Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roadblocks, Checkpoints by Kansas City Police for Valid Driver's License Check

KCMO police claim that Kansas City drivers who drive without a valid driver's license are 4 times more likely to be involved in or cause a fatal car crash.  This statistic most likely stemmed from a recent incident that claimed the life of a 12 year old boy in a fatal car wreck on 71 highway (the ghetto highway) and Gregory that involved Clayton R. Dunlap and Damian Slayton.  Clayton R. Dunlap was apparantly driving under the influence of PCP as he was speeding westbound on Gregory when he attempted to run a stoplight and struck a line of 5 cars waiting at the light.  The first car that Dunlap struck was a silver volkswagon that held passengers Damian Slayton and his mother Bri Kneisley.  Damian Slayton was fatally injured and pronounced dead at the scene while his mother Bri was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after suffering severe brain damage.  Damian Slayton was said to have been a model student with a bright future who loved to read and make people laugh.  He was a student at Nowlin Middle School.  Clayton Dunlap is being charged with 2nd Degree Murder and 1 count of felony driving according to the State of Missouri Courts.

The City of Kansas City is most likely reacting to this incident by putting up the roadblocks / checkpoints to check for valid driver's licenses.  Clayton Dunlap had a record of 16 violations involving driving while suspended or revoked and Kansas City Police say that he was a high risk driver.  KCMO police will be setting up roadblocks and checkpoints starting May 6th to check for drivers such as Clayton Dunlap driving while suspended or revoked.  Or, as we are hoping, they will find several illegal Mexican yard workers during the search and get them off the road as well.  Definitely start the search in Olathe, as they have the highest percentage of Mexican yard workers driving around clogging up 119th street and 135th street, respectively.

Drivers without valid driver's licenses beware!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chiefs get Monday Night Game to Start KC Chiefs Season

Monday night game for The Kansas City Chiefs - Game one - Home Opener vs. The San Diego Chargers

Well, it hasn't happened since 2004 vs. The New England Patriots but our Kansas City Chiefs have got themselves a Monday night game!  The Chiefs will battle the San Diego Chargers in the home opener on Monday September 13th.  Arrowhead will be full of surprises including a halftime performance by The KC All Stars, two time winners of the "Best Band in Kansas City" Award.  The Chiefs game will start at 9:15pm.  Too bad for all of the office Bobs and office Barbies - will have to call in sick for work on Tuesday.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made several great moves this offseason, and everyone is excited to see who else they add during the NFL draft on Thursday.  The Kansas City Chiefs are slotted to draft in the #5 slot.  Names that have been dropped as possibles for the Chiefs are Eric Berry, Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga, Morgan Burnett, and safety stand-out Golden Tate, who played for coach Haley in college.  The Chiefs have already made great moves including bringing in our personal friend Ryan Lilja - who we can tell you first hand was not happy in Indy - as well as the tandem running backs of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles.

Clark Hunt stated that "this would not be your usual home opener" so expect lots of surprises as Kansas City fans party late into the night on a school night at the Monday night home opener.

KC Chiefs Schedule:

Kansas City Chiefs PRESEASON
Date Opponent Time TV
Friday, Aug. 13 at Atlanta 7 p.m. KCTV5
Saturday Aug. 21 at Tampa Bay 6:30 p.m. KCTV5
Friday, Aug. 27 Philadelphia 7 p.m. KCTV5
Thursday, Sept. 2 Green Bay 7 p.m. KCTV5
Kansas City Chiefs REGULAR SEASON

Monday, Sept. 13 San Diego 9:15 p.m. ESPN
Sunday, Sept. 19 at Cleveland Noo
Sunday, Sept. 26 San Francisco Noon
Sunday, Oct. 10 at Indianapolis Noon
Sunday, Oct. 17 at Houston Noon
Sunday, Oct. 24 Jacksonville Noon
Sunday, Oct. 31 Buffalo Noon
Sunday, Nov. 7 at Oakland 3:15 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 14 at Denver 3:05 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 21 Arizona Noon
Sunday, Nov. 28 at Seattle 3:05 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 5 Denver Noon
Sunday, Dec. 12 at San Diego 3:15 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 19 at St. Louis Noon
Sunday, Dec. 26 Tennessee Noon
Sunday, Jan. 2 Oakland Noon

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Jonas Brothers World Tour Cancelled Rumor

Jonas Brothers World Tour Cancelled?

