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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chiefs Name Brady Quinn Starting Quarterback

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel has announced that Brady Quinn will start for Kansas City on Sunday, when the team plays rival Oakland. Matt Cassel has been cleared to play following his concussion injury against Baltimore; however Cassel’s poor play to start the year has earned him a spot on the bench.

Cassel has been an enormous disappointment this season, throwing for only five touchdowns next to nine interceptions and a 66.2 QB rating. His fumbles and interceptions have routinely forced the Chiefs defense to defend a short field, and has neutralized a successful ground attack lead by the dynamic Jamaal Charles. To make matters worse, Cassel signed a huge six year, $63 million contract when he was brought to Kansas City by GM Scott Pioli, which makes his poor play even more frustrating to Chiefs fans.

Enter Brady Quinn, the former first round pick out of Notre Dame who has only 393 career pass attempts. Quinn’s career rating is only 65.4, and he has actually produced worse stats than Cassel when he has seen the field for the Chiefs this season. Quinn has shown some flashes of the talent that led to the Browns drafting him in the first round, and Chiefs fans have to hope that Quinn will improve as he gets more playing time. Crennel has stated that he hopes this move helps shakes things up a bit, and that he plans on sticking with Quinn for the foreseeable future.

The Chiefs have stated they are not giving up on Cassel, but this move seems to signify that his days in Kansas City are numbered. Since enjoying a pretty good season two years ago, Cassel hasn’t played well and cannot stay healthy. Is Quinn the answer? Probably not, but he has shown some flashes of arm strength that Cassel seems to lack. Cassel’s contract and play will likely lead to his exit at the end of the year, and Quinn now has a second chance to earn an NFL starting job.

Many also believe that the Chiefs could take a quarterback in next year’s draft, especially if the team continues to lose and finds itself with a top-five pick. It is very likely that the Chiefs could resign Quinn this offseason and let him compete with and help groom a rookie quarterback when the 2013 season begins.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chief's Passing Game - Receivers to Blame

Much talk around Kansas City this week has focused on the play of Chief's QB Matt Cassel. Cassel has not come close to living up to his enormous contract and has been average at best in his short time in Kansas City. However, blaming all of the Chief's passing woes on Cassel is wrong - Kansas City's mediocre receiving corps should shoulder most of the blame.

Until Cassel has a legitimate number one receiver, it is impossible to fully analyze his accomplishments. The Chiefs spent a first round pick on WR Dwayne Bowe, who has, to put it mildly, failed to live up to expectations. Bowe's drop of an easy touchdown catch against the Colts (that would have given the Chiefs a fourth quarter lead) has prompted SI's Peter King to name him the goat of the week. This is the Chief's best wideout? Chris Chambers has all but dissapeared this season as well, leaving Cassel with little to work with with his receivers.

Despite the poor numbers, the Chiefs do have some hope to improve in the passing department. Rookie tight end Tony Moeaki looks like a futre Tony Gonzalez, and has produced at a high level while also providing a few eye-popping grabs. The Chiefs have playmakers who can do a lot after the catch like Dexter McCluster and Jamaal Charles, and the team's strong running game should keep the passing game open.

The team needs to address its problem at receiver quickly for Matt Cassel to have any chance to be a legitimate NFL QB. Until he has the proper talent at wideout, Cassel's performance grade remains an "incomplete."


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