiahrt's current campaign manager.

I can only think of one thing worse for Jerry Moran than his campaign managers (plural) leaving his camp and moving to his competitiion...having the kiss of death endorsement of The Kansas City Star.

Let me be the first to congratulate Todd Tiahrt in his victory over Jerry Moran.

More Todd Tiahrt Info


Sunday, July 25, 2010

America's Got Talent - Kansas City Auditions July 31st

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America's Got Talent will be holding "by invitation only" auditions in Kansas City on July 31st.

Adam Blue Productions will be submitting selected entries in the form of video clips to America's Got Talent producers this week.

What they are looking for:  If you've ever watched America's Got Talent then you know that they like quirky goofy stuff or talent that has a WOW factor.  They are looking for Fire Performers, Magicians, Singers, anything crazy or wild works as well.

To sign up to get an audition invitation please post a link to your video in the comments section of this blog as well as a SMALL paragraph describing yourself and your act.  Links to video must go DIRECTLY to your video (i.e., YouTube).  Links will not be accepted to Myspace pages unless they go directly to your video.

Post your video  link and small description in the comments section below and we will notify you if America's Got Talent is interested.  Thank you and good luck!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Royals Trade Callaspo, Call Up Moustakas and Gordon

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Royals’ third baseman Alberto Callaspo has been traded to the Los Angeles Angels for two pitchers. Callaspo was dealt just before Thursday’s loss to the New York Yankees. In the deal, the Royals acquired right hander Sean O’Sullivan and minor-league left hander Will Smith. The deal was made to clear a starting spot for prospect Mike Moustakas. Moustakas is believed to be one of the organization’s top minor league players.

On paper, the move makes a lot of sense for the Royals. They made room for a top prospect and signed two good young pitchers in the process. However, the Royals have been down this road with often disastrous results. The Royals have traded the likes of Carlos Beltran, Jermaine Dye and Johnny Damon in the past for a series of prospects, and never got back the value of the players they dealt. While Callaspo isn’t an All-Star player as Beltran, Dye and Damon were, he has been a very steady and productive hitter and infielder. The Royals need Moustakas and O’Sullivan to produce, or Kansas City fans will have to watch another former player tear up for a contender with little to show for it.

Speaking of prospects who haven’t lived up to their potential, Alex Gordon has been called up to replace David Dejesus, who was lost for the season due to injury. Gordon has been a disappointment so far, and Dejesus has been one of the Royals’ most productive hitters for the past season. Losing Callaspo and Dejesus deals a big blow to the team’s offense, but will give younger players an opportunity to contribute. Hopefully these turn-of-events will make the team better for the future, but I’m not holding my breath.

Did Lance Armstrong Cheat? Maybe…but PROVE IT!

Lance Armstrong's name is as synonymous with the Tour de France as Babe Ruth's is to baseball, Micaheal Jordan's to basketball, and Kansas City's IRONBAND is to Triathlon bands. Why in the world would anyone throw mud at a world icon like Lance Armstrong without having proof (did I ever tell you the story when Angelina Jolie spent the night with me in college?). But that is what long time buddy Floyd Landis has done to the yellow spinner. Landis, has now come out to make claims that Lance cheated all those times he won. I know what you are thinking...Sir Otilc, you CAN cheat and win...look at Tiger Woods, a guy who cheated his butt off with hookers, whores, waitresses, porn starts, and hotel employees, made a bad apology commercial with his dead father, was the butt of many jokes, yet still made $90 Million last year...hmmmm. There is only one problem with Floyd Landis' claims, there is no proof.

After the world had pulled Floyd from the spotlight, busted him for doping, and took away his crown, he refused to admit he was guilty. He even wrote a book explaining why he couldn't be guilty. Now he says he and Lance Armstrong are guilty of doping. Who knows, but there is a rumor that it only took one night with John Kerry to have Floyd Landis flip-flopping his story faster than Lindsey Lohan flipped the judge her "F--K U" finger nail when she was sentenced.

Because of Landis, there will be tons of investigations, rumors, here say, people looking for their 15 minutes, and trying to make a buck...oh wait am I still talking about Floyd Landis? Regardless of what happens, we now have the pleasure of listening to b.s. for the next few years about what did or didn't happen years ago. I say give it a rest. Lance has been tested for doping over and over and over and over and I prefer to have my hero left alone.

