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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emanuel Cleaver Confident in the Face of Redistricting

There is a Federal census every 10 years as mandated in the U. S. Constitution. For those of you that didn't notice, that census was in 2010. The year after the census, State Legislatures must decide if, and how districts should be changed to reflect the changing population centers. Sometimes states even lose or gain seats. That's what is happening in Missouri right now. Starting with the 2012 Congressional elections, Missouri will have 8 Representatives, down from 9 currently.

What does all this mean? The Missouri State Legislature is heavily Republican (roughly two thirds). Locally, it will mean that the seat currently held by my (and your) favorite Congressman will certainly have to be enlarged. That will not be an advantage for the Honorable (cough, cough) Mr. Cleaver. Likely, his district will include more of eastern Jackson County like Blue Springs, Oak Grove, etc - and possibly even parts of the Northland in Kansas City. These areas are heavily more conservative than the inner city where Cleaver currently holds strong support. He may have to actually run on ideas rather than race.

Representative Cleaver, who currently heads the Socialist and Race Baiting Congressional Black Caucus, remains confident about his political future. He probably is safe, The Justice Department will be called on if neccesary to enforce a provision of the Voting Rights Act that virtually assures a majority black district stays that way. But he may have to listen a little harder to all of his constituants, black and white.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jacob Turk for Congress

Though I have always been interested in politics, generally speaking these days voting is a case of which crooked insider wants in my pocket the least. Most, if not all of today's national politicians are corrupted within a few years of being in Washington - if they are not already corrupt upon election. Party leaders try to get heir claws in them from the time a Freshman Congressman steps off the plane.

Emanual Cleaver II is no exception. Once thought to be an independent thinker, he is just another vote for the Democratic agenda of higher taxes, more programs and less economic freedom. He and the Black Caucus trot down to Cuba to meet with Castro and proclaim and say what a great guy he is? Are you Kidding me? Castro is a Dictator, pure and simple - what a great and wonderful human being living in luxury while the rest of his country lives in poverty without the personal freedoms we take for granted.

In Missouri's 5th District (Kansas City-South of the River to Lees Summit and south on 71hwy to Harrisonville area), Jacob Turk is running for Congress against Emanual Cleaver. Jacob Turk is a regular guy, not a politician - at least not yet. He is a family man with strong fiscally conservative ideals - this is what our country needs right now. He is opposed to National Health Care - Cap and Trade (which imposes taxes on energy - higher electric and gas bills) - and more stimulus packages. Though he is a little too conservative on social issues for my taste, I am willing to overlook this to get this country back on the right track economically. Polling has shown that Turk is in striking distance of Cleaver. Let's send Cleaver back home. Vote early and Often!


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