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Thursday, August 20, 2009

KU Product Aqib Talib adds Name To List of NFL Losers With Arrest

University of Kansas standout Cornerback, Aqib Talib , was arrested early this morning on charges of resisting arrest and simple battery. Talib was the 20th overall draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buchaneers. Police say Talib, 23, had an altercation with a cab driver then refused to exit the vehicle upon police request. He is accused of punching the cab driver in the ear and neck. When officers appeared on the scene, he peacefully refused to exit the vehicle. Somewhat appropriate since his first name, Aqib, means "last to come."

Indeed, Talib is the last (or at least most recent) in a long line of NFL players to be arrested over the last few years. It is easy to cite such events as of late. Michael Vick was arrested for dog fighting. Plaxico Burress had a concealed handgun discharge in a New York night club while out partying. Donte Stallworth was arrested for killing a jaywalker while under the influence. To be honest, I still don't know how in the world Adam "Pacman" Jones is still on the streets after killing a man, among many other quite serious incidents. Of course, we all know the trouble Larry Johnson has gotten into in Kansas City.

I have many questions on the Talib issue. The last time I checked, NFL teams are currently holding training camps as they prepare for the regular season. What in the world was he doing out at that time of night. I think we can all guess. That said, I guess I am glad he was at least smart enough to grab a taxi. Then again, what in the world was he doing repeatedly punching a cab driver and then not cooperating with the police? It is ridiculous and no, chalking this up to immaturity is not an excuse with his history of breaking the law and altercations with teammates. I would say someone is in need of anger management training.

Let it be known that I am an avid Chiefs fan and a fan of the NFL. I am a season ticket holder of the Kansas City Chiefs. In addition, I am a big fan of Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, and his actions and disciplinary reactions to NFL players breaking the law. That said, this makes me sick. Like most everyone else, I work hard for a living. I spend a good amount of my income on season tickets. However, I am sick and tired of hearing of NFL players breaking the law. Like having a drivers licence is a privilege, so is making millions and millions of dollars to play a kids game.

The NFL, I believe, is full of mostly really good guys who work hard and obey the law. However, the NFL also continues to take men into the league who have come from really bad backgrounds, pay them millions and millions of dollars, and expect them to act morally. This is obviously not working with many players. I am even fair enough to say that people deserve a second chance if they learn from their mistakes. I cannot accept the fact that there are grown men who continue to break the law and act immorally and have second, third, and fourth chances to make even more money and feel as though they are above the law. It is a disgrace and something needs to be done about it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wyandotte County Casino Approved

The Kansas Lottery Commission approved contracts to build two casinos in Wyandotte County, KS. The contracts were awarded to two separate entities. The companies approved are Kansas Entertainment LLC and Penn Hollywood Kansas LLC. Kansas Entertainment LLC was approved to build a $387 million dollar casino next to the Kansas Speedway. Penn Hollywood Kansas LLC was approved to build a casino near the new Schlitterbahn Water Park.

Well I guess it was just a matter of time before the rednecks filling the stands at Kansas Speedway would be joined by the degenerate gamblers. Even worse, not one, but two, casinos were approved to be built within a few miles of each other. I just hate that Wyandotte County finally has a nice area that is attracting people. I am not a race fan, but people are being drawn to the area by other attractions such as Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabella's, Dave and Buster's, The Legends Shopping Center, dining, and entertainment venues. To this point, if you can avoid the area over race weekend this is still a relatively nice area.

I know some people are excited by the idea of 2 casinos in the area, but I'm not. Wonder why? Take a drive over to the casinos in Missouri. Notice the increased law enforcement. Trust me, it isn't because there is a parade in town. It is because there is an increase in crime in the area. Also, notice the very large empty buildings that are no longer occupied because the casino went under and very few businesses need that kind of room to operate. They look really nice, don't they? I guess on a high note, there will be an increase in revenue from all of the arrests.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Eventually, you had to know that the rednecks that like to watch NASCAR and piss their income away at Cabella's on guns would eventually want to make it a tri-fecta. As the old joke goes, if you want to hide a welfare check from a redneck, put it in their work boots. They need somewhere to throw this money away. I am excited to hear the promises of better schools and increased pay for public servants as a result of the casino money. That never happens either. For normal people, enjoy the end of what could of been a nice place in Kansas, but will just be the equivalent of a retail trailer park.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reality Television: Making the Dumb even Dumber

