Friday, October 1, 2010

Ochocinco Cereal Box Features Sex Line Telephone Number

If you have children, make sure you buy them Cheerios and other family friendly cereals. Chad Ochocinco's new cereal was suppose to feature a telephone line to link breakfast eaters to a "feed the children" hotline. Instead, the number leads to an adult chatline. And you thought the marshmellows were bad.

Kroger's grocery stores are now pulling all of
Ochocinco's cereal from the shelves. Unfortunately, many were already purchased and several have been featured in grocery store displays. PLB sports, who was responsible for the packaging, has accepted the blame for the error, and will be reissuing boxes with the correct number on them.

Ochocinco had urged his fans to buy his product and to "start your day with a lil suga!" He wasn't kidding. While the outspoken Bengals wideout and
reality TV star may have had his heart in the right place with this one, it is funny that he can't even support a charity to help children without some sort of controversy popping up. At least this media attention came from trying to do a good deed, rather than his previous attention-hogging antics like racing a horse or challenging Michael Phelps to a swimming contest. In the end, maybe this will help him sell more cereal and raise more money for his charity.

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