Friday, July 23, 2010

David DeJesus out for Season - Royals News

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David DeJesus will undergo surgery on his thumb that will likely put him out for the season.  DeJesus was put on the disabled list on Thursday night after chasing down a line drive by Yankee's shortstop and captain Derek Jeter which ultimately ended up as an inside the park home run despite David DeJesus' efforts.  Royals manager Ned Yost told reporters this evening that they expected DeJesus to be out for at least 10 weeks which would put him out until late September, virtually the end of the season.

This comes as an awful blow to Royals fans as the team was just starting to see some success on the diamond.  Alex Gordon was called up from Omaha to take his place, and Mitch Maier will also fill in to fill the void left by DeJesus for the next few games against the rival Yankees.  This stunning injury came on the tail of a large trade made by the Royals this week with The Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim.

David DeJesus learned after examination that he had completely torn a ligament in his thumb.  The surgery needed to repair the damage to his thumb will require that he sit out for the rest of the Royals regular season.

DeJesus was suspect for a trade from the Royals after the 2010 season, so this could present an opportunity for the club to test it's abilities without DeJesus.  The Royals have several young players who are looking for playing time, and it looks at least for now that they are going to get it.

Johnson County To Be Hit Hard By Road Construction

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Kansas 10 highway will be reduced to one lane next week from 7:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Monday through Friday for a five mile stretch from Kansas 7 to I-435. The closed highways are part of a state-wide project to improve various roadways, and this particular improvement will cost $808,000.

The resurfacing of the road is planned on being completed sometime in mid-August. Other areas of K-10 will begin resurfacing in the coming weeks, including Woodland Road, Ridgeview Road, Renner Road and I-435. Since these interchanges will be completely closed, drivers will be forced to find an alternative route should they use these areas to enter or exit the highway.

There will be several other large roadway projects that will start in the area in the next month. U.S. 69 in Overland Park between 159th and 135th Street and U.S. 169 south of Olathe from 175th Street to 215th Street will start construction next month.

With the many closings in the area, it will be important for all Johnson County residents to follow the construction schedules to find alternative or faster routes around town.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hockey Player Signs Stunning Contract

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Ilya Kovalchuk plans on having a long and productive career in the NHL. The New Jersey Devils sure hope he does. The devils awarded Kovalchuk a staggering, 17 year long contract for $102 million. A deal of this length has never been thought of before in sports, much less made reality. The deal begs the question: are the Devils revolutionary? Setting a new trend in sports? Or just insane? Maybe it is a little of all three.

From Kovalchuk's point of view, the deal is a triumph. He has guaranteed longevity, doesn't have to worry about being shipped around (unless he becomes the second coming of Sidney Crosby, no team is going to absorb that contract) and will be paid over 10 million a year even when he is in his mid-30's.

The Devils do pay Kovalchuk a significantly less in the last several years of his contract, which would make a buyout easy should the team decide to cut ties with the player. However the Devils are taking a huge risk. Should Kovalchuk get hurt, play poor, defect to another country, etc the team will be taking a bigger hit than they could and should have. However, the Devils have gained a lot of attention from the press and fans, and excitement about the team has skyrocketed in the Jersey/New York area. It is one of the boldest front-office moves in sports history, now we will wait and see if Kovalchuk skates onto the ice in a Devil's uniform. At the age of 44.

The Shame of Having Voted for Obama

Bookmark and Share My heart goes out to all of the now embarrassed Americans who voted for Obama and had no idea who they were voting for or what he would do to our country. And I don't even mean that in a snooty, right-wing kind of way. I truly feel Americans who voted for him thought he would bring meaningful change.

Barack's lack of experience in the private sector has made it impossible for him to understand what it takes to motivate small business, medium sized business, larger private business, and corporations. His inability to understand the banking system has put banks in a place where they won't lend money. His inability to understand that stimulating small parts of the economy is like pouring buckets of water on a forest fire and saying "See! The fire went out right here! I saved one tree!" His inability to understanding that a tax placed on ANY business is a tax that gets passed down to the customers of that business. And finally, his inability to understand that America didn't become the great nation it is today without a constitution that limits government, will insure that anyone who challenges him, will defeat him in 2012 after 4 painful and devastating years of his "service".

But I have learned complaining doesn't get anybody anywhere. Getting out and voting is the only way Americans are going to get their country back. November is the first, and most important, step in balancing the power that currently exists in the 3 branches of government. Normally (whatever that means in 2010) I would recommend we just create balance so no one party can run rampant. But in this case my humble, gentle, suggestion is to throw every last politician who supports our President and his policies out of office so that we can begin to correct the things mentioned above. To win the lottery, we will need a complete swing of power the other way to repeal Health Care "Reform" and replace it with reform that keeps the federal government out of our personal lives.

