Thursday, June 23, 2011

Census Shows White Babies are Minority

It's finally happened. According to new census data, white babies are the minority in the United States. It will now be a matter of time before white folks are the minority race in this country, and Democrats will be able to completely plunder the wealth of the United States with the help of welfare cows and community organizers.

The figures also show that the number of black households headed by women outnumbers the black households headed by two parents. This sad truth goes hand in hand with the violence that plagues our inner cities - Kansas City being no exception. The rash of shootings in Kansas City is on a record pace, while our new black mayor gives lip service to the problem.

Twelve States and DC now have white populations below 50 percent in children 5 and under, that's up from six on the 2000 census. At the current rate, 7 more states will have a white minority under 5 at the next census (in 10 years).

Our only hope as a nation is that minorities, and blacks specifically reverse their current attitudes as absentee fathers, and lazy entitlement culture that plagues the American Ghettos. God help us.


Anonymous said...

Did you also notice the higher increase in the Two or More Races section. I wonder if this has anything to do with your beautiful blue eyed women LOVING the dark and choclate. Your a racist, but your daughter's not.

Mr Wonderful said...

12:02 - Are you suggesting that these attitudes I describe are not the biggest problem in the inner city black community? Or can one be "racist" and correct at the same time? If not, then what are the biggest factors leading to the murder rate and general decay found there? And I realize it's complicated, but a strong family setting will take care of many of the other problems - education, etc.

Anonymous said...

Gonna have to agree with comment 10:15, if it's true then it is just a statement of fact. If race happens to be involved, that is just part of the story and being a minority myself I don't believe that this was a racist post. Just sayin.

Yelling "Racist" is just plain lazy... said...

Well, the photo is definitely racist. But the article is not, it's speaks the truth that people are just afraid to say because every moron on the planet knows how to yell "RACIST" and get attention now. Whether they got past the 8th grade or not. Yelling "Racist" is just a safety word for when someone with low intelligence doesn't know how to analyze the real problem at hand. Don't worry though, minority sympathizers, the Democrats will hold the office for four more years of welfare and entitlement. Come on Welfare!

Anonymous said...

Well folks, once again the spelling and grammar say it all. Cynkara, you are a complete moron. Now get in the back and check on my hamburger, and don't forget the extra cheese.

Anonymous said...

What kind of name is Cynkara? You might as well be named "Bush Baby", and not after the great President, but after the thing that grows in the ground.

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