20 minutes ago The Jonas Brothers tweeted that they have canceled their 2010 world tour.  We know that Nick Jonas has had an upper respiratory infection and they had to cancel a show in Zurich which was to kick off their 2010 world tour.  They were supposed to resume the tour in Bilbao, Spain next week.

Most believe that the announcement that The Jonas Brothers World Tour being canceled is just a rumor, and we do too.  There isn't any info on the Jonas Brothers website about the cancellation, and who can trust the accuracy of Tweets.  But if it is true we will be the first to let you know.

In other Jonas Brothers news the group's show "Jonas" has been approved for a 2nd season on Disney.  They will begin shooting in February of 2011 after their world tour, supposing that the tour hasn't really been cancelled!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kauffman Center for The Performing Arts - New building downtown Kansas City

Kauffman Center for The Performing Arts - The New Building in Town

At first glance from I-35 heading into downtown last fall it looked like The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts was a building that was being torn down, not in the process of being built.  There were strange rusty old steel beams bent inward - and the building looked like it was built in the 20's.

As it turns out, those rusty steel bent beams are going to turn into a state of the art two-venue performing arts center, focused on enriching the lives of Kansas Citians with performances by The Kansas City Symphony, The Lyric Opera, and the enduring Kansas City Ballet, which has always received most of it's support from The Kauffman family.

The Performance Center interior will include two separate halls in The Helzberg Hall and The Muriel Kauffman Hall.  The halls will feature touring acts including Broadway and off-Broadway plays, dance troupes, local Kansas City Entertainment and other touring shows.  The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is in an ideal location just blocks away from the Power and Light District, where guests can dine at great Kansas City Restaurants before the show and then grab a drink after the show if they like.  The Kauffman Center for The Performing Arts will contribute to the popularity of a downtown Kansas City that was once thought to be doomed.  It is becoming clearer and clearer that Kansas City is putting themselves on the map as a "real" city.

For a limited time, you can make a donation of $2500.00 - $10,000.00 and name a seat in the theater.  The fee requires a yearly renewal, however, to maintain your seat.   Contact info:

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
906 Grand Blvd., 11th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: 816-994-7200

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Plaza Brawl on the Plaza in front of Movie Theater

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The Plaza broke out into an all out brawl on Saturday night as hundreds of teenagers, mostly minorities, gathered in front of The Plaza Movie Theaters and proceeded to turn into a mob. Check out the video:

Plaza Brawl in Front of Movie Theater Video

It looks like it is definitely a specific race that is involved. Surely there are movie theaters in the ghetto that would be closer to home for these youths? The Plaza is supposed to be an upscale shopping area for people who legitimately want to spend money and help to keep the Plaza Merchants in business. It is obvious that these people don't have any intention of shopping or spending money - they are just gathering together to hook up and of course, to fight.

This is basically the under aged version of what goes on most weekend nights in Westport. When the "possies" gather in their stupid pimp mobiles and drive around in circles around the Westport area - and of course shooting people (over 30 shootings in Westport in 2009).

In situations like the plaza brawls and gathering of teens in these locations there is a common theme. Some of the kids are actually there to spend money and go to the movies, etc. But the majority of the crowd, and usually the ones who cause trouble are just there to "hang out", drive around in their cars with the "boom boom" music playing and try to attract other's attention. This is also why they can't open up any large dance clubs anymore, the people who actually do go to the dance clubs to have a good time in the club are threatened and harassed by the "thug" crowd that just shows up to hang out in the parking lot, cause trouble and again, SHOOT PEOPLE. This plaza brawl incident is just those future criminals "warming up" for the big time, where they sit outside nightclubs, drive around in circles booming their stereos and occasionally shooting people.

In most cases like this, it is the nearby businesses that are hurt the most. Several of the local Plaza Merchants had to lock their doors! And that is not fair! Find somewhere to hang out in your own neighborhood.

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