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Monday, April 11, 2011

Charl Schwartzel Wins Masters

The 2011 Masters will go down as one of the wildest in history, with several storylines that weaved together to provide plenty of drama on golf's biggest stage. However, when the smoke cleared, it was Charl Schwartzel who was wearing the green jacket.

Before Schwartzel made his dominant run to claim the jacket, golf fans had gotten everything they could ever want from a Masters tournament. There was the triumphant return of Tiger Woods for starters. Woods made a furious comeback to take a share of the lead, only to run out of steam on the last nine holes. While Woods ended up tying for fourth place, the tournament was a lot more suspensful with him in the mix. If Tiger continues to improve, he may yet again be the world's best golfer. If this weekend was any indication, he is on his way.

Then there was the epic collapse of poor Rory McIlroy, the young phenom from Northern Ireland who entered the final round with a four stroke lead. McIlroy then proceeded to shoot an 8 over 80, the worst final round in Masters history for a player who entered the day with the lead. McIlroy will be back, however his collapse will sting for a long time.

While all the drama of McIlroy and Woods was hogging the headlines, Aussies Adam Scott and Jason Day silently kept playing tremendous golf. Each would finish just short, however, as Schwartzel ended up being nearly unbeatable. The South African finished his final round with four straight birdies, never letting Scott or Day sniff the lead despite their incredible play. Schwartzel is the ninth ranked golfer in the world according to ESPN, so his win wasn't too much of a surprise. However, he has now joined the elite company of golfers who own a major championship, and certainly earned it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tiger Woods' Struggles: Will He Ever Get "It" Back?

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Tiger Woods used to be the best golfer on tour. He used to be dominant. No really, he was, I promise. The golfer was supposed to be returning to form at Bridgestone Invitational, an event he has dominated in the past. However, Woods currently sits at 75th place, prompting the question of when, if ever, is he going to get "it" back.

By now the crazy events of Woods' car accident and infidelities seem like ancient history. After the media storm died down and Woods left sex rehab, he returned to the sport that he had dominated since a teen. Woods actually started out right where he left off, placing fourth at the Masters and seemingly prepared to catapult back to the top. However, Woods seems to be heading backwards, and now he is struggling at an event that used to be more news worthy when he didn't win.

Perhaps Woods still hasn't gotten over the personal drama he dealt with last fall, or perhaps he is still shaking off the cobwebs after spending time away from the course. At this point though, asking if Woods will ever return to form is a serious question. The sport needs Woods to be successful, however given Woods' latest results, that wait could be longer than anyone expected.


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