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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warped Tour Death Kansas City - 26 Year Old Man Dies at Sandstone

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Reports are in that a 26 year old man died Monday at Sandstone Amphitheater while attending the Warped Tour.  According to Warped Tour concert goers several people were passing out at the concert and at least 2 people were taken to the hospital to be treated for dehydration.

The death has not been officially confirmed and there are rumors about that the death was a girl.  Concert attendees complain that the price of water at the Warped Tour was too high at $4 per bottle.

There were several heat related deaths in Kansas City on Monday, more details coming soon.

Update:  Police told us that the young man's name was Curtis Alan DeForest and that he was from Wichita, Kansas.  Foul play is not suspected - but since it's the Warped Tour we're assuming that alcohol / controlled substances were involved.  Who could listen to that crappy music and not be on something?

 We were also informed that water supply was plentiful at the concert that day via several hoses, pipes and misters that were set up around Sandstone throughout the Warped Tour show.


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