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Friday, August 31, 2012

Chiefs Fall To Packers, 24-3

The Chiefs wrapped up another lackluster preseason last night, falling to Green Bay Packers 24-3. After winning its first preseason game in convincing fashion, Kansas City lost its remaining three. The team is now 7-29 in exhibition games since 2004.

Most of the game was a battle of the backups, but the Chiefs first-string offense looked good early on. The team moved the ball consistently, and found a lot of success on the ground. Despite gaining a lot of yards, Kansas City could only muster three points. One drive stalled and Ryan Succop missed a 54 yard field goal, and another drive ended with a Brady Quinn interception when the Chiefs were about to score. From there, things went south in a hurry.

Offensively, Ricky Stanzi and Alex Tanney struggled to consistently move the ball, and the Chiefs got almost nothing through the air. Despite rushing for 247 yards for the game, Kansas City only scored three points, although it should be expected that the team’s third and fourth string quarterbacks would have trouble lighting up the scoreboard.

The biggest concern Chiefs fans should have is how the team’s defense played. Packers backup QB Graham Harrell had been having a terrible preseason, but he absolutely lit-up the Chiefs last night. Harrell finished 13 of 15 with 223 yards, and he led the Packers to a touchdown on all three of his possessions, and all three were long scoring drives. On some plays, the Packers’ receivers were wide open, and while Green Bay boasts one of the most talented and deepest WR corps in the league, most of these players will likely not even make the team for Green Bay.

The entire preseason exposed one of the Chiefs’ biggest weaknesses – the team has a severe lack of depth, particularly on defense. What makes this troubling is that the team still does not know if Brandon Flowers or Kendrick Lewis will be ready for the start of the season, and Tamba Hali is suspended for the first game. Injuries are a regular occurrence in the NFL, and if the Chiefs suffer any more on defense, it doesn’t appear that it has a lot of guys who can step in and play at a high level.

Kansas City’s regular season starts next Sunday at 12:00 p.m. when the team hosts the Atlanta Falcons.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs - Green Bay Packers Preview

The Chiefs will wrap up their preseason tonight, as they visit Green Bay to take on the Packers. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.

Kansas City is looking to turn things around after an embarrassing performance against the Seattle Seahawks in its last preseason game. After opening the preseason with a rare victory, Kansas City has reverted back to struggling in its exhibition games. In fact, since 2004, the team is 7-28 in the preseason, however these exhibition games have often given little indication on how the team will perform during the regular season.

It is unknown how long the Chiefs starters will play. Head coach Romeo Crennel indicated that he will go by feel. The Chiefs played most of their starters for quite a while in last year’s final preseason game, although Crennel may elect to play his reserves more to prevent any more injuries from occurring. Cornerback Brandon Flowers and safety Kendrick Lewis continue to be held out, and the team will also likely be without CB Jalil Brown, DT Toribio, WR Terrence Copper and DL Allen Bailey for tonight’s game. Toribio has been used as the starting nose tackle, so his absence means first-round pick Dontari Poe will have an opportunity to play with the starters and prove himself to the coaching staff. Another player who has something to prove is the recently-signed Dwayne Bowe, who may see a lot of action as the coaches try to get him up to speed before the regular season starts.

The Packers may have revenge on their minds entering this game, as the Chiefs were the only team to defeat them in the regular season last year. If Green Bay wants to avenge last year’s loss, they will have to do so with their backups – head coach Mike McCarthy indicated that the starters will play only one series, and many starters will not see the field at all. Graham Harrell, the Packers second-string quarterback, has struggled mightily this preseason, and the coaching staff will likely try to give him as much game time as they can.

Since Kansas City will be facing Green Bay’s backups for almost the entire game, this will be a good opportunity for the team to gain some confidence and erase the memory of the Seahawks game. However, the Chiefs simply cannot afford to lose any more key players to injury, so Crennel may have to pull his starters early as well. We may see an ugly battle-of-the-backups tonight at Lambeau field.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chiefs Jets 2011 AFC Playoffs Out Of Picture

It is official, The Kansas City Chiefs will not be making an appearance in the NFL Playoffs in 2011. While we had placed our hopes in the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs defense, they just couldn't carry the team today vs the New York Jets. Tyler Palko did his usual job of scrambling around, getting sacked and throwing interceptions, but the defense just didn't show up today. The Chiefs defense needed to get some pressure on mediocre quarterback Mark Sanchez but were unable to do so. Sanchez threw 2 touchdowns and effortlessly ran 2 more in himself with absolutely no resistance from the Chiefs defense.

