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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bill Self Booed Off the Field at 2012 Celebrity Softball Game

Everything was as it should have been on Sunday night at the K for the 2012 Celebrity Softball Game. The only standing ovation of the entire night was when George Brett came to the plate for his turn at bat. The King of Kauffman Stadium got the ovation that he deserved and it was an honor to be present to witness Brett take his batting stance once again. In an opposite reaction, Bill Self, head coach of the KU Jayhawks, was practically booed off of the field. Why Bill Self was even in the game is a mystery as he is certainly no celebrity, but the crowd really let him have it when his name was announced, and they continued to boo him down to the ground EVERY time he came to bat. He tried to kind of smile it off, but it must have been quite humiliating to be booed so viciously by a sold out Kauffman Stadium that night, but he had no business being out there in the first place, so justice was swiftly served by the true blue Kansas City Royals fans. Other players such as former MVP and World Champion Steve Garvey, got literally no reaction at all, dead air! Other celebrities who received silent welcomes were model Chrissy Teigen, and the lackluster Haley Reinhart from the insidious American Idol, who got absolutely no reaction at all. For some reason they also stacked both of these incompetent girls on the American League's side, and the only girl on the National League's team was a professional softball player Jennie Finch - now how is that fair? Oh well, it was all in good fun, and a lot of fun we had.

Our seats are directly behind home plate, and it was great to see such a magnificent selection of baseball heroes march past us as they took the plate, swung the bat and even played tricks on each other. At one point in the game while pitching against Dave Winfield, several players came to the mound and continued to pour Gatorade all over the ball before they pitched it. The 2012 Celebrity Softball game was a high scoring affair with a lot of home runs and a lot of hideous base running.

George Brett at bat 2012 Celebrity Softball Game
It will probably be the last time the fans at Kauffman Stadium will see George Brett take his famous left handed stance in the batter's box, and we were honored to be a part of the event. George Brett will likely never be surpassed as the greatest Kansas City Royals player that has ever lived. Brett even took the mound towards the middle of the game for the American League, which was great. Perhaps the crowd at Kauffman Stadium should have withheld their boos when Bill Self came to bat because it got his "feathers" all ruffled up (haha) and he went and hit a home run over the little fence that they had put up in the short outfield.

The night ended with a spectacular fireworks display and it was a perfect ending to a wonderful night. Stay tuned to KCMB News online as we will be posting a video of Bill Self getting booed after the game airs tonight on ESPN at 9pm.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

All Star Sunday - Rain in the Forecast - Refunds?

Rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for All Star Sunday! Kansas City woke today with thick cloudy skies and rain in the forecast. What does this mean for the Futures Game and the Celebrity Softball All Star Sunday games at the K?

Scheduled for today's All Star Sunday are the Futures Game, the Celebrity Softball Game and a fireworks show. Obviously neither of the two games has any meaning in terms of the 2012 MLB season so we are guessing that the following scenarios will apply:

The Futures Game, scheduled time 4pm, is the game played by the College All Stars, AAA players and other up and comers, and the young players are fired up to perform in front of a sold out Kauffman Stadium in the 2012 MBL All Star Sunday line up. Since there is no lightning at this time, the game would most likely be played in light to medium rain as long as there is no lightning. The Futures Game  We are guessing that if it rains, this game will continue unless there is a major downpour, thunderstorms, or lightning of ANY kind.

The Celebrity Softball Game, scheduled time 7:30pm, is another matter all together. I can't imagine that the MLB will take ANY chances with the celebrities. If there is even a HINT of lightning, they will not be playing this game. There would be too much at stake and the powers that be would never allow celebrities to take the field and risk injury. Basically the same rule will apply to the Celebrity Softball Game as the Futures Game with slightly more precaution involved in the Celebrity Softball Game. If it is a light to medium rain with no lightning, they will most likely play as much of the game as they can. If there is heavy rain, thunderstorms or lightning of ANY kind, they will not play or take the field.

