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Friday, September 10, 2010

Traffic Deaths Reach a 60 Year Low

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data regarding Traffic Fatalities for 2009. Their findings showed the lowest number of fatalities ever recorded. The telling statistic is 1.13 traffic deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. The drop has been attributed to several factors. Most notably, new, safer vehicles. Every year vehicles are equipped with better technology to increase survivability of automobile accidents. Rollover technology and improved braking systems lead the way. Seat belt use is also up, and drunk driving down, though drinking still plays a role in over 30% of fatal accidents. One "expert" also cited less distracted driving as a potential factor, although it seems to me about half the people on the road are on the phone at any given time.

Locally, Missouri and Kansas generally followed the same trend. 2008 was the lowest year on record for traffic deaths in Kansas and they only had 2 more (386) in 2009. Missouri's fatal crashes were the lowest in 60 years. Missouri can probably thank a huge improvement in their road quality. A perennial laughing stock - in the last several years, quality roads has been a priority in the Show Me State. The economy can also not be ruled out as a factor. People are taking less vacations - shorter distances from home than in the past. Less nights out for the family (more folks staying at home and not driving) also would play a role.

Lets hope this trend continues. Vehicles on the road will get even safer as older models are traded in for newer ones. Awareness of distracted driving is increasing, and seat belt use is becoming commonplace. Stiffer penalties for drinking and driving could help reduce the number of drinking related crashes.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Massive Crashes on I-70

Kansas City police and rescue workers had their hands full last night, with a multiple vehicle crash taking place on I-70 east of the sports complex. The accidents occured when Chiefs fans were on their way to Arrowhead Stadium before the Chiefs' final preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. The pileup comes on the heels of Kansas roads being named third best in the nation.

Around 12 vehicles were estimated to have been in a single crash, which occured on I-70 near Pittman road. The crash closed the eastbound lanes on I-70, and several people were taken to the hospital for injuries. Reports now indicate that traffic is flowing freely again, however there has been no news on the injuries.

Given the chaotic nature of driving to and from football games, it is surprising that incidents like the one that happened last night are not frequent. Traffic is intense, people are continuously trying to move into a better position and alcohol is often involved. Hopefully this crash will make Cheifs and Royals' fans more cautious when driving to and from the stadium.



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