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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Google Fiber Internet Cable TV Coming to Kansas City

Although Google Fiber will only be available in central Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas (Kansas City, Kansas? Really?), Google Fiber, Google's new cable tv and internet service, will debut right here in Kansas City. Most likely Google is looking at Kansas City as a "test site", a medium sized town who's local news doesn't travel much further than the state borders, and should the product need some tweaking before it is presented in major cities, news won't spread of any customer dissatisfaction in any significant capacity.

Google Fiber in Kansas City claims to be able to reach a speed of 1 Gigabite per second, which is 100 times faster than the fastest current internet speeds available through various companies in Kansas City at this time. You may be asking why a normal residential household would need that much speed when actually, a lot of your internet speeds as people perceive them are dependent upon the speed of the website or web service that you are accessing. In other words, no matter how fast YOUR home computer internet speed is, if you are watching videos on YouTube or internet TV on NetFlix, you are only going to be able to go as fast as those sites will allow you at any given time. If YouTube is bogged down with high traffic volumes at a particular time of day, it wouldn't matter if you had NASA's computer in your house, you would only get the stream as fast as YouTube can give it to you.

What a more likely scenario is going to be this: Google is going to attempt to dominate every facet of the home user's universal online participation. This will include a new Google Fiber social network, as their Google+ program has essentially FAILED compared to Facebook - not even close. Google Plus is a TERRIBLE product and they are either going to radically change the way it connects people, or they are just going to start something completely new. Obviously Google does not own Facebook and therefore the new Google Fiber will most likely attempt to steer people away from Facebook and into the world of Google Fiber in some way that is yet to be seen.

We know that Google is heavily tied into both Netflix and YouTube so expect those two components to be major factors in Google Fiber. It is a wait and see type of situation. They are talking about charging $120.00 per month for internet and HD Cable TV at this point. To check to see if your part of town will have Google Fiber, visit

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