As for the fireworks, they usually will shoot those off in the rain if they can. However it would be hard to say how many people would stick around to see them if the Celebrity Softball Game is cancelled. They will be most likely making announcements from Kauffman Stadium all day if there are to be any schedule changes or cancellations.

As far as any rescheduling or refunds in the case of a rain out on All Star Sunday...probably not, people - sorry.

Rain, thunderstorms on All Star Sunday by Kansas City News, official kc news site with breaking stories on The Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, charity events, the 2012 MLB All Star Game, weather, sports, MU, KU, ufo sightings, dui checkpoints, Kansas City neighborhoods, nightlife, concerts, the Sprint Center, the Power and Light District and current Kansas City news articles.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Watch The All Star Game at The Zoo! by Kansas City News

If you didn't get tickets to the 2012 MLB All Star Game at the K, you can watch the All Star Game at the Kansas City Zoo. That's right, the FOTZ (Friends of the Zoo) staff have come up with another great party idea, an All Star Game watch party complete with a giant screen TV, food, and drink specials. If we didn't already have our diamond seats reserved we would be joining the fun at The Kansas City Zoo to watch Billy Butler and the American League All Stars swat the ball around Kauffman Stadium. Here's more from The Kansas City Zoo:

Watch the All Star Game with some wild friends!

Love baseball and Kansas City but don't have tickets to the All Star Game? Come watch the game on a big screen in the company of other enthusiastic fans and some finned, furry and feathered friends! The Zoo is honored to be one of the official watch party sites for the MLB All-Star Game. Visit us after 4 p.m. on July 10 for free admission to the Asia, Australia and KidZone areas of the Zoo, concession specials, and a giant screen for viewing the 2012 MLB All Star Game.

The watch party will be held in the Zoo's Tropics Field. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets or lawn chairs for seating. The party will run from 4 p.m. until the 2012 MLB All Star Game wraps up. Come see the game in a unique setting!

Rise and shine for early Zoo admission time!

Are you bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning? Spend some time at the Kansas City Zoo during our mornings at the Zoo week, July 14-22. All week long our gates will open early at 8 a.m. Come watch our animals get active in the morning, have Pancakes for Penguins with Radio Disney, and see special musical and puppet performances! Select days will feature prize giveaways for the first 100 visitors to enter the Zoo's gates. Beat the heat and enjoy a fun-filled morning at the Kansas City Zoo.

Saturday, July 14 : Hula-Hoop Playshop with Luna Breeze
Sunday, July 15: Polar bear stuffed animal giveaway (to the first 100 zoo guests)
Monday, July 16: Jigsaw puzzle giveaway (to the first 100 Zoo guests)
Tuesday, July 17: T-shirt or lunch bag giveaway (to the first 100 Zoo guests)
Wednesday, July 18: Pancakes for Penguins with Radio Disney
Thursday, July 19: Water bottle giveaway (to the first 100 Zoo guests)
Friday, July 20: Paul Mesner Puppets perform Anansi the Spider
Saturday, July 21: She's a Keeper musical performance
Sunday, July 22: Brandon Draper Drum Safari performance

Sea-sational Sea Lions!

Come see Vince, Delilah and Sunshine the sea lions in action during the Sea Lion Show.
Shows run at 10:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. daily.

All Star Game at The Zoo by Kansas City News, official kc news site with breaking stories on The Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, charity events, the 2012 MLB All Star Game, weather, sports, MU, KU, ufo sightings, dui checkpoints, Kansas City neighborhoods, nightlife, concerts, the Sprint Center, the Power and Light District and current Kansas City news articles.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MLB Releases Rosters For 2012 All-Star Futures Game

The 14th annual Sirius XM All-Star Futures game has released its rosters, compromising of the top minor league players in Major League Baseball. The game will be a part of the Taco Bell All-Star Sunday lineup, and is scheduled to take place at 4:00 p.m. ESPN2 and MLB.TV will carry the broadcast of the game.