I guess I just don't understand reality television. It seems that reality television is most of what is on any given channel anymore. It is just unsettling to me. Complete no-name, talentless, immature, idiots that are competing against each other for some stupid prize. Even worse, it is propelling these morons into the celebrity lime light for absolutely no reason a la Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, who both, incidentally, also have there own stupid reality shows. No talent, yet getting paid all kinds of Jack.
One of my favorite reality shows to hate on is American Idol, or as I prefer, American Idiot. Again, we take three moron judges and a bunch of talentless competitors to produce the world's largest Karaoke Contest. Then, in exchange for your presentation of someone else's song you get degraded by some asshole Englishman. I am waiting for the day they have to bring their brothers and sisters to stand in the background and use tennis rackets like guitars to pretend they are a band. Maybe even sprinkle in a few hairbrushes for back up singers. I think the fact that David Cook calls himself an artist is embarrassing to Kansas City. Then again, I don't know how Dane Cook considers himself a comedian either.
Then there is that breed of reality shows that drive me nuts. The ones I really hate. The shows made popular by the Bachelor and dumbed down even more by the likes of VH-1. It is an easy recipe. Take a male or female that is marginally desirable. Add in a bunch of morally relaxed morons. Make the morons perform tasks in competition to see who eventually gets to marry/date the first individual. Nice. Hey Dad. How did you meet Mom? Well son, I won her on a t.v. show. Stay Classy.
In all fairness, I suppose some good has come of these shows. The problem is, most people glued to the weekly episode of "Who Wants to Win A Skank" don't have the intelligence to find the Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel actually puts some decent quality programming on so far as reality television is concerned. First, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, which follows a talented chef and author as he travels the world learning about other countries cultures. Second, is Dhani Tackles the Globe, which follows an NFL player as he travels the world discovering other cultures, focusing on their sports. Lastly, Man vs. Food, which is maybe not as educational, but very entertaining.
Overall, I think there a few decent reality shows, but for the most part, we are allowing television to turn our minds to mush. Why are we propelling these idiots to superstar status for doing nothing more than showing up? Give me someone with talent, insight, and an interesting perspective and let them teach me something. That is television worth watching. These idiots they have on television now will end up no names given time. They are too stupid to be famous for long.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Era Begins at 1 Arrowhead Drive in Kansas City

I would assume like many Kansas City homers, I woke up today with a
slight hangover and sense of excitement. Ozzy Osborne's "Crazy Train" was blairing through my head on repeat. Yes!! It is football season in Kansas City! It starts tonight. Your Kansas City Chiefs will start a new era against the Houston Texans with a 7:00 kick off tonight in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. That being said, there are a lot of new things to be seen tonight, including the stadium.

The renovations at Arrowhead Stadium are 70 percent completed due to a $375 million renovation funded by Kansas City tax payers and the Hunt family. Arrowhead officials say that fans attending tonight's game will see a lot of changes. The changes and improvements to the stadium include widened concourses, new restrooms, new concession stands with a larger variety of offerings, high resolution video boards in each endzone, a ribbon board circling the entire stadium, new sound system, and new lighting. That is just what is completed so far. While construction crews are way ahead of schedule, there is still much to be done including the press boxes, penthouse suite, party decks, more restrooms, more concession stands, etc...

Along with the changes to the stadium comes a major change in the organization. The change started at the top with the hiring of General Manager, Scott Pioli. He then hired Chiefs new head coach, Todd Haley. Coach Haley basically dismantled the coaching staff and replaced them with "his guys." These may be some of the more subtle changes. The team itself has practically been overhauled. While the team is laden in players that should be retired such as Zach Thomas and Bobby Engram, they do provide some much needed veteran leadership. There are also a group of new rookies led by 1st round draft pick, Tyson Jackson. Additionally, you should look for players that might have flown under the radar that should be of great impact this year such as Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr.

Yes. I love this time of year. There is nothing in the world like pulling into the parking lot and smelling the smoke generated by grills firing up all kinds of wonderful food. It brings back the memories of Bill Grigsby urging you to shop at Price Chopper and Mitch Holtus breaking down pre-game information and interviews with Len Dawson. The local and national pride that is displayed as the national anthem comes to an end and we let the opposing team know that they are in the "home of the Chiefs." The excitement of the first kick off as the crowd roars while Ozzy is going off the rails on a crazy train. Tonight will be exciting to see all that is new meet all of the tradition of old. GO CHIEFS!!!

