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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big 12 Signs Long Term Deal With Fox Sports

On Wednesday, Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe announced a new TV Deal with Fox Sports for Big 12 Football. The Deal starts next year (the 2012 season) and runs for 13 years. Financial terms weren't disclosed by Beebe, but insiders say the deal is worth $1.17 billion ($90 million/yr). Other experts also said the deal could have been worth more, but the Conference insisted that Fox televise KU games as well. Add that to the $65 million annually that the Big 12 already gets from ESPN/ABC and that's a whole pile of money. Each school stands to get around $20 million after you add in other revenue from sources like the NCAA Tournament and Merchandise.

Just 10 months ago the Big 12 looked as if it might disband all together as two members fled to other Conferences and perceived greener pastures. Commissioner Beebe kept the remaining ten members together with the promise of a new TV deal that would keep the institutions flush with cash. More than that, it seems assured now that the Big 12 with 10 teams is a viable league for the long term.

All of this is good news for Kansas City, whether you are a college sports fan or not. Revenue is generated by the Big 12 coming here for their Conference Tournaments and Football games played at Arrowhead Stadium. The basketball tournament alone is said to have a $14 million impact on our local economy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Big 12 Survival Still Possible

The new network, which would be modeled after the Big 10’s successful network, could produce anywhere between $17 to $20 million dollars for the remaining schools. The Big 12 would also split the penalties Colorado and Nebraska would be forced to pay for leaving the conference, adding further financial incentive for the remaining schools to possibly stay and salvage the conference.
The move may be too little too late from Beebe, who has been criticized for his lack of a proactive approach throughout the various progressions of conference realignment news. The Pac 10 has reportedly already offered Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State spots in the conference, in addition to Colorado who has already committed.
Texas A&M is reportedly interested in the SEC and has turned down the Pac 10, which may now be targeting Kansas. Pac 10 Commissioner Larry Scott has reportedly flown to Kansas City to talk to KU officials as early as Monday morning.
Beebe’s actions and many of the Big 12’s schools desire to stay put may save the conference. However it appears everything hinges on the decision of Texas. The schools must decide what is best for their future first and what is best for the rest of the Big 12 schools second. No matter what happens, it appears that an outcome should be coming soon that will significantly or insignificantly shake up college sports.


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