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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kansas City Recovering From Winter Storm

Kansas City is still trying to recover after being hit by a massive winter storm over the past 24 hours. The metro was blanketed in snow, with accumulations of anywhere between 10 to 13 inches.

The snow fell at a rate as rapid as three inches per hour, which quickly made roads dangerous and led to many motorists being stranded or, even worse, wrecking their vehicle. Drivers who had a car stranded or towed are urged to call the city at 816-607-2000 before visiting the city tow lot to retrieve their vehicle. Some vehicles are located at the impound lot at 7750 E. Front St., while others may have been taken to a Missouri Department of Transportation site.

While the snowfall has stopped, the Kansas Department of Transportation is still urging those in the metro to avoid driving, if possible. Many roads are still in poor condition, and road crews and towing companies are still extremely busy.

The storm forced Kansas City International Airport to close down, however KCI has reopened today. A UPS plane was the first to land, and reported good traction on the runway. While the airport is open, many flights have been affected, and a total of 51 flights were still cancelled as of this morning. Anyone traveling in the near future should check their flight status at

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