Breaking the Law Should Not Be Ignored or Embraced

It is amazing to me the large amount of United States Citizens that accept, if not embrace, the movement of illegal immigrants into our country. The vast majority of people that accept this movement are small business owners who can get hard working labor for a relatively small expense. These individuals are looking specifically at their own bottom line as opposed to the negative impact their actions have on society. Beyond this impact, it is only adding to an increasing lack of patriotic pride and, to be quite honest, it is really annoying me.

Let me begin by noting that I do not have a problem with foreigners immigrating into our country. However, there is a legal process that has to be followed for this to be done. I am referring to the large amount of illegal immigrants that cross our borders every year. They should have to go through the same process as everyone else. You need to have a sponsor, fill out the required paper work, go through a trial period, find a job, pay your damn taxes, and learn our language..ENGLISH!!

I am mad. I work hard to make a life for myself. I pay taxes to support public projects. Meanwhile, we have illegal immigrants taking jobs from the American worker. They do not pay taxes, but you bet your ass they take advantage of public programs. Don't believe me, try visiting a public school sometime. Yeah, some of us are paying for that. What about health care? Do you think these people are insured? No way. Most of all, I am so damn sick and tired of going to stores and seeing everything written in both English and Spanish. I am really over listening to some annoying idiot yelling on their cell phone in Spanish everywhere I go.

If you want to speak Spanish, eat Mexican food, drink Cerveza's, not pay your taxes, and not learn our language then go back to where you came from. We don't want you and we don't need you. On the other hand, if you want to go through the legal process to become a United States citizen, learn the language, and actually speak it, then you are welcome. This is my country and I am proud of it. I am tired of United States citizens ignoring the downfall of our society. Get a clue or we will have an economy as depressed as Mexico's. I hope you like chicklets.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wrath of Obama Administration may hit Leavenworth

In yet another questionable decision made by the Obama Administration, Guantanamo Bay has been shut down. The major issue that should be concerning citizens in and around the Kansas City area is that the current administration is proposing moving these detainees to Ft. Leavenworth, KS. That's right folks!! The gentleman to the upper right could be your new neighbor. That will be pretty neat when the inevitable prison break happens.
To come correct, the decision is between Ft. Leavenworth, KS and a location in Standish, MI. Regardless, this is not a conversation you want to have your name thrown in the hat for. Speaking of names, thank God for the likes of Republican Senator's Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts. They have been very vocal and very active in trying to block this initiative by the Obama team.
The Senators are collaborating to demand answers as to the outcome of this proposal. They gone so far as to require the answer, which have been held under wraps thus far, or continue to place legislative holds on administrative appointees and to the department of justice and defense. Not a huge marker their holding, but better than nothing.
Ft. Leavenworth is part of the brain trust center for the U.S. Army. It houses the Command and General Staff College among others. This, Kansas City, is where the Legislative arm of the U.S. Government wants to house individuals that are so evil, they were keeping them in Cuba under the lock and key of the U.S. Military. They are trying to make them your neighbors and they are trying not to tell you about it. WAKE UP KANSAS CITY!!! Call your representatives!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

KC's Trolley System: Right Idea, Same Old Poor Execution

By March of 2010, there should be a trolley system that runs between the River Market and Waldo. Seed money worth $200,000 was approved to be given by the City Council to the Westport Regional Business League for this purpose. An estimated cost of $15 will allow customers to ride the trolley's between the hours of 7:00 P.M. and 3:30 A.M. The purpose is to provide safe transportation and attract people to the city's nightlife.

The current proposed route will stop at 8 different areas known for their restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Initially, the trolley's will only run at night. The trolley's will make stops at the City Market, the Power and Light District, the 18th and Vine area, Martini Corner (31st and Gillham), Westport, the Plaza, Brookside, and Waldo. If the execution is successful, there are hopes for plans to expand the trail to Zona Rosa in the Northland and I-435/State Line in the South.

Once again, Kansas City becomes thrifty and is trying to work with hand-me-downs. Major Metropolitan Cities, REAL Major Metropolitan cities, make a way to find the funding to do things right. Kansas City passed on the Light Rail system. Any major metropolitan city that takes itself seriously has or is in the process of building a Light Rail type of system. Once again, Kansas City is half-assing it and continuing its downward spiral to be one of the worst major metropolitan cities in the country.

