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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sean Smith Signed by Chiefs to 3 Year Deal Worth $18 Million

Just minutes ago the Kansas City Chiefs signed cornerback Sean Smith to a 3 year deal for $18 million, with $11 million guaranteed. Smith was highly sought after in the free agent market even though he only has 5 TOTAL interceptions in his ENTIRE career. The Kansas City Chiefs have shown once again today that they are going to be very aggressive in the acquisition of free agents, as they are most likely going to look for an offensive lineman in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Sean Smith played cornerback for The University of Utah and was drafted in 2009 by the Miami Dolphins where he had an average career. He had an excellent performance in the 2009 Sugar Bowl vs the Alabama Crimson Tide where he made 6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and a game changing knock down which may have influenced his position in the draft. Sean Smith elected to skip his senior year in college to enter the 2009 NFL Draft where he was selected late in the second round by Miami.

This move could have possibly been a reaction to the free agency movement of the Denver Broncos, who signed an amazing deal with star wide receiver and the last great white hope at his position Wes Welker this week. With Peyton Manning throwing the ball to Wes Welker, every team in the AFC West had better stock up at the cornerback and safety positions.

NFL experts have been impressed with The Kansas City Chiefs free agency moves thus far, and most say that the Chiefs got Sean Smith for a great price, one that was much lower than he was hoping for at the beginning of free agency. Sean Smith is a large cornerback who could develop into an elite player. He is almost a sure start opposite cornerback Brandon Flowers. Smith can also play wide receiver and return kickoffs.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chiefs Draft Pick 2013 - Lose Ground With Win

Kansas City Chiefs take 2 steps back and ZERO steps forward with useless win over the Panthers.

Did anyone in the Chiefs head office pay attention to what the Indianapolis Colts did last season?  In 2011, the Indianapolis Colts flagrantly and intentionally threw nearly every game in order to get the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. This proved to be a stoke of genius as the Colts now hold an 8-4 record and are headed for the Playoffs. The Chiefs, like the Colts in 2011, are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback, and by carelessly winning today they have narrowed their chances of landing that valuable first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Everyone knows that the Colts blatantly threw their 2011 season purposely to attain the first round draft pick in 2012. The media turned a blind eye to it, the fans didn't mention it or throw a fit and protest the team, and look where the Colts are now. Both the Colts management and their fans were intelligent enough to understand exactly what the team needed to do, and they all kept very quiet as they lost almost every game of the 2011 season. This is the difference between a smart football city and a slow, non forward-thinking football city. Kansas City is completely clueless in regards to what it will take to rebuild a struggling football team. Winning 2 or 3 games at this point serves absolutely NO PURPOSE and the team would be better served by losing their remaining games and attaining the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

If the genius of what the Colts did in 2011 isn't enough proof of this fact, then Chiefs management and fans alike are not looking at the big picture. What did the Chiefs possibly gain by winning this pointless game today? We can tell you what they lost; valuable positioning in the 2013 NFL Draft. Winning games at this point is simply ridiculous as the only thing that has any meaning for the dismal Kansas City Chiefs is the possibility of a bright future. With each meaningless win in 2012, the Chiefs lose footing on building a better franchise in 2013 through the highest of draft picks.


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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chiefs Release First Depth Chart

With the 2012 NFL regular season only a few weeks away, the Chiefs have announced their first unofficial depth chart. While most positions were already etched in stone, there were a few surprises on this first chart.

The biggest surprise may be at nose tackle, where journeyman Anthony Toribio is listed as the starter over first round pick Dontari Poe. Toribio has had a terrific camp, and Poe is still learning the ropes, so perhaps this is simply a motivational tool for Poe. Another interesting note is that Steve Breaston is listed as a starting receiver. Dwayne Bowe is still in the midst of a holdout, which means Breaston is the de facto starter opposite of second-year man Jonathan Baldwin. Also, despite a reputation of being one of the most dynamic running backs in football, this is the first Chiefs depth chart that actually features Jamaal Charles in the starter’s role.

While most expected Brady Quinn to win the job as Matt Cassel’s backup, he has been in a battle with Ricky Stanzi for the position. The first chart lists Quinn ahead of Stanzi, while rookie Alex Tanney is the fourth quarterback on the roster. It is hard to imagine the Chiefs keeping four healthy QBs when the season starts, which means Tanney will have to beat out Stanzi if he wants to avoid a spot on the practice squad.

The first unofficial depth chart is below. The starters are listed first.


WR: Steve Breaston, Dexter McCluster, Josh Bellamy, Devon Wylie, Aaron Weaver, Zeke Markshausen

LT: Branden Albert, Donald Stephenson

LG: Ryan Lilja, Jeff Allen, Rich Ranglin

C: Rodney Hudson, Lucas Patterson, Rob Bruggeman, Cam Holland

RG: Jon Asamoah, Darryl Harris, Justin Cheadle

RT: Eric Winston, David Mims, Ray Willis

TE: Kevin Boss, Tony Moeaki, Steve Maneri, Jake O'Connell, Tim Biere

WR: Jon Baldwin, Terrance Copper, Jamar Newsome, Jeremy Horne, Brandon Kinnie, Junior Hemingway,

QB: Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi, Alex Tanney

FB: Shane Bannon, Patrick DiMarco

RB: Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Shaun Draughn, Cyrus Gray, Nate Eachus


RDE: Glenn Dorsey, Amon Gordon, Brandon Bair, Ethan Johnson

NT: Anthony Toribio, Dontari Poe, Jerrell Powe

LDE: Tyson Jackson, Ropati Pitoitua, Allen Bailey, Jerome Long

ROLB: Tamba Hali, Cameron Sheffield, Edgar Jones

RILB: Derrick Johnson, Cory Greenwood, Leon Williams

LILB: Jovan Belcher, Brandon Siler, Caleb Campbell, Dexter Heyman

LOLB: Justin Houston, Andy Studebaker, Gabe Miller

RCB: Stanford Routt, Javier Arenas, De'Quan Menzie, Neiko Thorpe, Mikail Baker

LCB: Brandon Flowers, Jalil Brown, Jacques Reeves, Chandler Fenner

FS: Kendrick Lewis, Travis Daniels, Donald Washington, Tysyn Hartman, Dominique Ellis

