Monday, June 20, 2011

Multiple Father's Day Shootings in Kansas City

Happy Father's Day Kansas City! For some reason many around town preferred to celebrate Father's Day by shooting someone and leaving them bleeding in the street. At least four people were shot and killed over the weekend in Kansas City. Not to be left out, early Monday morning KCK tried to get in on the action, failing miserably, as a man was found with non life threatening injuries due to a gunshot.

The festivities started early with the discovery of 19 year old Scott Smith dead of as gunshot wound inside a house in the 8300 block of Lydia. A few hours late, two men were found dead in the street around the 3300 block of Indiana. Later Sunday evening, a fourth man was found dead in the street in the 4100 block of Agnes while police were responding to a report of gunshots.

Bad jokes about Father's Day and Harlem not withstanding, the ghettos of America are filled with children (and adults) who have no father. It's probably the single biggest problem facing blacks in this country; deadbeat, absent father's are more the norm in the urban core than two parent households, and consequently kids are allowed to run the streets.

Maybe the thought of white people celebrating Dad's was just too much to take. Another hot summer in the city -precisely why I don't live in the city anymore.

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Anonymous said...

You mention in this article that the "ghetto" children don't have fathers, but I have a theory on why that might be. Not because they are lazy, or deadbeat in some of the cases. Consider that a black female, can have 3 or 5 kids, a mixed batch, different fathers, etc. If she receives no child support from one, or all of the fathers of her children, she receives a HEALTHY welfare check from the state every month. In fact, I would be willing to bet that some of the black females have as many children as they can just for this purpose, and the black "fathers" know that if they marry them, the kids will actually be WORSE off.

This is what is going on, think about that for awhile.

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