The same as we couldn't build a baseball park downtown. The same as we couldn't rebuild the K. The same as we couldn't rebuild Arrowhead. We will not be building a public transit system that would help this city's citizens stay safe and increase business throughout the city. Kansas City, once again, is wearing hand-me-downs. The saddest part, people are actually excited about it.

Let me spell this out. Yes. It is great that we are getting some drunks from behind the wheel. However, it is only for a brief period. This may actually make it more dangerous as people feel the comfort of taking a trolley between bars. Guess what, they still have to drive home. Despite the push, our downtown areas aren't exactly filling up with tenants. Many people still live outside the city and still have to get home at the end of the night. It isn't going to be on a trolley.

To be even more honest, there are actually cabs you can grab around the downtown area and get in between areas for less than $10 bucks. Granted, you have to put up collateral to get home at the end of the night if you live more than a mile away. At least it can be done. If you want to get home from the Zona Rosa area at the end of the night, you better start walking because you can't even get a cab up there, and thus are forced to drive.

In conclusion, I absolutely love the idea of public transit between the cities popular spots for nightlife. However, this is putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. It's small time and a reflection of how this city operates...2nd rate. Great ideas. Poor execution. Keep it up and see what happens.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don't be Confused by some of the Chiefs Moves...yet

In watching Herm Edwards fill in on Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN, I thought about how much I respect the man as a person, but how much I also like to see him on the ESPN sets instead of our beloved sidelines. Even the least passionate Chiefs fans know that there has been a ton of needed change at 1 Arrowhead Drive. It started, of course, with Scott Pioli and Todd Haley. In their wake, there has been a continued effort to add more people to create more competition, as per their promise.

The off-season began with the acquisitions of Matt Cassel and Mike Vraebel from New England. Despite his success, I think a guy that hadn't started a game since High School may not be the guy we need behind a swiss cheese offensive line and weak receiving core. Vraebel tags up with Bobby Engram and Zach Thomas to start their farewell tour from the NFL. All three have been potent threats in the past, but those days are well behind them. Trust me.

That being said, the Chiefs did need some senior leadership. The past few years showed Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards running most of the veterans and team leaders out of town. Don't get me started on Jarred Allen. With the recent trade of Tony Gonzalez to the Atlanta Falcons that would Waters. So, I guess these player/coaches could be of some value.

My confusion comes with the addition of Amani Toomer and most recently backup Quarterback Matt Gutierrez. But hey, they released Ingle Martin at QB to make room for Gutierrez. Yeah, I wouldn't make out the flashcards trying to remember either of these guys names any more than they should be purchasing property while employed in the NFL. Still, I see the method in the madness as Gutierrez backed up Cassel in New England. In addition, if we have Brodie Croyle battling Tyler Thigpen for the number two and three spots respectively, I really get it.

This brings me to the well dressed Amani Toomer. I have a ton of respect for this guy, but I think he rounds out the number four spot on the "All-will-be-retired-by-the-end-of-the-season-team." That is, of course, assuming they see time on the field. That brings the Chiefs tally to two receivers that should be watching football on television on Sunday and ten receivers total in camp. DWAYNE BOWE...DO WE NEED TO SPELL IT OUT? CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!

All that said, my opinion is that the Pioli and Haley are trying to bring as much talent as can be acquired at this time of the year to create as much competition as possible in camp. Don't be surprised if half of these guys don't make the team this year. If you will recall, we had Fred "Fred-X" Mitchell on the team last year for a few weeks before the season started. As some of these trades happen, please keep in mind that we have a GM and Coach with winning traditions. Let's not call these moves bad...yet.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Authors - Don't Be Shy!

For all of you who have recently been invited to blog on this page as official authors - get blogging!

You don't have to worry about looking cool or talking about the latest news or anything - blog about anything you want guys - seriously.

Only a select few authors were chosen so it's not a spam page or anything - just a place for important Kansas City people to express themselves.

Do it. Do it.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kansas City News Site is Born!

Finally, a Kansas City news blog with NO BIAS whatsoever. Please feel free to post any news about Kansas City you like :)

We welcome all comments.

Thank you,

The Kansas City News Team


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