SS: Eric Berry, Abram Elam, Jean Fanor, Terrance Parks

Special Teams

P: Dustin Colquitt, Matt Szymanski

K: Ryan Succop, Matt Szymanski

Long Snapper: Thomas Gafford, Cory Greenwood, Andy Studebaker

Holder: Dustin Colquitt, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi

PR: Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster, Devon Wylie

KR: Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster, Devon Wylie

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scott Pioli Helps Out Kansas City Repertory Theatre - Kansas City News

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is helping out our local Kansas City Repertory Theatre by offering a challenge to all who wish to donate to the Theatre's cause. Pioli and his wife Dallas have offered to match every donation that anyone makes, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 between now and June 30th, 2012.

From Scott Pioli; "Like many of you, Dallas and I are huge fans of the excellent work the Kansas City Repertory Theatre creates in Kansas City. I have been inspired by new plays, reimagined classics and especially by the work the Kansas City Repertory Theatre does at Student Matinees with children who otherwise receive no exposure to the arts. Today we hope to draft you to join a team of individuals who understand the importance of investing in theatre of the highest caliber right here in our own community. Together, we could raise $20,000 for one of the MVP's of Kansas City's cultural scene and help kick-off another exciting season at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. Sincerely, Scott Pioli, Kansas City Board of Directors and GM of The Kansas City Chiefs - P.S. Don't forget to send your gift by this Saturday, June 30th so Dallas and I can match your gift."

More on the Kansas City Repertory Theatre:
Your support of Kansas City Repertory Theatre benefits essential programs in our community. Kansas City Repertory Theatre, the professional theatre in residence at UMKC, produces innovative work on stage that garners local, regional and national acclaim. The Rep's artistic, educational and community programs serve approximately 100,000 area residents annually. Each year, over 10,000 students attend Rep student matinees and participate in workshops and classes taught by the Rep's Teaching Artists in classrooms throughout the metro area. These education programs help teachers meet state education standards and keep learning fun for kids. The Kansas City Repertory Theatre also offers lifelong learning opportunities for adults through our Conversation Series, this reaches out to the community with after school programs for at-risk children and more. The Rep's commitment to civic engagement is also seen through patrons, staff and artists who contribute to numerous social service agencies in Kansas City, including the AIDS Service Foundation and ArtsKC Fund.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chiefs Roster Moves 2012 Free Agency Draft Picks

Most Kansas City sports writers are basically writing updates, assuming that we already know about what happened the week before this, or the week before that. Well, here at Kansas City News, we're going to do you a favor that those half assed sports writers refuse to do, and that's give you a full recap. This week, some top analysts talked about all of the Kansas City Chiefs roster moves, free agency pick ups, and possible 2012 NFL Draft picks for the Chiefs. So here it is, Chiefs fans, a complete wrap up by the NFL's top source:

On what free agents the Chiefs are still looking at: Jerricho Cotchery, the WR from the Steelers, is visiting with them today. They like him and want to add a veteran WR so I think a deal is possible.

On whether Matt Cassel is good enough to take the Chiefs all the way: The Chiefs are building around their defense and their running game. If the Chiefs are as strong in those areas as they think they will be, then I do believe Cassel is good enough to get the Chiefs to another division title. Getting them deep in the playoffs is another matter.

On why the Chiefs didn't get Peyton Manning: The Chiefs never got in the game with Manning. Basically, they told him they wanted in and he told them, as well as some other teams, that he wasn't interested.

On whether the Chiefs will pick up a Nose Tackle in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's starting to look that way. That's their one remaining pressing need. But the Chiefs also have the luxury more than other teams of drafting best available player. They can find a NT elsewhere

On who the Chiefs have yet to pick up: A veteran WR, like Cotchery. Maybe some backups that they like. They'll still sign some more players but I think at this point, with possible exception of a NT, they'll all be backups.

On the Chiefs drafting Luke Kuelchy in the 2012 NFL Draft: With Johnson and Belcher, the Chiefs are OK at ILB. But with their moves in free agency, they have the flexibility to draft him or any other player they like. That one wouldn't surprise me at all.

On whether or not the Chiefs will see the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football in 2012: Schedule should be out in April and it will be interesting to see how that works out. Would think that would be one of the more attractive games on Denver's schedule as far as TV goes.

On the recovery of Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry from their ACL injuries: The Chiefs are saying they will be. Those injuries, generally speaking, are nine-month injuries so that would put them all back by June, if it holds in their cases.

On who will be the Chiefs fullback in 2012: Looks like Hillis will do some of that. I can see him spending a lot of time in the same backfield with Charles or McCluster. Chiefs could also sign or draft a fullback.

On whether or not the Chiefs have the best players in the AFC West for 2012: Since free agency isn't over and the draft is more than a month away, it's too early to say. But they've got to at least be contenders in that regard. If Berry, Charles and Moeaki are healthy, I think I would take their lineup over anyone else's in the division.

On the Chiefs quarterback situation in 2012: I don't think Orton would have been a huge upgrade over Cassel. If the Chiefs surround either one with a strong defense and a strong running game, he should be able to win. That's the type of QB those guys are. As far as the rest of the Chiefs' QBs, they Chiefs are deeper with Quinn and Stanzi than they've been in a long time. I realize that's not saying much.

On whether or not the Chiefs should beef up on DBs just because Peyton Manning is in the AFC: I don't know they need to bring in an extra CB just for two games a year. Flowers is one of the better CBs in the league. The Chiefs seem to like Routt. We'll see how he works out.

