Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Man Charged With Bethany Deaton's Murder Claims Her Husband, An International House Of Prayer Leader, Ordered The Killing

Micah Moore

Yesterday, Jackson County prosecutors reported that Micah Moore, who has been charged with the murder of Bethany Ann Deaton, claimed that he was instructed to kill Deaton on the order of her husband Tyler.

Tyler Deaton, Bethany’s husband, is a spiritual leader of a group that uses sex as a part of its religious mission. Moore claims that he and other members of the religious group engaged in a series of sexual assaults on Bethany at a house in Grandview, MO, where many of the group members live. Moore then stated that Tyler Deaton ordered him to kill Bethany. Tyler is now officially under investigation for his wife’s murder.

During questioning at Grandview police headquarters, Moore explained that he and other members of the group gave Bethany Deaton Seroquel, a prescription ant-psychotic drug, before sexually assaulting her. Moore claims that the men in the house then engaged in sexual acts with Tyler Deaton. According to Moore, Deaton ordered his wife to be killed afterwards due to his fear that she would reveal the activity in the house to her therapist.

Bethany Deaton’s body is currently being examined by the Jackson County medical examiner’s office. Her body was discovered on October 30 in a van at Longview Lake with a plastic bag over her head, her killers intending for her death to be an apparent suicide.

Deaton and several acquaintances joined the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, although the group’s president, Allen Hood, has claimed that Deaton is part of a group that has operated separately from IHOP “under a veil of secrecy.” Bethany Deaton was one of those who followed Tyler to Kansas City from Texas.

Bethany Deaton had been working as a nurse at Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park, KS, and had planned to serve as a missionary overseas with Tyler.

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Anonymous said...

Look up IHOP and Mike Bickle in google you'll find all kinds of cult like stories and stuff. Don't be surprised if Tyler Deaton explains the source of this sexual deviancy is due to Bickle's strange Bridegroom of Jesus misinterpretation of the Song of Solomon! Look that up too... It's bizzare! Sexualize Jesus... Christians have Jesus living in them... Have sex with other Christians (male OR female)... = having sex with Jesus!!!! Even IHOPU has a subtle sexual connotation!

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