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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dan Walsh Shot in Police Standoff - Kansas City News

Photo of the crime scene - NOT a photo of Dan Walsh's home

KCPD Involved in Standoff and Eventually Shooting of Dan Walsh by Kansas City News

Sunday afternoon around 3pm Kansas City Police reported to the home of Dan Walsh in south Kansas City to investigate a situation involving a firearm. When police arrived at the home of Dan Walsh (58), he came outside holding a handgun, fired off a round and then returned inside the home. Police quickly escalated the operation by bringing in several squad cars and some SWAT members armed and taking aim at the man's home. The street was closed down temporarily and the KCPD quickly got into position to fire upon the house if necessary.

After about 20 minutes of trying to reason with the home owner, the man finally emerged from his house again, this time brandishing a rifle. This time the police were shouting at the man to "DROP THE GUN!", when the man didn't comply and instead ran into his neighbor's front yard police opened fire. Police later told the press that Dan had actually pointed his rifle at the policemen. Kansas City police shot 3 times and killed Dan Walsh in the neighbor's yard and he immediately fell to the ground. As Walsh was being loaded into an ambulance police told neighbors that Dan's "injuries were not life threatening", but they obviously knew that they had shot and killed him. According to our interview with close neighbors, he was shot to death immediately in his neighbor's yard, as he fell to ground instantly and did not move at all after he went down.

Dan Walsh was a very inspired man who enjoyed his family and friends and had plans to move to Mexico to enjoy his retirement with his wife. Dan was active on Ebay selling slot cars and had over 8,000 positive feedbacks. In the 80's and 90's Dan remodeled houses and worked on several houses in his neighborhood. Walsh was also an excellent basketball player and all around athlete. He was a devoted father and husband and participated in the Kansas City community in several ways including being a soccer coach for a local sports team. Dan lived life to the fullest every day that he was alive and he will be missed by all.

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