On whether the Chiefs will take a quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's possible. Since they have no pressing needs other than NT, they have the flexibility to take a guy if one is there that they'd like. Makes a lot of sense to me. Cassel is still trying to establish himself. If he doesn't get that done this year, the Chiefs are going to need a new starting QB. Quinn is on a one-year contract. So it wouldn't surprise me. It's not Pioli's style to trade the farm for anyone, so they won't be making any bold moves like Washington made trading up to get RG3 (rookie black "shimmy and move, shuck and jive and then throw the ball quarterback" who's nickname is an idiotic RG3). That's why I think it makes sense that this is the year they draft a QB. If Cassel fails this year, you have a guy on hand to replace him. If Cassel turns out to be the guy, then you've got a QB you can trade. - Kansas City News note: Cassel will NOT be the guy...EVER.

On the Chiefs "ghetto fabulous" and not so bright wide receiver Dwayne Bowe: No, I think they'll keep him. They need him. Imagine what their receiving group looks like without him. Hard to say whether they can get a long-term deal done but I would think a holdout is possible.

On what the new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will bring to the Chiefs in 2012: The Chiefs will probably do a lot of different things. But it will be based on the running game. In their perfect world, I think they'd like to give it to Hillis and to Charles 20 times a game.

On how much cap room the Chiefs have and what they will do with it in 2012: Yes, about $15 million as of now. They'll need about $6-8 million of cap space for rookies, in my estimation. So they have some room left. But you bring up a good point: They will save some of it to try to re-sign Albert, Dorsey and, if he plays on the one-year contract, Bowe. That's something Pioli likes to do.

On what the Chiefs plans are for star offensive lineman Ryan Lilja: Yes, I think he will be a starter this year. Let's see what happens in the draft but my guess is Lilja starts this year. They seem to be happy with where the line is right now with Albert and Winston and T, Lilja and Asamoah at G and Hudson at C. They do need some backups, though.

On the Chiefs beefed up receiving crew - is it a waste of roster space and cap dollars? Not at all. They'll throw the ball. If they don't get some big pass plays, they won't score enough points. But this thing will be built around defense and the running game. They won't be asking Cassel to win a lot of games for them. They will ask him to lose none.

Is Routt as good as Carr? Judging from the contracts they got, no. Carr got $10 million a year, Routt about $6.
Losing Carr gives a fragile feel to KC's defense, in my opinion. But that doesn't mean Routt can't be good enough to help the Chiefs win.

Crennel vs. Haley: Haley did some good things but he was a bad fit with Pioli and his volatility wasn't good for the Chiefs. Crennel is about the most stable coach there is and I think that reliability will be exactly what the Chiefs need right now.

On drafting Fletcher Cox in the 2012 NFL Draft: Dorsey's contract is up after this year and Jackson will carry a huge number but it;s not unsustainable. Salary cap should rise significantly next year. No position would be a huge surprise to me for the Chiefs at this point. They have few pressing needs, so they could go in a lot of directions, including DE.

On the chances of Tebow landing in Kansas City, maybe just to sell tickets: No. You don't make trades to sell tickets. That's always a mistake. You make trades to win games and I don't see how Tebow helps them do that. Besides, the Broncos wouldn't send him here in a million years. - Kansas City News Note: Absolutely not, we don't want "God Boy" in here anyway.

On the Chiefs chances in the AFC West in 2012: Look at this division. Mediocre teams won it the last two years. With Manning in Denver, it looks like it will be improved next year but still, winnable to the team that makes the most improvements. Right now, the Chiefs might be winning that race, even including Manning to Denver.

The Kansas City Chiefs - Reports on Chiefs and AFC West

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Chiefs Franchise Tag Bowe - Kansas City Chiefs News

The Chiefs are making some moves in the off season and the biggest one so far happened today when the Kansas City Chiefs put the Franchise Tag on Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs somewhat flaky but occasionally talented wide receiver. It's pretty sad when a team has to put a franchise tag on a mediocre player, who in the case of the Chiefs hardly gets a chance to make game changing differences. With two mid level quarterbacks on the roster, and an offensive line made of swiss cheese, the Chiefs have MUCH bigger fish to fry than to put a franchise tag on a slightly higher than mediocre wide receiver like Dwayne Bowe.

After an extremely lackluster 2011 Chiefs season, Dwayne Bowe put up a lukewarm 81 receptions for a measly 5 touchdowns - yikes! That's what the Chiefs call franchise tag material? Wow, we must be worse off than we thought. This is a sign that the Chiefs offense still has no direction whatsoever and we could be in for another 10 touchdown season total from this sputtering offense. Here at Kansas City News we have never been fans of Matt Cassel, figuring him to be the NFL's highest paid "back up" quarterback. With the franchise tag, Dwayne Bowe's salary will be 9.5 million dollars in 2012. He is a good back up quarterback, and did lead the New England Patriots to the playoffs when Tom Brady went down - but the fact that we paid this guy almost 60 million dollars to come play for the Chiefs is just plain ridiculous. With mediocre quarterbacks like Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton at the helm, putting the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe just doesn't make any sense. If there is no one to get the ball to our receivers, then why are we putting such a high priority on them? The Kansas City Chiefs are going to be a defensive team, there is no doubt about it. We've made Romeo Crennel, who will absolutely be focusing on the defensive side of the ball, our head coach. And what is worse, we've brought in a terrible offensive coordinator from Miami in Brian Daboll, who had a miserable offensive season in 2011 with the Dolphins.

The Kansas City Chiefs need to realize where their priorities are and they need to do it fast. Putting the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe is not the first thing that Chiefs fans wanted to hear in this off season. What we want to hear is that the Chiefs are going to look for a REAL quarterback, invest top draft picks on offensive lineman, and try to find a way to get our offense back on track. Thank God that Jamaal Charles is coming back, that should take some of the spotlight off of our hideous passing game. The Chiefs defense looks great and I think that the defense alone can get The Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 wins in 2012. Let's just hope that they don't put the franchise tag on any more wide receivers - who's next, Dexter McCluster?

