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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bernard Jackson Convicted of 1980s Waldo Rapes

It only took 4 hours of jury deliberation to convict Bernard Jackson of 18 total counts of Rape, sodomy, and robbery. During the trial, the prosecution relied heavily on DNA evidence saved from the almost thirty year old cases to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt. None of the victims that took the stand could positively identify Jackson because they were blindfolded, but all told similar stories of threats with a gun and robbery during the rapes.

Bernard Jackson, it seems, is a lifelong rapist. He was first sent to prison on a rape conviction in 1977 at 19 years of age. When he got out six years later, the crimes he was just convicted of took place, as well as another attack that he plead guilty to in 1985. He was sentenced to 30 years then, but was paroled in December of 2008.

He is also a suspect in the 2009 through 2010 series of attacks in the Waldo area. Do you see a pattern developing here? Finally he will be put away for good. Too bad they didn't castrate him after the second rape conviction.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Woman Shot and Killed by Police in Kansas City

In a bizarre incident, Kansas City Police shot and killed what they described as a white woman in her 20's or early 30's this morning in the 5800 block of Manchester Ave. That's near I-435 and 350 Hwy on the east side. It all started when a woman called 911 to report that another woman (the now dead one) showed up at her house with an assault rifle and woke her up telling her to "get out". As she fled her home, she heard four or five shots. Police responded to the scene and the woman pointed an assault rifle at officers. KCPD responded with at least one shot.

Suicide by cop? Love triangle? Lover's quarrel? Time will tell, but it is a strange story that Police are trying to piece details together. Police will only say that the two women knew each other, but won't say how. There was a picture of the suspect inside the victim's home though.

One thing is for sure - you point an assault rifle at the Police, they will shoot you. Everytime.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kansas City Man Rapes Unconcious Woman

Take a look at Mr. Melvin L Jackson of Kansas City. Mr Jackson, it seems, was just walking down the street mindin' his own bidness when he happened upon a woman lying on the sidewalk near 34th & Troost. Of course, he stopped to see if he could help the poor lady when his penis (allegedly) fell out of his pants and into the woman who was unconscious on the street.

This poor woman wakes to witnesses screaming for the man to get off of her. Police soon catch up to Jackson who has his zipper still open. When questioned by Police, the man said he thought the woman was dead. Oh well, that makes it OK then, carry on sir - sorry to bother you. WTF?

This happened at 11:30 in the morning, in broad daylight, on a public sidewalk. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker said that in all her years in the prosecutor's office you think you've seen everything, but this is a new one.

What a sick fuck. Mr Jackson is being held on a $70,000 cash only bond.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brian Euston's Death in Westport Shows Dangers in Binge Drinking

Brian Euston's blood alcohol on the night he died was .387. That is extremely high. Most people would have been long passed out in a pool of their own vomit by that point. It seems Brian was a seasoned drinker, and probably not a stranger to the Westport bars - No shame in that, necessarily. Yours truly has been known to knock down more than a few on occasion. But I can't even fathom the amount of alcohol an adult male would have to drink to have that high of a BAC. There is no way he knew what he was doing when Stanford Griswold allegedly punched him.

It is a sad story, no doubt. A young man with seemingly lots to live for dead because of the reckless actions of himself and another man at 3 in the morning outside of a bar. The grief of his family must be tremendous. But this didn't have to happen, and the chain of events, it seems was started by Brian himself. Drinking and drugging will kill you. We see stories like this all the time, and I've written about some here on this blog.

As for Stanford Griswold? He will pay for what he did, and Involuntary Manslaughter seems a fitting charge to me based on the information readily out there in the media. I certainly don't think he intended to kill Brian - The information out there says he only hit him once and then ran. When an obviously blind, stinking drunk dude is annoying (read hitting on) your girlfriend, a lot of guys would punch him in the head. Not that this is right, and shows another side of the problem. You can't go around punching guys because they are being an asshole.

Really the bottom line is not to put yourself in situations where bad things can occur, because like it or not they do. And that's just a brutal reality of life.


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