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Friday, September 17, 2010

Michael Vick Gets Shot at Redemption

Few professional athletes, or human beings for that matter, fell harder than Michael Vick did two years ago. Vick, a former number one pick, had enjoyed three pro bowls and had led his Atlanta Falcons to an NFC Title game and what seemed to be a bright future.

Then it happened. Vick, found guilty of soliciting illegal dog fighting at his home, went to jail, and his career was seemingly over. A quarterback who once signed the richest deal in NFL history was seemingly finished, another cautionary tale of an athlete who had everything, and foolishly squandered it all away.

Sports can be funny though. For every nine athletes that go to jail and are never heard from again, there is always that one who makes a comeback. Vick signed with the Eagles to be a decoy type player. Maybe run a little wildcat, line up in the slot. No one thought he would ever be a starting quarterback again.

Fast forward to this season. The Eagles deal long-time starter Donovan McNabb to Washington, Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion and Vick found himself leading a gusty comeback attempt against Green Bay, in which he moved the chains all day with his arm and legs and nearly pulled off the comeback. Vick may never be a long-term starter again, but starting this week, he has a chance at some redemption and an opportunity to prove a nation wrong.


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