Kansas City News announces that the Kansas City Chiefs put the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe, March 5th, 2012.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romeo Crennel Hired as Head Coach of the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs hired Romeo Crennel as their head coach after the interim coach brought home 2 wins out of 3 during his short tenure as interim coach. Romeo Crennel was head coach when the Chiefs beat the Green Bay Packers, relieving them of their perfect season in week 15.

Romeo Crennel was extremely unsuccessful at his only other head coaching position with the Cleveland Browns, posting an unimpressive record of 24 and 40. Crennel is a great defensive coordinator, but he has proven that he is no head coach. The Chiefs should have left Crennel at defensive coordinator, which he excels at, and hired a new head coach who possibly had a more offensive mind. None of these things will matter, however, unless the owners of the Chiefs spend some money to get some real players in here, which we all know will never happen.

As we at Kansas City News pointed out weeks ago, the hiring of the head coach was the least important thing on the Chiefs to-do list. The Chiefs owners need to put up money first and foremost - that's it. Without some marquis players on the team, The Chiefs will have as much chance of winning a playoff game as the Royals, who are in the same position - no money spent on players, just put in the pockets of the owners. If the Chiefs actually did put up some money for some quality players, then the next thing that we need to acquire is a decent offensive line. Don't even think about a quarterback until you have secured a competitive offensive line. After the 0-line is secured, then we can start thinking about a real quarterback, not some old hack qb that can barely move around in the pocket like Orton. Orton was just a grasp at desperation, and Matt Cassel is nothing more than a high paid back up quarterback.

Although getting a new head coach was on the list for The Kansas City Chiefs, it was definitely not one of the high priorities. The Indianapolis Colts proved for over 10 years that you don't need a head coach to win, Peyton Manning and a great offensive line is how you win games. Their head coach didn't do ANYTHING but stand on the sidelines and work for a very low salary. Let's see if the Chiefs put up money to build an offensive line and go out and get a real quarterback before we even worry about what impact Romeo Crennel will make.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chiefs Packers 2011 Chiefs Break Packers Win Streak

Cost of your POSER, BANDWAGON RIDING Aaron Rodgers jersey = $42.00
Tickets to Arrowhead today = $100.00 +
Getting beer poured on you by Chiefs fans who can kick your ass = humiliation

Watching your team get their ASSES KICKED by the CHIEFS = PRICELESS!

Sorry to all of you poser bandwagon Green Bay Packers fans out there, but your team officially sucks. The Chiefs ROUT the Packers today 19 - 14 in a game that revealed that the Packers are not even going to make it past round 1 in the playoffs. The Chiefs easily walked all over the Packers today as Romeo Crennel coached the Kansas City Chiefs to victory over the lucky and somehow undefeated Packers. The Chiefs ended the Packers win streak today. Done.

Once again, the Chiefs dominate on defense, stuffing Aaron Rodgers on every down. The Packers were unable to move the ball at all, and lost miserably at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs started quarterback Kyle Orton, who got his first win as a Chief as he led the team to a seamless victory over the hapless Packers. The Chiefs hogged the game clock, keeping the ball in their possession for well over half of the game. Today was a great showing by the Chiefs offensive line, who up until today have been severely lacking. Kyle Orton was able to sit back in the pocket and complete passes to Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe, and added to a total of 438 total yards on offense. The Packers were pathetic for the entire game, and the spineless Packers fans who were in attendance at Arrowhead were stuffed and stifled early and often as the Chiefs marched right over them. Hopefully the Chiefs fans were pouring plenty of beer on the poser Packers fans as they watched their team get pummeled by the mighty Chiefs. This game reminded us of the Pittsburgh Steelers game a few years ago after they won the Super Bowl and they came into Arrowhead with all of the poser fans wearing Rothlesburger (don't care if we spelled his stupid name right or not - he's not even worth Googling to find out) and the Chiefs stomped the crap out of the Steelers that day.

Go home Packers fans, your team is officially done. But thanks for playing. And, you suck.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chiefs Fan Puts Sign In Yard to Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt

Northland resident and Chiefs season ticket holder Mike Mason and his neighbors are fed up. On Monday night, Mason and some neighbors erected a 55 foot sign in his front yard with a message to Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli to make some changes in the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

The sign was intentionally designed as a morale building tool for Chiefs fans as they were going to write positive messages on the sign to motivate Chiefs fans in the neighborhood. That was last season - after the events of the 2011 season, these Chiefs season ticket holders are asking for their money back. The sign in the front yard reads "Attention Scott Pioli & Clark Hunt from a 33 year season ticket holder", the sign points out that the Chiefs are $32 Million dollars under the spending cap as well as questions starting quarterback Tyler Palko and the pitch play to Jackie Battle in the end zone that resulted in a safety against the Jets on Sunday. Mason and his fellow season ticket holding neighbors are saying that "enough is enough" and that they want their money back...oh, and a free hot dog.

It is no secret that The Kansas City Chiefs, like the Kansas City Royals do not spend enough money on players. The owners of both franchises simply pocket the left over money from the salary cap pool that is set aside to make team improvements, draft high dollar players and coaches, and generally improve the Chiefs and the Royals' chances of competing with the other teams in the league. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt pockets the cap money and instead of spending the cap money on badly needed players, Hunt spent the money revamping Arrowhead Stadium, essentially finding even more ways to make money off of Chiefs fans. Hunt also raised all ticket prices and also parking prices at Arrowhead to a whopping $27 per vehicle in 2011. David Glass, owner of the Royals, has done the exact same thing, he has pocketed all of the Kansas City Royals cap money and instead of going out and getting high dollar players and/or keeping Royals players who become great (like Zack Grienke), Glass also revamped Kauffman Stadium with more bars and distractions for fans to spend more money on, and more importantly provide something to do besides watch the atrocity that is happening down on the field.

