Monday, November 7, 2011

Mizzou Leaving Big 12 for SEC July 1st 2012

After weeks of talk radio talk and rumors, it was finally announced today that Mizzou is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC on July 1st, 2012. There have been many speculations about the MU move, and fans have many different reactions to Missouri leaving the Big 12. Most of the more heated comments have been in reference to the MU - KU rivalry and what Mizzou's move to the SEC will do to that rivalry and the subsequent revenue losses that may occur in Kansas City and in Lawrence because of the MU move from the Big 12.

Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self was quoted today saying that "KU doesn't give a flip about whether or not KU plays Missouri" - and that is ok considering that the MU / KU rivalry really only exists in football, not basketball. KU is usually superior in basketball and usually loses severely to Mizzou in football every year. The Border War game at Arrowhead Stadium does not look like a possibility for 2012 as KU is trying to play down the MU move to the SEC as much as they can. In typical KU fashion, they are jealous that MU is getting more attention than they are, and they are making few if any comments about the future of the MU / KU rivalry that has existed since 1891, making it the longest living college rivalry in history. KU will maintain their history of putting black players on the basketball team but hoping that they don't sit next to them in the stands. Watch a KU basketball game on TV sometime and watch the home crowd at KU - all white people. The only black people at a home KU game are on the court. KU is so hypocritical and Anglo-Sax to the max. We really don't care what they think about Mizzou leaving the Big 12 for greener pastures anyway - they can just keep losing every football game just like they are doing now.

Mizzou, after leaving the Big 12 will face new rivals in the SEC, and a much more difficult schedule, with opponents in Alabama and Florida and other blue ribbon college teams. MU football has always produced pro players such as Jeremy Maclin so they will continue to do so in the SEC with no problem. The only financial loss that may come to the Kansas City area will be at the Sprint Center, but they are not based in Kansas City anyway, with all of their profits going to Maryland, home of Cordish who owns everything in the Power and Light District. It's just unfortunate that KU didn't just pick up their whole university and move it to Alaska somewhere - now THAT would have been a much better move. But, as Kansas City will find out next year, MU will continue to flourish and be a great new addition to the SEC, who officially welcomed them today.

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