Friday, February 5, 2010

Jobs in Kansas City - Tips for landing a good job in Kansas City

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Jobs in Kansas City are very attainable if you apply yourself and take the necessary steps to land one.

One path that I found successful was to get signed on with a Temporary Agency. There are several in the Kansas City area including Kelly Services, probably one of the oldest and trusted temporary agencies in the country. Kelly has many Kansas City jobs available for applicants with the right qualifications. What I really liked about Kelly Services (and I think that most temp services offer this) was the training service. There are several different computer programs out there that are useful to employers, and the more of these programs you can master, the more jobs you are qualified for. Programs that are useful are Microsoft Office products, Adobe products, and specialized software programs that may relate to your area of job expertise. Kelly will test you on the various computer programs to see how well you know each program, however the cool thing is that if you are struggling on any of the programs they have training programs that will help you to score better on their tests.

College - if you went to college then you probably already have an area of expertise and may be familiar with and can pigeon hole your job opportunities accordingly. For instance if you have college experience in accounting, you might want to go directly to Accountemps in Kansas City to begin your journey. If you did not attend college do not lose hope, you can easily learn any or all of the computer programs required to land any of the great Kansas City jobs that are out there waiting for you. Check in to a temporary agency and start training. I would just ask them outright what jobs are the most readily available and just train towards getting that job. A lot of times it doesn't matter where you start in a company, if you can get a job a good company you can work your way laterally to another department within the company and eventually move up in that department. For instance, I started in the Claims department of a Kansas City health care company and I eventually gained the experience necessary to move to the more lucrative Accounting department. For the record, my college experience didn't really have much to do with my entry into the company, nor my success within the company later on.

The Bottom Line
Go to a temporary agency, score well on their placement tests, get sent out on temporary job assignments, find a company on an assignment that you like, let them know that you are interested in becoming a permanent employee, watch the available job listings within that company and apply for a permanent job. If you have done well as a temporary employee then odds are you will be hired on as a permanent employee. At that time you can look for opportunities within the company to move up, etc.

The temporary agency is a great way to start because they are basically looking for jobs for you, and they have better access to the good jobs because the big companies in Kansas City use temporary agencies constantly to fill positions. The other major advantage to starting out in a temporary agency is that they will send you out to work (temporarily, of course) at several different companies, and you get a chance to look at the company from the inside, making it easy to find a company that you would like to work for.

This is how I landed a great job in Kansas City, I hope this was helpful to any of you that are out there struggling to land one of the wonderful Kansas City jobs that are out there waiting for you right now! Good luck on the job hunt.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad Tablet - Apple CEO Steve Jobs presents the new iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the all new Apple iPad Tablet today with a live demonstration in California today. Our overall reaction, "it's O.K." - nothing really spectacular about it, it's basically a giant iPhone.

Good things about the new Apple iPad:

It is small, and FLAT. This thing is as flat as they get at 1/2 an inch thick and weighs 1.5 pounds.

It has all of the apps that Apple users are used to from their iBooks and iPhones.

It is great for reading books, magazines and newspapers. According to the Apple iPad Tablet demo, the book section is really cool with a virtual video bookshelf compliments of Amazon, which shows your books on the shelf as if at home in your library. Steve Jobs also demoed the iPad by showing his ease of navigation through today's New York Times.

Cost - the Apple iPad is surprisingly affordable at $499. That's a shocker - considering it came from "we're so proud of our junk" Apple Computers.

Bad things about the new Apple iPad:

So what, it's a giant iPhone! It doesn't fit in your pocket, and it doesn't have the nice large screen of your iBook or PC laptop.

No USB port - uh, this is a major oversight - I would think that a USB port would be nice.

Did not live up to the hype. The hype, in the case of the Apple iPad tablet, was much larger than the product itself. Great marketing tactic, however, you gotta give 'em that. They promised that it would revolutionize and change everything - but all it really revolutionized was the current electronic book-reading devices such as the Kindle by Amazon.

Apple - New Gadget to be announced today at 12 noon

Apple is scheduled to unveil their latest gadget which, until now, has been kept secret.