When David Glass and Clark Hunt decided to revamp both stadiums they might as well have said "Hey fans! Don't pay any attention to the team that is pathetic and getting their asses kicked on the field down there, look at this shiny new BAR! And look at these neat little pictures of ex Chiefs and Royals players on little spin cards, and DON'T FORGET TO STOP IN AND SPEND SOME MONEY AT OUR NEW GIFT SHOP! But whatever you do, do NOT pay attention to the actual sports teams because they suck."

What Clark Hunt and David Glass are doing to our beloved sports teams is criminal. They are pocketing all of the money and spending mere pennies on improving the teams and coaches. Just think of all of the money the Glass family are going to pocket after hosting the 2012 MLB All Star Game - they are going to make a MINT on that freakshow. The fans in Kansas City are so dedicated that they will continue to attend the games anyway. It is a shame, but most fans only go to Chiefs games to tailgate and to get drunk. Chiefs season ticket holders like Mike Mason have a right to be upset, and hopefully this message will get to the greedy owners that are ruining this city's great sports legacies.

More on Mike Mason's Chiefs yard sign on the video below:

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chiefs Jets 2011 AFC Playoffs Out Of Picture

It is official, The Kansas City Chiefs will not be making an appearance in the NFL Playoffs in 2011. While we had placed our hopes in the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs defense, they just couldn't carry the team today vs the New York Jets. Tyler Palko did his usual job of scrambling around, getting sacked and throwing interceptions, but the defense just didn't show up today. The Chiefs defense needed to get some pressure on mediocre quarterback Mark Sanchez but were unable to do so. Sanchez threw 2 touchdowns and effortlessly ran 2 more in himself with absolutely no resistance from the Chiefs defense.

The Chiefs almost set a record in penalties and penalty yards today as they had 11 total penalties for over 100 yards, 81 of those yards came on ONE DRIVE when the defense committed 5 penalties for 81 yards, and eventually coach Todd Haley got involved and get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty all by himself when he berated the referees during the penalty fueled drive by the Jets.

Dwayne Bowe dropped an easy touchdown catch in the fourth quarter, but the game was way over by then and although it was a disappointment, it didn't really impact the game. In another comedic moment, kicker Ryan Succop fluffed an onside kick attempt, rolling his left foot over the ball and kicking the ball about 2 yards forward awkwardly, giving the Jets the ball on the Chiefs 38 yard line. Murphy's Law could not have applied more to this game as what could go wrong did go wrong for the Chiefs. It was an embarrassing performance by the Chiefs and it was a good thing that the game wasn't a Sunday or Monday night game where the entire world would have been watching.

With the Chiefs season officially over, they will crawl into a Packers fan filled Arrowhead Stadium on November 18th, and essentially play an away game at home since Arrowhead will be filled with bandwagon fake Packers fans with their freshly purchased Rodgers jerseys and their flaky pride put out for all to see. It would be great if The Chiefs could just skip the game all together as seeing the stadium full of fake Packers fans cheering all game is going to be infuriating. Hey Packers fans who live in Kansas City, why don't you just MOVE to Green Bay and get the fuck out of our stadium - you guys are spineless and weak and I hope someone spills beer all over you and your fake Packers jersey. What tools you are.

At this point, the only thing that the Kansas City sports fans have to look forward to is the 2012 MLB All Star Game set to take place in Kansas City next year.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kyle Orton Not Starting Palko Starts vs Bears

Todd Haley looks like he's been rode hard and put away wet, we've seen heroin addicts with more spunk and inspiring speech pathology. Haley has been getting pounded with the same question over and over in the past few days; who will you start vs the Bears on Sunday? The answer comes out as quickly as the question - "our starter is still Tyler Palko", and though we did pick up Kyle Orton he will remain the third or fourth option at quarterback for the lowly Chiefs. Tyler Palko has a career passer rating of 50.1, has thrown ZERO touchdowns in the NFL and has thrown 6 interceptions. Palko is easily the worst quarterback in the NFL, and Chiefs fans are baffled as to why he would remain the starting quarterback in the second half of an NFL season that is clearly all over for the Kansas City Chiefs.

By this time the only people who are paying attention to Chiefs news are the hard core Chiefs fans who watch the team's every move no matter how poorly the team is performing. Though not as sad as Royals fans who have to sit through a grueling 162 game season with a losing team who's owners will spend no money to improve the team, the Chiefs fans only have to suffer through 17 weeks of watching an underfunded team struggle against the current that is the NFL. Though it would seem that the Chiefs stand a better chance of going into history as world champions each year, it is actually the Royals who have won the championship most recently in 1985. The Chiefs haven't gone all the way since 1970, and do not look like they are going to return any time soon.

I remember a time in Kansas City when you never saw a Chiefs game turned on anyone's TV, but you always saw people tuning in to watch the Royals. Growing up in the 80's I don't even remember anyone EVER watching a Chiefs game. The first time that I became aware of who the Chiefs even were was when the Kansas City Police used to hand out Chiefs Cards to us kids (looking back it makes me wonder who's idea that was??). The Royals were so popular in Kansas City that people even listened to the game on transistor radios, sitting in lawn chairs in the driveway when the game wasn't televised.

The Chiefs are clearly the most popular sports team in Kansas City right now, but that can only be attributed to the fact that NFL football is just simply more fun to watch than baseball in general. HD television, increased advertising revenue, and perhaps a more violent society has contributed to the popularity of the NFL (now that would make a good topic for a thesis, "how a more violent society has led to the increased popularity of the NFL" - go ahead and use that one students if you need a topic). The Chiefs Tailgate parties are also a huge reason for the team's dedicated fan base, and the Chiefs invest a lot of money to insure that the tailgate parties flourish and that the Chiefs fans have a reason to keep renewing their season tickets each year even though the team cannot compete in the NFL.

