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Friday, May 4, 2012

First Fridays The Whole Person Charity Organization - Kansas City News

Kansas City Charity Event - The Whole Person Art Exhibition at First Fridays

First Fridays are popping here in Kansas City and tonight will be no exception.  Tonight local Kansas City charity organization The Whole Person will be holding a special First Friday Art Exhibition featuring artwork by artists with disabilities.  The gallery will be open from 5pm - 9pm tonight at will be held at The Jones Gallery at 1717 Walnut in downtown Kansas City.  The Whole Person First Friday gallery showing will feature live music by "The La De Dahs" sponsored by Adam Blue Productions and also snacks and beverages in the gallery.  Support the local Kansas City art community and also a great charity organization and stop by for a look at some wonderful artwork by artists with disabilities.  - by Kansas City News

Featured artists at The Whole Person gallery will be:

Janice Atkins: “I use art to express my idea of beauty. I see beauty in the patterns I paint; I see beauty in bright colors.” Janice Atkins was born in Belmont, California and moved to Kansas City in 1966. At age 27, Janice was diagnosed with schizophrenia and became disabled. Janice graduated with an art degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and has won numerous awards for her work. Seven of her paintings are in the permanent collection at the Spencer Museum in Lawrence, Kansas. “At first, I used reflective objects to see myself in a new way... That is what my work is all about. Exploring new ways of seeing.” - by Kansas City News

Dianne Dickerson: “How do I use art to express who I am? Recipe: I take a pen or a paintbrush, say a prayer, and begin in the present moment, add memories, and a splash of imagination.” Dianne has lived in the Kansas City area for over two decades and likes the vibrancy of the arts and the cultural diversity in Kansas City. She has taught art, special education and GED classes for 22 years. Dianne says her bi-polar illness, diagnosed in 1982, has helped her be a more accepting teacher and given her an appreciation of the capabilities of persons with physical, mental and emotional challenges. - by Kansas City News

About The Whole Person Charity Organization

The Whole Person is a Center for Independent Living founded in 1978 as a private, non-residential, non- profit organization providing a full range of community-based services for people with disabilities. For more than 30 years, TWP has been a leader in representing people with both mental and physical disabilities and providing independent living services to residents of Kansas and Missouri. TWP assists people with disabilities to live independently and encourages change within the community to expand opportunities for independent living.  This First Fridays art exhibition will be showcasing artwork by artists with disabilities displayed at The Jones Gallery by The Whole Person. - by Kansas City News

For more information contact The Whole Person · 3420 Broadway, Suite 105 · Kansas City, MO 64111 phone 816.561.0304 · fax 816.753.8163 · toll free 800.878.3037

First Fridays - What Is It?

First Fridays, held every first Friday of the month from April through September, is an open art exhibition located in the Crossroads District in downtown Kansas City.  Full city blocks are lined with art galleries that will have their doors wide open for people to come in and browse different kinds of artwork by Kansas City artists.  Most galleries will have some sort of theme, some have food and also alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages that you can purchase while you browse the artwork.  It is a festival of sorts and it is a wonderful time to get out into the heart of the city and enjoy an early Friday evening with friends. - by Kansas City News

Kansas City Charity Event 2012 - The Whole Person First Fridays May 4th

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