The futures game is a great opportunity for baseball fans to see the next wave of the league’s stars, and to also catch a glimpse of the top minor league prospects in their organization. Current Royals stars such as Eric Hosmer participated in the event before being called up the major leagues, and some of the league’s top young talent, including players such as Bryce Harper, have participated in the past. The Royals have three players participating in the game – more than any other MLB team. Will Myers, Jake Odorizzi and Yordano Ventura will be representing Kansas City in the exhibition.

There are 31 players on MLB’s top 100 prospects list on the two rosters. The 3-8 prospects on the list - Manny Machado, Jurickson Profar, Jameson Taillon, Trevor Bauer, Dylan Bundy and Gerrit Cole - will be participating, and nearly half of the Top 50 are on the roster.

The World Team features players from 11 different countries and territories outside the United States. The Dominican Republic has eight players, followed by Venezuela with six, Cuba with two and Puerto Rico with two. There are also players representing Aruba, Canada, Curacao, England, Panama, Taiwan and South Korea.

Kansas City News, official kc news site with breaking stories on The Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, charity events, the 2012 MLB All Star Game, weather, sports, MU, KU, ufo sightings, dui checkpoints, Kansas City neighborhoods, nightlife, concerts, the Sprint Center, the Power and Light District and current Kansas City news articles.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fuzzy's Taco Shop 103rd and Wornall New Kansas City Restaurant - Kansas City News

There's a new Kansas City Restaurant in town!  Fuzzy's Taco Shop just opened at 103rd and Wornall across from the busiest Quik Trip in the Universe.  No affiliation to the Fuzzy's Bar that is now Ugly Joe's, Fuzzy's Taco Shop is a nice little spot where you can enjoy some creative mexican food and while you're at it have a cold beer.  The new restaurant features large TVs broadcasting sports events, etc. and it has a certain sports bar feel to it.  Just in time for the 2012 MLB All Star Game that will hit Kansas City this year!

Fuzzy's Taco Shop Menu
Once you get the hang of it, the menu at Fuzzy's Taco Shop is fairly easy to grasp.

You can order your tacos in three different ways; crispy, regular, or Habanero soft.  You then choose from fish, shrimp, shredded beef, special ground beef, chicken, shredded pork, grilled veggie, and amazingly enough, crawfish tacos!  We didn't have the courage to try the crawfish tacos, but we did enjoy the special ground beef tacos, the shredded pork tacos and the grilled fish tacos, all which were excellent.

Grilled Sandwiches
Something you won't find at most taco stand restaurants, grilled sandwiches.  You can choose from grilled veggie, shredded pork, fish, shredded beef or chicken.  Grilled sandwiches from Fuzzy's Taco Shop are prepared on Telera bread, which is a bread created in the Dominican Republic.  We did not try the sandwiches, but they sounded delicious.

The rest of the menu is fairly straightforward, chips and salsa, fried rice, refried beans, black beans, Borracho beans, and a curious Latin fried potatoes.  Fuzzy's also has a few different kinds of taco salads.  We did not know what to expect from the looks of the place from the outside, the window is just kind of "painted on" with random pictures of little blue fish saying "eat me", and of course that little strip mall on 103rd and Wornall has not had much success as a whole, even with the incredible amount of passing traffic it gets from the Quik Trip across the street.   We wish Fuzzy's Taco Shop much success as the food is a much better alternative to the nasty fast food places that are everywhere!  Combined with the addition of the Italian Mamma Leone's Pizza in Red Bridge, Fuzzy's Taco Shop is yet another option for fast food rather than having to crawl to the grease factories like McD's and Sonic.  On another note, it appears that Burger King on Red Bridge and Holmes has closed.  No big loss there.  With the 2012 MLB All Star Game coming to Kansas City this year, there will be an additional $50 million dollars in revenue coming to local Kansas City businesses, so hopefully Fuzzy's Taco Shop will be one of them.

