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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romeo Crennel Hired as Head Coach of the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs hired Romeo Crennel as their head coach after the interim coach brought home 2 wins out of 3 during his short tenure as interim coach. Romeo Crennel was head coach when the Chiefs beat the Green Bay Packers, relieving them of their perfect season in week 15.

Romeo Crennel was extremely unsuccessful at his only other head coaching position with the Cleveland Browns, posting an unimpressive record of 24 and 40. Crennel is a great defensive coordinator, but he has proven that he is no head coach. The Chiefs should have left Crennel at defensive coordinator, which he excels at, and hired a new head coach who possibly had a more offensive mind. None of these things will matter, however, unless the owners of the Chiefs spend some money to get some real players in here, which we all know will never happen.

As we at Kansas City News pointed out weeks ago, the hiring of the head coach was the least important thing on the Chiefs to-do list. The Chiefs owners need to put up money first and foremost - that's it. Without some marquis players on the team, The Chiefs will have as much chance of winning a playoff game as the Royals, who are in the same position - no money spent on players, just put in the pockets of the owners. If the Chiefs actually did put up some money for some quality players, then the next thing that we need to acquire is a decent offensive line. Don't even think about a quarterback until you have secured a competitive offensive line. After the 0-line is secured, then we can start thinking about a real quarterback, not some old hack qb that can barely move around in the pocket like Orton. Orton was just a grasp at desperation, and Matt Cassel is nothing more than a high paid back up quarterback.

Although getting a new head coach was on the list for The Kansas City Chiefs, it was definitely not one of the high priorities. The Indianapolis Colts proved for over 10 years that you don't need a head coach to win, Peyton Manning and a great offensive line is how you win games. Their head coach didn't do ANYTHING but stand on the sidelines and work for a very low salary. Let's see if the Chiefs put up money to build an offensive line and go out and get a real quarterback before we even worry about what impact Romeo Crennel will make.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chiefs Finish Strong Need Coach Money Offensive Line

Hey, at least the Kansas City Chiefs squashed all of that Tebow hype, and exposed him to be what he really is: an unusually large man, who can run the ball fairly well, and....well, that's about it. Tim Tebow couldn't throw a good pass if his life depended on it and that was more than obvious in Sunday's Chiefs Broncos game. It's great that he is a Jesus Crispy and just like Eric Cartman proved, the Jesus Crispies are going to guarantee you at least some kind of automatic fan base. But, as you could see on Sunday, Jesus has more things to do than to worry about a stupid football game. Tim Tebow is mediocre at best, and with him at the helm, the Pittsburgh Steelers absolutely have nothing to fear in their upcoming AFC Playoff matchup with Denver.

On to the Chiefs - most fans are confused about what we need and what order we need it in, so we're going to spell it out for you:

1. Spend Money
The Chiefs have to be ready to use up a lot of cap room and get out there and spend some money on some quality players and coaches. Without money, the team can't make ANY moves.

2. Offensive Line
It doesn't matter who our head coach is, or who our quarterback is if we can't block up front. Our offensive line is in shambles, and we need to fix that immediately.

3. Quarterback
The Chiefs need a real quarterback, Matt Cassel is no playoff quarterback, nor will he ever be. Yes, he got lucky behind a FINELY TUNED New England Patriot offense, but my grandma could have thrown the ball effectively behind that team. If you need an example of what any average quarterback can do behind a great team, just look at what 2nd string Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn did on Sunday, breaking EVERY Packers single game record with 480 yards passing and 6 touchdowns. Unless we get the rest of our team up to the level of the 2007 New England Patriots or the 2011 Green Bay Packers, Matt Cassel is just not going to be enough - sorry.

4. Head Coach
The role of the head coach in the NFL has become less and less important as the skill of the players has become more of a deciding factor in actual games. Example, Indianapolis head coach Jim Caldwell basically serves absolutely no purpose and it is now obvious that Peyton Manning was running that team. Chiefs fans are frothing at the mouth about finding a head coach and it should be no higher than 4th on their list of priorities.

5. Put Romeo back at defensive coordinator, he was doing a great job, and after they moved him to head coach it was obvious that the defense was not performing as well. Did anyone see 68 year old Denver running back McGahee (don't care if we spelled it right or not) run all over the Chiefs on Sunday? Put Romeo back now, put him back son.

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