The Chiefs look like they are probably going to end up going 5-11, or maybe 6-10. The defense looks decent, but with Tyler Palko at the helm they are in trouble. Kyle Orton might be able to bring something to the table, but without blocking up front, and Orton's lack of scrambling ability, he may not put up good numbers either. If you've even read this far into this article I commend you on your support of the flailing Kansas City Chiefs, or maybe you are just spacing off at work again...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tyler Palko to Start for Injured Matt Cassel

It was officially announced today that Tyler Palko will be the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs following last week's injury to starting quarterback Matt Cassel. Matt Cassel was tackled after a pass attempt and landed awkwardly on his right (throwing) hand, causing an injury which is possibly season ending.

In his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, Tyler Palko has played in 4 games and thrown for 82 yards on 13 attempts with 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Tyler Palko
was drafted as an undrafted free agent in 2007 by the New Orleans Saints. Palko then signed with the Arizona Cardinals, and then the Pittsburgh Steelers before landing in Kansas City in 2010.
Tyler Palko earned the position of 2nd string quarterback over rookie Ricky Stanzi during the 2011 preseason during which Palko proved to be the better man for the job. Palko was allowed to play the entire second half in the last game of the Chiefs preseason vs the Green Bay Packers. It is thought by many Chiefs fans that Palko earned the job of 2nd string quarterback through his knowledge of the playbook, as Ricky Stanzi is a rookie and has not mastered the system yet.

Palko will get his first NFL start on Monday Night Football vs the New England Patriots on November 21st, 2011. Although he is left handed, and thus more creative, he has yet to show this on the field. Many Chiefs fans agree that the change at quarterback from Matt Cassel to Tyler Palko is not going to impact the Chiefs performance as Cassel has been unsuccessful at leading the team thus far.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Jamaal Charles Out For Season Chiefs Fans Panic

The Kansas City Chiefs officially announced that running back Jamaal Charles is out for the season with a torn ACL, the same injury that cost the Chiefs Tony Moeaki and Eric Barry. Jamaal Charles was the most important player on the Kansas City Chiefs and his season ending injury is going to have a massive impact on the rest of the Chiefs 2011 season.

On a seemingly common run, Jamaal Charles was on his way out of bounds, with no defenders in site, planted his left foot awkwardly on the sideline, and tore his ACL resulting in a season ending injury. ACL injuries are tricky because as an athlete, if you have no prior history of knee injuries, you don't concern yourself with body movements that may cause an ACL injury. As far as Jamaal Charles knew, he could manipulate his body an any direction, make sudden stops, or plant his foot firmly with his upper body in an awkward position (as was the case in this injury). As an athlete with no prior knee injuries, you just don't think about being careful. As a body ages, the knees are the first to go when you are an athlete that's major function is to run, stop, juke and plant. If you don't know your body's limitations, you are most likely going to blow out a knee. ACL injuries often occur as a result of a firm planting of the foot, with little or no "give" from the playing surface. This is why AstroTurf has been removed from almost all sports environments, because AstroTurf "grabs" the feet of the athletes, promoting ACL injuries.

The Chiefs have been cursed this season with THREE major ACL injuries, and Jamaal Charles was probably the final blow to a team that was doomed from the start with or without Jamaal Charles, Eric Barry and Tony Moeaki.

Jamaal Charles was put on injured reserve today, leaving the Chiefs with only 52 players on their active roster. We can expect the Chiefs to sign someone off of the waiver wire sometime this week, most likely a running back.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Eric Berry Out for Season Torn ACL

On September 11th, 2011 Eric Berry was sidelined for the remainder of the 2011 season after suffering a torn ACL in the 2nd play from the line of scrimmage in Sunday's game. Eric Berry will have to undergo surgery immediately for his injury and has been ruled out for the season.

Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium was indeed a dismal day for Kansas City Chiefs fans as the Chiefs took on the Buffalo Bills. In an emotional pre game show dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the events of 9/11, Arrowhead Stadium was filled to the brim with fans chanting "USA, USA, USA..." and in a live television multicast there was a special performance of Taps and a moment of silence. The best part of the entire day was the incredible fly over by the US Military's A10 Warthog formation, and then...the game started.

The first play of the game on September 11th, 2011 vs. the Buffalo Bills was a kickoff to Dexter McCluster of the Kansas City Chiefs, who proceeded to fumble the ball and turn it over to the Bills on the 10 yard line. Only two plays later, Eric Berry left the field with a season-ending torn ACL injury. The rest of the game was a pathetic showing of what some may even doubt was professional football as the Chiefs went on to lose the game by a score of 41 to 7. Local sports radio shows are on fire today as Chiefs fans are calling in by the thousand in complete disbelief of what they witnessed on the field yesterday. The Bills ran up and down the field at will, mostly using the tight end and completely violated the Kansas City Chiefs defense. The Kansas City Chiefs will have a lot of explaining to do at tonight's live remote from Jazz at The Legends. Of course the have the most reserved and soft spoken Chief representing the team at the live remote in Jamaal Charles. I'm sure that he will not resolve any of the Chiefs fan's inquiries in any sort of coherent manner, Charles will most likely answer with his "cliff note" list of scripted answers such as "Well, I know that we're going to try to get better every week..." and other generic responses.

The loss of Eric Berry will be a huge impact on the Chiefs defense as he was one of the premier players on the team. The Strong Safety duties will now be split between Jon McGraw, Kendrick Lewis, and possibly Sabbi Piscitelli.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chiefs Roster Cuts 2011

This has to be a tough day for Chiefs coaches, it's always hard to fire someone. If you've never had to do it, you should consider yourself lucky because there is no easy way to take someone's job, life goal and dream away in a short meeting. But the Kansas City Chiefs must make roster cuts to get their roster down from 80 players to 53 by 5pm today.