Welcome, Fuzzy's Taco Shop to Kansas City and our neighborhood!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Star Game MLB Kansas City 2012 Schedule

After 39 years, the MLB All Star Game will return to Kansas City in 2012. The All Star Game is a 3 day event that includes a 5K run for charity, the famous home run derby, and of course the 2012 All Star Game itself. Kansas City's newly renovated stadium allowed them to have a shot at hosting the 2012 All Star Game, and it should prove to be very profitable for the Kansas City area and local Kansas City businesses. The All Star game has become much more important since 2011 as it now decides the location of the home field for the World Series. Kansas City is very excited to be hosting the 2012 MLB All Star Game and the Schedule for the 2012 MLB All Star game is as follows:

July 8th - All Star Sunday - Charity 5k and Fun Run for charity by Nike - This MLB All Star Game 2012 event will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer and Susan G. Komen for the cure. Next at Kauffman Stadium will be the 2012 Futures Game, an exhibition game that features all of the upcoming rookie MLB players who will get a chance to showcase their talents in this 2012 futures match up. Before the Future's game will be the 2012 Legends and Celebrity Softball game featuring both celebrities and former Royals greats including George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, Willie Wilson and other members of the only successful Royals organization which was the 1985 Royals.

July 9th - 2012 MLB Home Run Derby. The 2012 Home Run Derby will feature the biggest sluggers of the MLB in a 3 round home run contest.

July 10th - the 83rd MLB All Star Game 2012 to be held in Kansas City at Kauffman Stadium. The winners of this game will have home field advantage in the 2012 World Series.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chiefs Fan Puts Sign In Yard to Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt

Northland resident and Chiefs season ticket holder Mike Mason and his neighbors are fed up. On Monday night, Mason and some neighbors erected a 55 foot sign in his front yard with a message to Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli to make some changes in the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

The sign was intentionally designed as a morale building tool for Chiefs fans as they were going to write positive messages on the sign to motivate Chiefs fans in the neighborhood. That was last season - after the events of the 2011 season, these Chiefs season ticket holders are asking for their money back. The sign in the front yard reads "Attention Scott Pioli & Clark Hunt from a 33 year season ticket holder", the sign points out that the Chiefs are $32 Million dollars under the spending cap as well as questions starting quarterback Tyler Palko and the pitch play to Jackie Battle in the end zone that resulted in a safety against the Jets on Sunday. Mason and his fellow season ticket holding neighbors are saying that "enough is enough" and that they want their money back...oh, and a free hot dog.

It is no secret that The Kansas City Chiefs, like the Kansas City Royals do not spend enough money on players. The owners of both franchises simply pocket the left over money from the salary cap pool that is set aside to make team improvements, draft high dollar players and coaches, and generally improve the Chiefs and the Royals' chances of competing with the other teams in the league. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt pockets the cap money and instead of spending the cap money on badly needed players, Hunt spent the money revamping Arrowhead Stadium, essentially finding even more ways to make money off of Chiefs fans. Hunt also raised all ticket prices and also parking prices at Arrowhead to a whopping $27 per vehicle in 2011. David Glass, owner of the Royals, has done the exact same thing, he has pocketed all of the Kansas City Royals cap money and instead of going out and getting high dollar players and/or keeping Royals players who become great (like Zack Grienke), Glass also revamped Kauffman Stadium with more bars and distractions for fans to spend more money on, and more importantly provide something to do besides watch the atrocity that is happening down on the field.

When David Glass and Clark Hunt decided to revamp both stadiums they might as well have said "Hey fans! Don't pay any attention to the team that is pathetic and getting their asses kicked on the field down there, look at this shiny new BAR! And look at these neat little pictures of ex Chiefs and Royals players on little spin cards, and DON'T FORGET TO STOP IN AND SPEND SOME MONEY AT OUR NEW GIFT SHOP! But whatever you do, do NOT pay attention to the actual sports teams because they suck."

