Friday, September 3, 2010

Massive Crashes on I-70

Kansas City police and rescue workers had their hands full last night, with a multiple vehicle crash taking place on I-70 east of the sports complex. The accidents occured when Chiefs fans were on their way to Arrowhead Stadium before the Chiefs' final preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. The pileup comes on the heels of Kansas roads being named third best in the nation.

Around 12 vehicles were estimated to have been in a single crash, which occured on I-70 near Pittman road. The crash closed the eastbound lanes on I-70, and several people were taken to the hospital for injuries. Reports now indicate that traffic is flowing freely again, however there has been no news on the injuries.

Given the chaotic nature of driving to and from football games, it is surprising that incidents like the one that happened last night are not frequent. Traffic is intense, people are continuously trying to move into a better position and alcohol is often involved. Hopefully this crash will make Cheifs and Royals' fans more cautious when driving to and from the stadium.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Andy Roddick Goes Nuts at US Open

Andy Roddick bowed out of the US Open at the earliest stage of his career, falling to unseeded Janko Tipsarevic 3-6, 7-5, 6-3, 7-6 (7-4) in the second round last night. Roddick looked flat, berated a lineswoman for several games and then turned his frustrations on to the head official. It was a sad display from the world’s former number one player, who may never recover from losing his epic Wimbledon final against Roger Federer last year.

Roddick’s reaction to a correctly called foot fault was uncomfortable to downright embarrassing. Rather than focus on the task at hand, he continued to argue and berate both the lineswoman and the head official. Roddick improved his play after the incident, but was no match for Tipsarevic who played very well and kept Roddick on his heals all night. Roddick looked flat, going through the motions more than trying to win the match. By the time he started playing better, it was too late.

The poor play and embarrassing outbursts has been a continuing trend for Roddick this year. He has never recovered mentally from losing the marathon final against Federer at Wimbledon last summer, and if his recent play is any indication, he never will. Roddick has won a grand slam and had a great career (he also has a hot wife in case you wondering), but it is time for the next great American player(s) to step up.


Derrick Washington Kicked Off Mizzou Football Team

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On Wednesday, the Missouri Football Program announced the permanent suspension of Starting Tailback and team co-captain Derrick Washington. Washington was the leading rusher the last two seasons for the Tigers. This all stems from a Class C Felony Deviant Sexual Assault Charge. I don't want to get into details, but Washington is displaying the offending (allegedly) appendage in the picture to the right. The incident is alleged to have happened on the morning of this past June 19th. Though Washington will not touch the field again for Mizzou, he will be allowed to retain his scholarship if he remains enrolled in the University.

This is a somewhat surprising move for the program to remove a player who has not yet been convicted of a crime. Either Missouri officials know more about the incident than the rest of us, or they are assuming no resolution will be met in time for Washington to play this season. I applaud them for their quick decision, and for not revoking his scholarship. With the other legal problems facing members of the Tiger football program, this incident cannot linger on to further tarnish Coach Gary Pinkel's outstanding reputation or serve as a distraction for the team.

Missouri opens their season Saturday at 11:30 against the Fighting Illini in St Louis. Sophomore Kendial Lawrence and Junior De'Vion Moore will pick up the slack at tailback.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Man Beats, Robs Blind Uncle

There is low, and then there is really low. Way below that lies where Allen Bennett lies, a man being charged by authorities of robbing and beating his uncle. If you thought that sounded bad, it gets worse: his uncle is legally blind.

Bennett, who looks like the blind beating type, says he did not take part in the beating and has not seen his uncle in months. So we are supposed to believe someone else did this (despite the uncle's testimony)? Committing this horrible action is one thing, but lying about it might even be worse (if that is possible).

Unless it is this guy, the blind must rely on others for help, especially those that are family. I hope that the law gives Allen Bennett a stricter penalty considering that not only did he do something terrible, but he did it to a man who was completly defenseless.


Kansas City Rockfest to Return to Penn Valley Park

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The Kansas City Parks Board will allow Rockfest to return to Penn Valley Park in 2011. They voted 3-2, narrowly approving a one-year deal for the annual festival promoted by 98.9 The Rock. The Liberty Memorial collects $50,000 for the event, and the Parks Dept another $50,000. Aggie Stackhouse, Board Commissioner and perennial party-pooper, voted against the decision saying 55,000 people is simply too many for the venue.

You may recall, this year's event, headlined by Godsmack, caused quite the controversy. It deteriorated into a Woodstock-like mess as heavy rains inundated the park. Concertgoers reveled in the muddy aftermath, sliding down hills and playing in the mess. Complaints were also aimed at the noise, excessive drinking (what?), and trash left behind. AEG Live, the producer of the event, paid thousands to return the park to its previous condition after the event.

For 2011, AEG has some new rules to work with for the event. Among these, they must come up with a new parking plan to avoid damage from vehicles, provide more security, and fence off the area around the Firefighters' Fountain. The lineup for next year's event has not been announced yet.


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