Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bed Bug Problem Comes to Kansas City Area

Everyone has heard the old saying "Sleep Tight, don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!" Apparently that is great advice, maybe now more than ever. It seems there is a bit of a bed bug problem sweeping across the country. The problem seems to be centered on the Eastern Seaboard, but is rapidly spreading to areas that rarely see the problem. According to www.bedbugregistry.com , a website where people can report bed bug sightings at hotels, There have been several sightings in the Kansas City Area, including some very nice hotels. This isn't just a problem for the Super 8s of the World.

Bed Bugs are small (4mm) insects that feed exclusively on the blood of mammals. They get the name "bed bug" for their tendency to live in human beds. This obviously lends itself to feeding on human blood during the night hours. Though Bed bugs do not spread disease like other insect bites, their bites can cause rash, and are uncomfortable physically and mentally disturbing. They can be difficult to spot (though they can be seen with the naked), and are very difficult to get rid of.

The problem is bad enough that the first ever "Bed Bug Summit" was held in Chicago last week. Four hundred people, including exterminators, government agencies, and researchers, turned out to share ideas on detection (including bug sniffing dogs) and eradication. New industries are literally popping up to combat the growing problem. A popular method of killing the bugs includes heating your furniture to 180 degrees to kill the creatures. Locally, a Plaza highrise used this method to exterminate bed bugs. Residents were displaced for three days.


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