Market experts are guessing that Apple Computer's new product will be some sort of a small 10 inch portable device that will serve as a laptop, phone, media player, and will probably hold a few surprises as well.

The Apple product is said to be unique in that it will be extremely thin.

We will find out at 12 noon!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kansas City Police - KCPD's relationship with Kansas City Detectives

Kansas City police and their relationship with Kansas City detectives

Does someone have to be murdered in Kansas City in order for the Kansas City police to turn over any pertinant crime details to the Kansas City detectives? After living here for most of 30 years, my friends and I have been the victims of countless crimes. No big deal for the most part, the occasional robbery, car theft, assault, etc.

Here's the thing:

The police show up, write up a report, and then split.

Is it no longer the job of the Kansas City police department to INVESTIGATE crimes? I mean seriously, I've had fingerprints, shoe prints, tire prints, friggin DNA samples, everything in the book on those who have broken into my house or car and the police just IGNORE this and dismiss the evidence completely.

Ok, so my question is, what level of severity does a crime have to be before the Kansas City police turn over a crime to the Kansas City detectives? Do the KCPD detectives only investigate murders? I understand that the "beat cops" that are on patrol are mostly simpletons and cannot initiate an investigation, but can they at least turn the facts over to the detectives?

A good policeman friend of mine once told me that if I'm ever robbed while at home to "shoot him and drag him in front of your front door". I think that may be my only recourse. Good advice :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Madden 2010 Superstar & Franchise Tips

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Madden 2010 is definitely a tough game and we got so much response on our last blog about tips for madden 2010 superstar and madden 2010 franchise that we decided to put out some more tips and info about the game.


First of all, for all of you "sprint button freaks" out there, Madden 2010 has gotten wise to you. It no longer pays to mash on the sprint button all of the time. This is why they moved it to the outer buttons (R2). In Madden 2010 it is essential that you release the sprint button before you attempt to use any of the other buttons. For instance, if you're trying to make that big tackle, it's best to use sprint to get yourself into position, then release the sprint button at the last minute and mash on the tackle button of your choice. The safest tackle button is x. For a big hit (and possible fumble) you can use the square button, but make sure that you're in position or you will miss. Another good button to try is the "strip" button (L1), but if you're going to try the strip move you had better make sure that you have another teammate who has your back because this button will make you miss the tackle completely 50% of the time. On offense, the story is the same, you must release the sprint button before hitting other buttons in order for them to work to their full potential. When trying to catch the ball (triangle), try releasing the sprint button before going for the grab at the very last minute and you will have more success catching. When running the ball either with the running back or after a catch, sprint until they try to tackle you and then use another button to escape - beware of the "truck stick" (right joystick UP) because using this will make you fumble occasionally.


Odds are, the computer is not going to beat you with the running game. The running game is the easiest to stop on Madden 2010. Passing, on the other hand can be nearly impossible to stop (especially if you're playing against The Colts). To stop the pass, find the team's #1 target and use the "spotlight" function to place a special coverage circle around that player. To spotlight a player, wait until you have chosen your defense, then when your team takes the field hit and hold down the R2 button - a list of players will appear on your screen with a respective symbol next to each of their names (hit triangle to highlight Reggie Wayne, hit square to highlight Dallas Clark, etc.). This helps a little but you've still got to really watch the coverage. If you're a master at getting to the quarterback, then that will definitely help. The Colts LOVE to throw to Collie, The Titans LOVE to throw to Bo Scaife, etc. If you find that you're getting burned by the plays that the running back goes out for a pass in the flat, become the Strong Safety and shut that shit down.

Also, as a Kansas City fan, I tell you to be sure and kick Larry Johnson's butt right off the team if you play the Chiefs. Also, if you become the Chiefs you will need to beef up the line on offense and defense. My friends and I created two brothers called LUMP and LOAF who play defensive and offensive line respectively. You will also get burned on the sidelines if you don't pick up at least one good cornerback. Lastly, you will want to get a real quarterback - and if you give old ghetto Larry Johnson the boot, you will want to get a good running back as well - Charles is a good 3rd down back but he is not good as an every down back because he cannot break a tackle.


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