For those of you who voted for know who you are...I have included 5 Steps on "How to Deal with Shame".

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big 12 Media Poll Released

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The Big 12 media has released its prediction for the upcoming football season, predicting Nebraska to win the North and Oklahoma to win the South. The prediction comes before the Big 12 Media days, which will run Monday through Wednesday next week.

Missouri was picked to finish second in the North, followed by Kansas State, Kansas, Colorado and Iowa State. A large factor in predicting the North is the teams' South schedule: teams that draw Texas and Oklahoma often are predicted to finish lower in the league due to what is perceived to be an automatic loss.

While Oklahoma was favored to win the South, last season's national runner-up Texas trailed the Sooners by only a few votes. Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Baylor round up the rest of the division. As usual, the South could be decided when the Sooners and Longhorns collide in the Red River Rivalry.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eddie Kennison Will Retire as a Chief

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After failing to find a team who was interested in his services, Eddie Kennison signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. Rather than making one last comeback attempt, Kennison is signing with the team so he can retire as a Chief.

Kennison, a 13 year veteran, also played for the Rams, Bears, Broncos and Saints. Despite being a notorious journeyman, Kennison enjoyed considerable success for the Chiefs, and was a leading receiver on the Dick Vermeil coached teams that boasted one of the league's most feared offenses.

Given the nature of the NFL today, it is refreshing to see an athlete like Kennison make a heart-felt gesture towards a team and community that embraced him and gave him a second chance in the league. Hopefully other athletes will follow Kennison's lead and show appreciation to teams that gave them a chance or second chances to boost their own career.

Tickets for the up-coming season will go on sale July 28th for Jackson County residents and July 30th to the general public.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Paul McCartney Returning to Kansas City

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Paul McCartney, one of the most iconic and successful musicians of all time, will be performing in Kansas City this weekend at the sprint center. McCartney will be bringing his 2010 tour, dubbed "The Up and Coming Tour" to the Sprint Center saturday with the show starting at 7:30 p.m.

McCartney's Up and Coming Tour puts a new spin on the legendary performer's live venues. Every concert is in a venue McCartney has previously not performed in, and many of the cities, including Kansas City, are places McCartney has not visited for quite some time.

Details of the show, including a map, directions, ticket information and more can be found here:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Louis Oosthuizen Wins British Open

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By now, a few more people can likely pronounce Louis Oosthuizen's name. Oosthuizen, a native of South Africa and the 54th ranked golfer in the world, ran away with the British Open held at golf's birthplace, Saint Andrews. While Oosthuizen's upset victory makes for a great story, the lack of golf's superstars performing well at golf's biggest events could be damaging the sport in the long run.

After a successful world cup, the South African Oosthuizen won golf's most recognizable event on the birthday of Nelson Mandela. Oosthuizen's victory lacked the drama other golf majors have had in the past due to his dominant performance and wide margin of victory. It will be interesting to see what the ratings for the final day of the tournament show.

With Tiger Woods caught in a funk after his marriage scandel and Phil Mickelson remaining predictably unpredictable, upstarts such as Oosthuizen have as good a chance as ever to steal a major. However, individual sports such as golf and tennis rely heavily on star power to generate interest from both diehard and casual fans. If more golfers such as Oosthuizen and Y.E. Yang continue to win their first major, interest in the sport could be damaged in the long run.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Debate Over Kansas City Concert to Reopen

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The Kansas City Park Board will reopen debate on whether to allow Rockfest to return next year. The concert, held in Penn Valley Park, turned into an extremely muddy affair when it was held on March 15, which caused severe damage to the grounds at Liberty Memorial.

The board has received over 1,000 comments so far, and most of the general public is in favor of the event returning next year. The board will hold a meeting available to the general public this Tuesday at 2 p.m.

While this year's event got out of hand and caused damage to the grounds, Rockfest is a big Kansas City draw which has had success every year. Weather is always an important factor with music festivals, and one bad stroke of luck should not be enough to cancel a venue that is both popular and well attended.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MLB All-Star Game a Warning for the Future?

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After being officially awarded the MLB All-Star game in 2012, many KC fans and residents tuned in to this year’s game and week-long festivities for a glimpse of what the city will experience exactly two years from now. Kansas City officials can only hope that the 2012 All-Star game will be an improvement from this year’s installation, which was the lowest rated ever and received poor reviews across the nation.

