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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NFL Targets Binge Drinking

According to an article written by Michael McCarthy of USA Today, the NFL is targeting binge drinking by fans attending NFL games. Staying consistent with the NFL's "Fan Code of Conduct," it is recommending that all NFL teams to limit alcohol consumption to no more than two (2) 20-ounce beers or one (1) 24-ounce beer per transaction, two (2) 6-ounce servings of wine, or two (2) 1 1/2-ounce servings of liquor per transaction. Additionally, it is recommending to all 32 teams that they open the gates or parking lots no more than 3 1/2 hours prior to kick-off. Within the tailgate, they are asking stadium authorities to better monitor and enforce rules against the excessive use of alcohol. To boot, each cup sold in the stadium will state "Fans don't let fans drive drunk."

Good Luck!! While I respect the intent for this is focused, it is nothing more than the NFL doing a little positive P.R. For a league that continually makes promotional deals with beer manufacturers, increases attendance to the games through tailgating, and, most importantly, makes a small mint in selling alcohol at their games, this can be nothing more than the league attempting to look like the good guy. Yes. They can reduce the container size and quantity per sale within the stadium, they don't have a prayer of stopping people from over consumption. If a fan wants a beer, believe me, they are going to find a way to get one.

More ridiculous is the idea that they will be able to limit and enforce the consumption of tailgating fans. I mean, what are the going to do, put a police officer every ten feet out in the lot and start keeping count for everyone? To boot, stadiums like Arrowhead and Lambeau Field generally are self-consuming for tailgating fans. In some metropolitan cities, take St. Louis, there is no general tailgating area. They take over random parking lots and bars throughout the city. I would love to see the game plan for those types of cities.

While I believe it admirable that the NFL is publicly addressing the issue of over served fans and the quality of the game day experience, this is nothing more than a ploy. Anyone annoyed by drunk, loud fans probably shouldn't attend an NFL game. Cite Joe Nammath asking for a kiss on live television. Furthermore, if you are so naive to take young children to the game and be offended by the acts of fans around you who paid for their tickets as well, that's your issue. This rule will be a sacrificial lamb at best. To quote Billy Joel "Every drunk must have his drink."


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