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Monday, August 10, 2009

Epic Entertainment -Starlight Theater Denies Horizon Academy Their Wishes

Epic Entertainment Kansas City, who recently took over the events at Starlight Theater, has done the unthinkable. Epic Entertainment received a deposit from a local charity - "Horizons Academy" - in advance for their 2010 annual fundraiser on good faith from Horizons that they would be able to put on a similar event as the previous successful year.  Horizons Academy submitted their deposit money to Epic Entertainment and they were told that Epic would be choosing their entertainment for them and that they were going to deny them their request for their favorite Kansas City band (the band that had put their event over the top the previous year).  Horizons Academy is a local Kansas City Charity which is a learning disabilities school specializing in educating students with learning disabilities. Here's what they got from Epic Entertainment...

Horizons Academy previously held their annual charity fundraiser in 2009 at Starlight Theater, managed by Epic Entertainment, with the most successful fundraiser in Horizon's history. Horizons Academy, incredibly happy with the 2009 fundraiser results, requested the same local band for the 2010 fundraiser after booking The Starlight Theater. Epic Entertainment, who has been openly criticized by many of Kansas City's big name bands, told Horizon's Academy that they would not allow Horizons to have the same band again in 2010.

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