The 2010 All-Star game ratings were estimated at 7.5 according to the Nielsen ratings system, the lowest in the game’s history. Not only were viewers disinterested in watching the game on TV, but those who did watch or attend the game complained about a boring, low-scoring affair.

Many of the problems that contributed to the poor interest in this year’s game, such as the early start time, are easily correctable for MLB. Kansas City officials must be concerned with the poor reception this year’s event garnered; if baseball fans continue to ignore the All-Star game, the 2012 event hosted locally could fail to meet revenue expectations for the area.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Money Magazine Lists Overland Park as Seventh Best Place to Live in America

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Overland Park was ranked seventh on Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" list that was released on Monday.

The magazine, which listed cities with populations from 50,000 to 300,000, featured several other Kansas City suburbs in the rankings. Shawnee finished 17th, Lee's Summit 27th and Blue Springs 49th.

Many factors went into ranking the cities, including housing, affordability, school quality, arts, health care, safety and more. Overland Park has been in the magazine's top ten list before, placing ninth in 2009 and and sixth in 2006.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mel Gibson Episode Proof Celebrities Held To Higher Standards

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By now most people have heard parts, if not the entirety of, Mel Gibson’s angry rant over the phone to his now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. While harsh words from Gibson that have been leaked to the public are nothing new, this latest episode is proof that fair or unfair, today’s celebrities live under a much different microscope than those in the past.

Gibson has made headlines in the past with his rants about Jews and African-Americans, however this latest rant – which involves death threats and plenty of foul language – may be the most detrimental to the actor’s career. The audio tapes of the couple’s argument are in the hands of authorities and charges of domestic violence may be the next step in the process.

While Gibson’s rant clearly deserves to be given to authorities, the fact that it has been leaked to the general public shows the microscope today’s celebrities live under. With networks at E focused on every step, especially misstep, a celebrity takes, actors, musicians and politicians live in a much different world than those of the past did. Fair or unfair, Mel Gibson’s acting career is likely over, and hopefully his behavior and consequences serve as an example to both celebrities and the general public alike.

Time Warner Cable Launches 4G Network at The Power and Light District

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Time Warner Cable will launch it's new 4G Network this Friday night at The Power and Light District.

In conjunction with Adam Blue Productions, Time Warner Cable will present Liverpool - A Tribute To The Beatles on the Kansas City LIVE! Stage at 8pm followed by The KC All Stars at 10pm.

Time Warner Cable will kick off it's 4G Network service in the Kansas City area introducing the nation's first 4G service.  Road Runner Mobile will soon be a reality and it will have more power than any other cell phone network.  Sprint is in on the plan so if you have Sprint then you are ahead of the game.  The other networks expect to follow with their own 4G networks later this year.  Road Runner Mobile and Sprint present the latest and best new cell device in the HTC Evo which runs on the new 4G network.

The concert is free to the public on Friday so get there early.

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup's Final Game Fails To Live Up To Hype

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After a tournament filled with questionable officiating, world superpowers flaming out in the first round and the US surpassing yet failing to reach expectations, the world cup final failed to build on the momentum the tournament had built. While Spain won on a breathtaking extra-time goal from Andres Iniesta, the final game as a whole was marred by penalties and failed chances.

After fast-paced and thrilling matches in the tournament’s knock-out stage, the World Cup’s final game featured a Dutch squad who seemed intent on destroying soccer’s reputation of “the beautiful game.” Rough fouls, kicking players on the ground, and constant crying to the referee were as much of the game’s final highlights as Iniesta’s volley to win the world’s biggest sporting event. Countless missed chances by both sides to score on breakaways and gift headers combined with the penalties made for a rather forgettable game, despite the heroics at the end.

With momentum gaining throughout the tournament in terms of ratings, crowds and overall interest, it would be a shame for the tournament’s biggest game to turn off some of the new fans it has won. Hopefully for the sport, Iniesta’s final goal will be talked about more than the game and tournament’s dark moments.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

NAACP Convention Kicks Off in Kansas City

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Saturday marked the opening of the NAACP convention in Kansas City. The convention is the NAACP’s 101st overall, and the first hosted by the Kansas City branch since 1984. The first day of the convention featured hot debate focused on the BP disaster in the gulf as well as employment issues.

The convention, which will feature a speech from First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday, runs throughout the week and ends on Thursday. The speakers have already tackled many issues from the gulf coast to unfair employment .

Today’s convention will have workshops on voting, jobs, the census, the economy, education, veterans, public meetings, veterans and more.


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