Monday, August 9, 2010

Man Walks Entire Amazon River

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While you have been working, sleeping and enjoying a normal life over the past two years, Ed Stafford has been making better use of his time. Well, insane may be the better word; Stafford just completed a two-year journey in which he navigated through the entire Amazon river.

Stafford, a former Army captain, had grown bored in his new life as a stock broker and decided to challenge himself... by walking the length of a river. He encountered disease, deadly creatures and hostile natives, but was able to persist through all of it and finish his journey.

Stafford's tale may sound crazy to most of us, however it is a very inspirational tale. Many people have walked a long distance as a challenge or to raise awareness for a cause, few have walked a long distance through a long and dangerous river. Next time I'm bored and looking for something to spice up my life, I might follow in Stafford's muddy footprints. Or I could just keep playing golf.

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