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Friday, November 4, 2011

UFO Sightings Kansas City 2011 Kansas City News

Here at Kansas City news we run into all sorts of reports of UFO sightings in and around Kansas City, and occasionally we also get some great photos. We liked the one on the right so well we decided it had to go up immediately :)

Though this particular UFO sighting took place in Florida, we like the photo well enough to include it in our Kansas City News archive of UFO sighting photos from KC. Too bad all of the UFO sighting photos can't look like this one! Thank you to our friends in Vero Beach, Florida for sending that photo in.

Latest sightings in Kansas City include two sightings in Smithville over the lake. At or around 10pm on Thursday night November 3rd, 2011 two separate reports came in from Smithville, Missouri about an odd shaped round silver colored disc hovering over the lake about 200 - 300 feet in the air. The strange disc floated above the lake for about 30 seconds and then took off making a "whirring" sound according to one couple who witnessed it, and the second report of the incident confirmed the strange whirring sound as well. The UFO was lit around the edges with white lights but was not rotating or spinning in any way. Both reports said that the UFO was just hovering very still over the lake, and didn't make any significant movement until it took off heading due South and upward. The visibility at Smithville Lake is great, we've been out there several times back in the days when Groove Agency used to perform at the Smithville Marina! We weren't lucky enough to have any UFO sightings on those nights, but if you live or party at Smithville Lake, be sure and take a look up in the sky every once in awhile and make sure that you're not being watched!

We appreciate all of your emails and if you have a UFO sighting to report in the Kansas City area please email us at and thank you!

Friday, October 7, 2011

UFO Sightings in Lee's Summit Kansas City

Kansas City News has been following up on the latest UFO sightings in Lee's Summit and Kansas City over the past week. The photo at the left is the only one that has been sent in so far but we should have more UFO photos soon. For 5 consecutive days / nights now, hundreds of people in Lee's Summit and Kansas City have reported UFO sightings. They describe the sightings as UFOs ranging from orange orbs to odd looking formations, and objects with white and green lights all flying around 3000-5000 feet in the air. The sightings seem to be occurring around dusk and early night - from around 5pm to 9pm for the most part. We just had another call come in as we were working on this of a UFO sighting in Raytown where they were able to capture the footage below:

The footage clearly shows a UFO hovering in place above the street, and it is right on par with the other recent sightings in Raytown and Lee's Summit in that the UFOs are flying right over major highways and streets. One account on Wednesday reported a large triangle shaped UFO that flew along highway 50 (Lee's Summit) and then darted away at a speed of approximately 300 miles per hour, then came to a complete and sudden stop over what looked like downtown Lee's Summit, Missouri. The UFO was described as having white, green and blue lights on the bottom of it and the lights seemed to be flashing in a pattern. The same witness also noted that there were at least 2 helicopters in the immediate area at the same time.

Another recent sighting in Lee's Summit occurred tonight at around 7:15pm. The couple was heading down 470 Highway and spotted something that looked like a military formation, but they quickly they realized that these aircraft weren't like any military craft that they had seen before. The UFO sighting was a formation of 6 craft that were flying due North at around 300-400 mph and they did not stop or perform any maneuvers and they flew quickly out of sight. Hundreds of UFO sightings in Kansas City and Lee's Summit are happening this week, I wonder what is going on?

Here at Kansas City News, we will keep watching the sky and keep you posted!

If you have any Kansas City UFO sighting reports please email them to us at

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UFO Sightings Kansas City - New Kansas City News

UFO Photo by Joe McKay
More Video Cameras / Phones = More Proof of UFO Reality
by Kansas City News

As a firm non-believer in UFOs for most of my adult life, I have recently watched a few great documentaries that have tipped the scales in the other direction.  UFO sitings were always a topic reserved for science fiction geeks and the like, but since the general public now has more access to video and photo equipment in an "on the spot" format (cell phones, etc.) the UFO sitings have been pouring in as of late.

If you haven't seen it already, and you have NetFlix (which is an AWESOME program by the way), then you should definitely check out Dan Aykroyd's documentary on UFOs and how the world will soon be forced to publicly release information about UFOs in order to further our education on this topic...if nothing else, for our own safety.  According to Aykroyd in this documentary, it is only a matter of time before a UFO appears at a large enough gathering of people (rock concert, sporting event, etc) that will witness a UFO sighting together and validate this phenomenon.  The Mexican government released some pretty good videos of a UFO sighting in 2005, and to make the UFO case even stronger many former US astronauts have come forward with UFO encounters that they had while traveling in outer space on various voyages and missions.  Several credited and famous astronauts (among them Gordon Cooper) have claimed that UFOs have "followed" their missions in outer space and an increasing amount of video footage has come out recently proving their statements.  Gordon Cooper claims that a group of UFOs in "military formation" followed one of his flight missions, flying directly next to Cooper's plane and even "immitating" his movements - and then showing off with some of their own moves.  Many believe that the US Government designed the B-52 Stealth Bomber based on their study of documented UFO photos and possibly even recovered wreckage.

Most UFO researchers believe that the US Government has definite proof of the existence of UFOs and possibly even recovered UFO wreckage in storage, hidden from the general public.  I have to believe that these claims are true, and with everyone in the US walking around with video and photo recording devices such as cell phones I believe that UFOs will become a future topic of discussion, at the least.


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