So far, the Chiefs roster cuts include:

OL Chris Harr, Safety Reshard Langford, Linebacker Micah Johnson, Linebacker Pierre Walters, Guard Mike Ingersoll, Fullback Shane Bannon, and Tight End Charlie Gantt, Nose Tackle Harold Ayodele, Linebacker Justin Cole, Fullback Mike Cox, Defensive Tackle Dion Gales, Defensive Tackle Bobby Greenwood, Offensive Guard Darryl Harris, Wide Receiver Jeremy Horne, Linebacker Amara Kamara, Wide Receiver Quinten Lawrence, Offensive Guard Butch Lewis, Wide Receiver Zeke Markshausen, Tackle David Mims, Defensive End Luke Patterson, Defensive Back Ricky Price, Tight End Cody Slate, Nose Tackle Anthony Toribio, Wide Receiver Verran Tucker, Linebacker Pierre Walters, and Defensive Back Demond Washington.

Also, Tony Moeaki and Linebacker Gabe Miller have been placed on injured reserves.

This completes the Chiefs roster cuts for 2011.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chiefs Ravens Preseason Week 2

Well we definitely saw more action in week two of the Kansas City Chiefs preseason when they met up with the Baltimore Ravens, the team who ended the season for Kansas City last season. The Chiefs looked like they were poking their head out of the turtle shell of Haley's secrets just a tad more this week, and actually testing out some plays.

Just as many have predicted, it appears that the secret of Jamaal Charles is out of the bag and that every team facing the Chiefs this year will be keying on him. The football nation as a whole is WAY too excited about Jamaal Charles, and that's putting too much focus on him. For one example, fantasy league owners are choosing Charles an average of 4th pick overall and that is just rediculous. Charles is a great running back, but he is not going to be a secret any more, and since he doesn't exactly break tackles, he is going to have an uphill battle ahead of him in 2011. Fantasy owners who choose Charles in the first round are going to be sorry. In Friday night's game Charles stumped along for 12 yards on 4 carries, which is a much more realistic scenario of what is to come for the young running back.

Here at Kansas City News, we are still not sold on Matt Cassel, but at least he did get the ball into the air this week to go 6/14 with 73 yards. In our minds he is still a very highly paid back up quarterback. Tyler Palko made another great showing, going 8/13, 95 yards and a touchdown to Terrance Copper. This left handed gunslinger looks good to us, and he should be our number 2 guy.

Rookie Justin Houston had a great game with 2 sacks, honoring the #50 jersey that was worn by veteran Mike Vrabel. The defense continued to fall for the old short pass up the middle that is Baltimore's staple play, the same play they beat us over the head with over and over in last year's playoff game. The Chiefs defense needs to work on sealing up the middle or we're going to face real trouble when we meet teams with marquis running backs and shifty slot receivers. Other than that, the Chiefs starting defense did fairly well overall, matching blows with the Ravens starters all the way through the second half.

The Ravens left their starters in longer than the Chiefs and went on to win the game, but there is really no such thing as "winning" a preseason game, and I'm certain that Haley and Pioli do not care about the preseason scoreboard - and rightly so. The Chiefs came out with swagger and confidence and held their own against the Ravens, and that is a good sign of things to come.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Madden 12 Chiefs Player Ratings Released

With the release of the country's most popular game, Madden 12 just around the corner (August 30th), EA Sports has released the Madden 12 Chiefs player ratings. As Chiefs fans, it was definitely the consensus that our ratings should be considerably higher after the great season that we had in 2010, and Madden 12 delivered.

The Chiefs are now rated a stately 84 overall as a team and the Madden 12 Chiefs player ratings (marquis players only), are as follows:

Matt Cassel - 86
Jamaal Charles - 95 (with a 98 speed to boot)
Thomas Jones - 84 (speed 86)
Dwayne Bowe - 91
Steve Breaston - 78
J. Baldwin - 71
D. McCluster - 74 (rightly deserved demotion, he played like ASS last year)
T. Moeaki - 76
Ryan Lilja - 86 (well deserved raise)
Tamba Hali - 91
Brandon Flowers - 91
Eric Berry - 88
Derrick Johnson - 86
Brandon Carr - 81 - HAHA! Dallas Cowboys are FOOLS! 50 MILLION for this guy? I want some of whatever the Dallas management is smoking. Brandon Carr is NOT worth anywhere NEAR 50 million dollars. What morons. It's a good thing that Dallas sucks, they can have Brandon Carr AND Kyle Orton - what idiots. Hey Dallas fans, did you know that Brandon Carr has only had 8 interceptions in his ENTIRE CAREER? Now that's talent....NOT. More on how stupid the Cowboys are HERE...
G. Dorsey - 81
Andy Studebaker - 75 (not a fair rating)
J. McGraw - 74
J. Arenas - 73 (definitely sucked last year)

Some of the rookies are not on the list yet as we don't know who is actually going to make the cut, but so far we think that the Madden 12 Chiefs player ratings are pretty accurate.

An interesting new feature for Madden 12 will be that players will have week to week personality ups and downs, similar to the old Tecmo Bowl game where sometimes a player would be red hot and sometimes he would be cold. Players ratings are affected by the mood of the player and these moods can change during games. Pretty cool stuff.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking Back on Last Year's Draft

With the 2011 NFL draft a day away, the Chiefs could benefit from taking a look at its 2010 draft class. Many experts deemed Kansas City's 2010 draft a success before the rookies strapped on shoulder pads, and the group lived up to the hype. If the Chiefs hope to repeat the success the team enjoyed in 2010 and continue to build a winning foundation, another strong draft is critical.