What Clark Hunt and David Glass are doing to our beloved sports teams is criminal. They are pocketing all of the money and spending mere pennies on improving the teams and coaches. Just think of all of the money the Glass family are going to pocket after hosting the 2012 MLB All Star Game - they are going to make a MINT on that freakshow. The fans in Kansas City are so dedicated that they will continue to attend the games anyway. It is a shame, but most fans only go to Chiefs games to tailgate and to get drunk. Chiefs season ticket holders like Mike Mason have a right to be upset, and hopefully this message will get to the greedy owners that are ruining this city's great sports legacies.

More on Mike Mason's Chiefs yard sign on the video below:

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Frank White Fired From Fox News and Royals Organization

Notorious Royals second baseman Frank White was fired by Fox News and the Kansas City Royals for unknown reasons. According to Jack Harry and Frank Boal the firing did not have anything to do with Dayton Moore but more to do with Dan Glass. Kevin Shank was also fired. The story so far is that Frank White, All Star Second Baseman for the Kansas City Royals was sent to a downtown Kansas City hotel to get news from a Fox News employee that he was no longer needed at Fox or in the broadcast booth for the Royals.

Frank White took over the broadcasting job for the Kansas City Royals when Paul Splittorff passed away and has been calling Royals games ever since. His firing did not come as a surprise by those close to the organization as it was well known that Frank White did not get along well with the front office of the Royals organization. The reason that this has become such a big story is that there has not been an explanation given to the public from the Royals front office yet, and also the manner in which he was fired was considered by most to be unethical. Sam Mellinger from the Kansas City Star reported that "Royals general manager Dayton Moore is being blamed in many circles for White’s ouster from the broadcast booth, which multiple sources adamantly dispute and classify as a collaborative decision."

Jack Henry reported that Dayton Moore had little or nothing to do with the firing of Frank White, but rather the firing came from Royals upper brass member Dan Glass, acting out his father David Glass' wishes. It will be a shame to see anything keep Frank White from participating in the 2012 All Star Game to be held at Kauffman Stadium next summer, as they will surely be planning a huge celebration and honorary ceremony of former Royals stars including George Brett, Willie Wilson and of course Frank White. These players were the pillars of a generation of Royals success, in fact the ONLY success that the Royals have ever experienced since their inception. In fact, the 1985 Royals are the only professional sports team that has ever won a World Championship for Kansas City and neither the Kansas City Chiefs nor the Kansas City Royals have even come close since the 1985 Royals World Series Win. Most sports writers and news reporters in Kansas City writing these days were not around to see that 1985 team like we were and they need to show some respect. All they have to write about is some fiddling around with Mexican/Puerto Rican/Dominican baseball players and insane trades and shady ownership of the Royals and they will never understand how it felt to be at Kauffman Stadium during the early 80's when the Royals were on the NATIONAL front and they probably never will. We certainly hope that Frank White's firing won't keep him from participating in any ceremony honoring the 1985 Royals at the 2012 MLB All Star Game, and we hope that the young sports writers out there who are products of the "plastic generation" who have little or no emotion or sense of Royals pride understand Frank White's situation and not pretend that they were there when everything was REALLY happening.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

MLB All-Star Game a Warning for the Future?

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After being officially awarded the MLB All-Star game in 2012, many KC fans and residents tuned in to this year’s game and week-long festivities for a glimpse of what the city will experience exactly two years from now. Kansas City officials can only hope that the 2012 All-Star game will be an improvement from this year’s installation, which was the lowest rated ever and received poor reviews across the nation.

The 2010 All-Star game ratings were estimated at 7.5 according to the Nielsen ratings system, the lowest in the game’s history. Not only were viewers disinterested in watching the game on TV, but those who did watch or attend the game complained about a boring, low-scoring affair.

Many of the problems that contributed to the poor interest in this year’s game, such as the early start time, are easily correctable for MLB. Kansas City officials must be concerned with the poor reception this year’s event garnered; if baseball fans continue to ignore the All-Star game, the 2012 event hosted locally could fail to meet revenue expectations for the area.


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