Friday, August 28, 2009

Plaza Apartment Residents Complain of Foul Smell

Residents at 621 Regis, a large apartment building on the Plaza just off of Ward Parkway, have been complaining of a foul smell coming from one of the apartments on the 6th Floor for the last week.

The cause of the smell was uncovered at 3:35pm today when police entered the apartment to find a the dead body of a middle aged male.

Neighbors on either side of the victim reported that he had often called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital for unknown reasons. The man appeared to be fine during the day and then he would become loud and incoherent at night - and occasionally rushed to the hospital.

Either the gentleman had a medical condition and should not have been left alone, or he voluntarily took his own life with alcohol or medication. There are no signs of foul play and the fact that his body had been apparently decaying in the apartment for days would suggest that he was alone at the time of his death.

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