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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Schedule, Monday Night Games

Even though the NFL is still not a certainty this season, they have released the Chiefs 2011 schedule, which includes 3 Monday night games and a notable increase in schedule difficulty.

The Chiefs kick off the season with a couple of easy teams, The Buffalo Bills and The Detroit Lions.  Although we know that the Chiefs love to beat the difficult teams and lose to the easy teams (cough, cough, the Raiders in 2010), these two games should get the Chiefs off and running to a 2-0 start.

The three Monday night games actually look pretty good.  We get the Chargers at home, then a recently not so impressive New England team at their house (even though there's no such place as "New England" - it's like saying that your team is from "Atlantis" or something - it's a FICTIONAL place folks) - we should have a chance vs. the diminishing Patriots.  Hopefully we'll snap off Brady's leg at the knee and put him out for the season again.

Then finally we have Pittsburgh at home, which on paper looks like we should get our asses kicked.......unless you happened to be at Arrowhead on November 22nd, 2009.  On that beautiful day, the bandwagon Steeler fans proudly sported their brand new Steelers jerseys, and actually outnumbered the Chiefs jerseys at Arrowhead.  It was pathetic.  We were joking around the entire game with these plastic Steeler "fans" telling them that they probably couldn't even point to Pittsburgh on a map.  Posers.  That reminds me:

Note to idiot fans that feel the need to wear the opposing team's jersey to our home games:  If you insist on wearing the other team's jersey, it must be clearly NOT NEW, showing us that you are a real fan of the team, and that you've been a fan for more than one season.  Don't show up at Arrowhead with a brand new jersey from the team that just won the Super Bowl the prior year.  You will be ridiculed, and possibly even doused in beer.  Especially if you're anywhere near our section on the 50 yard line in good old Section 118.

Anyway, we got our revenge on the "away team jersey posers" that day as the Chiefs smoked up the Steelers 27-24 in overtime and the Steelers never recovered that season.  Since their loss to the Chiefs, they slunk away into obscurity and lost most of their remaining games :)

The Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Schedule

  • Week 1 - Buffalo Bills
  • Week 2 - @ Detroit Lions
  • Week 3 - @ San Diego Chargers
  • Week 4 - Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 5 - @ Indianapolis Colts
  • Week 6 - Bye
  • Week 7 - @ Oakland Raiders
  • Week 8 - San Diego Chargers (Monday Night)
  • Week 9 - Miami Dolphins
  • Week 10 - Denver Broncos
  • Week 11 - @ New England (Monday Night)
  • Week 12 - Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night)
  • Week 13 - @ Chicago Bears
  • Week 14 - @ New York Jets
  • Week 15 - Green Bay Packers
  • Week 16 - Oakland Raiders
  • Week 17 - @ Denver Broncos


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