A team's draft is dictated on who they grab with their first pick, and the Chiefs finally got a game changever with its top selection last year. Eric Berry made an immediate impact for Kansas City, blossiming into a pro bowl safety in his first season. Just imagine if the Chiefs had found two other pro bowlers with its first round picks rather than take Glenn Dorsey or Tyson Jackson. The Chiefs now find themselves without a top five pick, meaning they could take the best player available rather than address a specific need. Hopefully Kansas City finds another player who is ready to make an impact with its top pick, and former first round picks Dorsey and Jackson start to live up to their draft selection.

A team can get good in a hurry if it finds starters in the middle rounds of the draft, and the Chiefs did that last year. Kansas City injected its team with much needed speed by drafting Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas. McCluster added a playmaking spark to the offense while giving the return game a much needed boost, while Arenas showed the potential to be a solid defensive back and showed flashes of being a dangerous returner as well. Tight end Tony Moeaki also had a successful rookie season and appears to be the Chiefs tight end of the future.

Last year, the Chiefs were able to find quality starters while adding depth, the two ingredients for any successful draft. After years of bad drafts, Kansas City now finds themselves one good draft away from having a talented core of young players mixed with capable veterans. Hopefully the Chiefs will keep the momentum going from last year's draft and hit another home run tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Schedule, Monday Night Games

Even though the NFL is still not a certainty this season, they have released the Chiefs 2011 schedule, which includes 3 Monday night games and a notable increase in schedule difficulty.

The Chiefs kick off the season with a couple of easy teams, The Buffalo Bills and The Detroit Lions.  Although we know that the Chiefs love to beat the difficult teams and lose to the easy teams (cough, cough, the Raiders in 2010), these two games should get the Chiefs off and running to a 2-0 start.

The three Monday night games actually look pretty good.  We get the Chargers at home, then a recently not so impressive New England team at their house (even though there's no such place as "New England" - it's like saying that your team is from "Atlantis" or something - it's a FICTIONAL place folks) - we should have a chance vs. the diminishing Patriots.  Hopefully we'll snap off Brady's leg at the knee and put him out for the season again.

Then finally we have Pittsburgh at home, which on paper looks like we should get our asses kicked.......unless you happened to be at Arrowhead on November 22nd, 2009.  On that beautiful day, the bandwagon Steeler fans proudly sported their brand new Steelers jerseys, and actually outnumbered the Chiefs jerseys at Arrowhead.  It was pathetic.  We were joking around the entire game with these plastic Steeler "fans" telling them that they probably couldn't even point to Pittsburgh on a map.  Posers.  That reminds me:

Note to idiot fans that feel the need to wear the opposing team's jersey to our home games:  If you insist on wearing the other team's jersey, it must be clearly NOT NEW, showing us that you are a real fan of the team, and that you've been a fan for more than one season.  Don't show up at Arrowhead with a brand new jersey from the team that just won the Super Bowl the prior year.  You will be ridiculed, and possibly even doused in beer.  Especially if you're anywhere near our section on the 50 yard line in good old Section 118.

Anyway, we got our revenge on the "away team jersey posers" that day as the Chiefs smoked up the Steelers 27-24 in overtime and the Steelers never recovered that season.  Since their loss to the Chiefs, they slunk away into obscurity and lost most of their remaining games :)

The Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Schedule

  • Week 1 - Buffalo Bills
  • Week 2 - @ Detroit Lions
  • Week 3 - @ San Diego Chargers
  • Week 4 - Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 5 - @ Indianapolis Colts
  • Week 6 - Bye
  • Week 7 - @ Oakland Raiders
  • Week 8 - San Diego Chargers (Monday Night)
  • Week 9 - Miami Dolphins
  • Week 10 - Denver Broncos
  • Week 11 - @ New England (Monday Night)
  • Week 12 - Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night)
  • Week 13 - @ Chicago Bears
  • Week 14 - @ New York Jets
  • Week 15 - Green Bay Packers
  • Week 16 - Oakland Raiders
  • Week 17 - @ Denver Broncos

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vrabel Arrested on Class D Felony - Chiefs News

Mike Vrabel of the Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Vrabel of the Kansas City Chiefs Arrested on a Class D Felony this morning...
by Kansas City Mutha Fuckin' News

Do we really have a 35 year old linebacker on the Chiefs?  Holy crap, it's a good thing that the Chiefs owner recently turned Arrowhead Stadium into a bar, or the fans might notice that the Chiefs are not spending any money on players.  Anyway, on a "who really gives a fuck" note, senior citizen (and Chiefs linebacker) Mike Vrabel was arrested this morning for stealing from a casino.  This was a class D felony and since there is no "league" at this moment, this probably won't hurt Vrabel in regards to the player's conduct rule.  Thank God, because we really need all the 35 year old linebackers on the field we can get.  I think that we should look into signing Lawrence Taylor as well (who recently hired a pimp to arrange sex with a 16 year old).

More details on this hilarious incident:

Chiefs LB Vrabel arrested for theft

FLORENCE, Ind. — Kansas City linebacker Mike Vrabel was arrested Monday and charged with theft from a riverboat casino.

The Switzerland County sheriff’s department said Vrabel, 35, was arrested at 5:30 a.m. and released about 5 hours later on $600 cash bond. He was charged with a class D felony.

“It was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and I take full responsibility for the miscommunication,” Vrabel said in a statement issued through his agent. “I feel comfortable that after talking with the appropriate parties, we will resolve this matter.”

The incident happened at the Belterra Casino in Florence, Ind. A call to the security department of the casino was not immediately returned.

Vrabel, a three-time Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots, is a member of the NFLPA executive committee and one of the plaintiffs in the players’ antitrust lawsuit against the NFL. He is supposed to appear on Wednesday in Minneapolis in a hearing in federal court in the lawsuit.

Vrabel was traded from the Patriots to the Kansas City Chiefs before the 2009 season for a bag of popcorn and free tickets to Toy Story on Ice.

Mike Vrabel is expected to play the 2011 season using a walker and a hearing aide.  Transportation will be provided for him to and from his home at Villa Ventura assisted living housing complex.


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