Thursday, September 30, 2010

American Royal BBQ 2010 - Tickets for Kansas City

American Royal BBQ 2010 - Tickets for Kansas City, Bands, Entertainment, Info

A lot has changed in recent years regarding Kansas City's biggest BBQ contest. For those of you who have never been, the American Royal BBQ contest is a giant grid of private parties who are entered in the BBQ competition. It's basically like a bunch of little backyard BBQ parties, except they're spread out across Kemper Arena parking lot in little squares. Now, in the old days, if you weren't invited to one of the parties, you didn't eat or drink and you just basically paid $10 to walk around and smell everyone's food. In the years of late that has changed and you can now purchase great barbecue and drinks out on the main concourse.

American Royal BBQ 2010 Entertainment
Most of the private parties have their own entertainment, from live bands to DJs, and there is also a main stage that is open to the public. For the 2010 American Royal BBQ the main stage will feature Liverpool - a Tribute to The Beatles. If you haven't seen these guys you should check them out, they do an authentic Beatles tribute down to the last detail. Last year the main stage was rockin' with an awesome line up of Brody Buster followed by headliners The KC All Stars. The live music on the main stage is followed by a great fireworks show.

American Royal BBQ Tickets
Looking for tickets? Just click on the link above to purchase tickets to either Friday night's American Royal BBQ or you can also purchase tickets for Saturday's American Royal BBQ 2010.

2009 American Royal BBQ Contest Winners

Best Overall - "Pork Pullin' Plowboys" - 1st Place

Best Chicken - "Smoke This BBQ" 1st Place

Best Pork - "Caveman Quisine" 1st Place

Best Ribs - "Pig In! Pig Out!" 1st Place

Best Brisket - "Pork Pullin' Plowboys" 1st Place

Best Sauce on the Planet Award - Grandma Foster's Smooth & Spicy

American Royal BBQ Sauce Store People’s Choice Awards

People’s Choice Marinade/Baste - Buster's Blueberry Barbecue Sauce

People’s Choice Rub - Real Texas -- Original/p>

People’s Choice Sauce - Blues Hog Tennessee Blues Sauce

Man, after writing this blog, I've gotta go get some BBQ! I prefer Jack Stack BBQ on Holmes Road but actually the other day I was amazed at how awesome the ribs were at J. Alexander's of all places! Those ribs are smackin' good! Hope to see you all at The American Royal BBQ 2010 on Friday and Saturday - bring your appetite.

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