The Chiefs almost set a record in penalties and penalty yards today as they had 11 total penalties for over 100 yards, 81 of those yards came on ONE DRIVE when the defense committed 5 penalties for 81 yards, and eventually coach Todd Haley got involved and get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty all by himself when he berated the referees during the penalty fueled drive by the Jets.

Dwayne Bowe dropped an easy touchdown catch in the fourth quarter, but the game was way over by then and although it was a disappointment, it didn't really impact the game. In another comedic moment, kicker Ryan Succop fluffed an onside kick attempt, rolling his left foot over the ball and kicking the ball about 2 yards forward awkwardly, giving the Jets the ball on the Chiefs 38 yard line. Murphy's Law could not have applied more to this game as what could go wrong did go wrong for the Chiefs. It was an embarrassing performance by the Chiefs and it was a good thing that the game wasn't a Sunday or Monday night game where the entire world would have been watching.

With the Chiefs season officially over, they will crawl into a Packers fan filled Arrowhead Stadium on November 18th, and essentially play an away game at home since Arrowhead will be filled with bandwagon fake Packers fans with their freshly purchased Rodgers jerseys and their flaky pride put out for all to see. It would be great if The Chiefs could just skip the game all together as seeing the stadium full of fake Packers fans cheering all game is going to be infuriating. Hey Packers fans who live in Kansas City, why don't you just MOVE to Green Bay and get the fuck out of our stadium - you guys are spineless and weak and I hope someone spills beer all over you and your fake Packers jersey. What tools you are.

At this point, the only thing that the Kansas City sports fans have to look forward to is the 2012 MLB All Star Game set to take place in Kansas City next year.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Chiefs vs Packers 2011 Moeaki Injury

Moeaki Injury Torn ACL, Chiefs Preseason

Well we finally made it through the grueling Chiefs preseason. Although in retrospect it was by a stroke of luck that we had football going on at all, so in that light we'll take what we can get.

Thursday night's Chiefs vs Packers game was a little bit of a punch to the nose of most Chiefs fans. The Chiefs, usually content to do their best NOT to try in preseason games, not wanting to reveal anything to the opposition, made an unusual decision to attempt to win their final preseason bout with the Packers. They kept their starters in for almost the entire game except for Matt Cassell, Eric Berry, and Tony Moeaki and a few other players who limped off the field with minor and major injuries. We have just learned that Tony Moeaki is out and placed on IR with a torn ACL, making the Chiefs pathetic rumble with the Packers on Thursday a complete and utter disaster.

Why on earth would the Chiefs lay low all preseason, being very careful to avoid injuries, disappoint season ticket holders with boring game play, and then at the very end change their whole preseason mentality and play full force against a team that we could not beat if our lives depended on it. The Packers must have just been on the sidelines shaking their heads, wondering what the hell the Chiefs were doing out there. Even with all of the Chiefs starters in the game, minus the injured players, the Chiefs couldn't do anything against the 3rd and 4th string Packers line ups. We at Kansas City News predicted that Jamaal Charles was never going to live up to the hype that the media brought on this season, and he more than proved that on Thursday night. Charles fumbled the ball and ran miserably for 1 and 2 yards at a time, proving our theory that opposing defenses are keying on him and that he will SEVERELY underperform this season. Hopefully all of you fantasy football dorks were paying attention when we warned you about Charles and didn't go and draft him in the first round!

We were really pulling for Tyler Palko, but he was given ample time to prove his mediocrity on Thursday. This is just not the guy we want leading the team. Anytime he did make a throw that was caught, the receiver had to make some kind of super human effort to barely catch the poorly thrown balls. Rumor has it that the Chiefs will be looking for a veteran QB to sign as the back up for the league's highest paid back up QB Matt Cassell.


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