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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL Replacement Refs Make Worst Call In Football History

This was somehow ruled a Seattle TD
Just when it appeared that the NFL replacement referee fiasco couldn’t get any worst, last night happened. The Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks on what will go down in history as the worst, most egregious, asinine and baffling game-deciding play in the history of football. The Seattle Seahawks were given a victory over the Green Bay Packers when a Packer interception was somehow ruled a touchdown.

On the final play of the game, Seattle had to throw a jump ball in the end zone. Seahawks receiver Golden Tate first shoved the Packers Sam Shields so hard that the cornerback hit the ground. The refs ignored what was the most obvious pass interference call in the league’s history and let the jump ball continue. The Packers M.D. Jennings secured the ball with two hands, then hit the ground and rolled over. Replays showed that he had secure possession against his chest. Yet the refs gave Tate the touchdown, then reviewed the play, and ruled the call stood.

This is the lowest moment in the NFL’s history. The league decided to replace its normal officials with low-level college officials, Arena League failures and even refs from the Lingerie League. The end result? An NFL team was blatantly robbed of a victory. Welcome to the 2012 NFL season, ladies and gentlemen.

The officials’ decision making was baffling. The one closest to the play waved his hands above his head and prepared to signal for a touchback. The other stood there, frozen… and suddenly raised his hands in the hair to signal a touchdown. Even worse, the officials never held a conference to talk about the play. The play went to review, where it was somehow upheld. How does someone not get a line to the referee’s headset and say “for the love of God call that an interception.”

The officials made the worst call in sports history, but blame the NFL for having them out there in the first place. The league got tangled into a nasty labor dispute with its officials, and thought a rag-tag group could officiate NFL football. NFL fans should not put up with this any longer. Why watch a game for three and a half hours when this happens at the end?

The greatest sports league in America, and possibly the world, has turned into a complete and utter joke.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Courts Rule in Favor of NFL, Deem Lockout Legal

Earlier this week, it appeared that the NFL lockout may soon be coming to an end. While negotiations have continued this week in New York, the 8th curcuit courts recently ruled in favor of the NFL, deeming that the lockout is indeed legal.

The decision came fresh off the news that Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith have started a second day of negotiations in New York. The ruling was not a surprise to both the owners and the players, as previous court decisions have often ended the same way regarding cases similar to the 2011 lockout.

While the news caught both the players and owners off guard, the ruling is not expected to be a factor in the present negotiations. Sources say that both parties feel an agreement is close to being reached, although we still do not know when that will be. While an agreement for how the revenue split should be settled appears close, there is still a lot of work to be done in regards to the new free agency rules. Progress is being made, but it appears that a decision is likely a few weeks away.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

NFL Lockout Talks Resume

After the last discussions between NFL owners and players took a step backwards, talks have reportedly resumed. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith have been joined by several owners and players in hopes of ending the lockout.

The group will be meeting at a law firm located in Minneapolis. Some of the more well-known participants include Colts center Jeff Saturday and Giants owner John Mara. These will be the fifth set of "secret" talks between the owners and players. The talks are only scheduled to take place today, but could also extend into Friday if both groups feel it is neccessary.

While reports on how much progress the players and owners have made varies, both sides appear to be running out of time to get something done. Training camps are scheduled to open in three weeks, and the Hall of Fame Game is August 7.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Twists to NFL Labor Talks

The NFL Labor Talks have had several new recent developments which provide some hope that we will have professional football next season. Late yesterday, both sides agreed on a 24 hour extention, which extends the deadline and could also be a sign that a middle ground is becoming more of a reality between the players and owners.

It appears as if the players' union has gained the upper hand in the talks at the moment. It is now being reported that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are now backing the NFL Players Association's DeMaurice Smith, an unexpected and somewhat shocking move. Star players almost never side with the NFLPA, and this can only help Smith's side gain more leverage.

The owners are becomming increasingly more disorganized, and are also growing frustrated with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his inability to take immediate action. Goodell has frequently urged the owners not to let this dispute go to court, as the owners have historically come up short when these disputes are settled with legal action. Hopefully a new collective bargaining argeement can be reached soon, as both sides continue to negotiated.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NFL Takes Stance On Illegal Hits

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking a strong stance on illegal hits, issuing several fines for players who committed vicious hits last Sunday. According to Goodell, the NFL will continue to enforce its current policy towards illegal hits, and may increase fines. The commissioner did rule out new in-game punishments such as ejections.

The new rules have players all around the league crying foul, arguing the new rules take away from the neccessary violent nature of the sport. Many argue that the NFL is moving towards flag football territory, and that new stance taken by the league gives an unfair advantage to players on offense. Steelers LB James Harrison is so upset after his $75,000 fine that he is now considering retiring from the league.

Most of the controversy stems from helmet-to-helmet hits, as the NFL is trying to take a more proactive approach on concussions and head trauma. Most players say that unless the league forces them to play without helmets, they are going to use their hats as a weapon. Legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno has an interesting take on the issue, advocating that football should eliminate facemasks. Many other coaches and players, including Mike Ditka, agree with Joe Pa, feeling that the facemasks are used as a weapon and eliminating them would lead to less vicious hits. It is an interesting idea, however I'd like to see football stay football, and not move into rugby territory.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

KU Product Aqib Talib adds Name To List of NFL Losers With Arrest

University of Kansas standout Cornerback, Aqib Talib , was arrested early this morning on charges of resisting arrest and simple battery. Talib was the 20th overall draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buchaneers. Police say Talib, 23, had an altercation with a cab driver then refused to exit the vehicle upon police request. He is accused of punching the cab driver in the ear and neck. When officers appeared on the scene, he peacefully refused to exit the vehicle. Somewhat appropriate since his first name, Aqib, means "last to come."

Indeed, Talib is the last (or at least most recent) in a long line of NFL players to be arrested over the last few years. It is easy to cite such events as of late. Michael Vick was arrested for dog fighting. Plaxico Burress had a concealed handgun discharge in a New York night club while out partying. Donte Stallworth was arrested for killing a jaywalker while under the influence. To be honest, I still don't know how in the world Adam "Pacman" Jones is still on the streets after killing a man, among many other quite serious incidents. Of course, we all know the trouble Larry Johnson has gotten into in Kansas City.

I have many questions on the Talib issue. The last time I checked, NFL teams are currently holding training camps as they prepare for the regular season. What in the world was he doing out at that time of night. I think we can all guess. That said, I guess I am glad he was at least smart enough to grab a taxi. Then again, what in the world was he doing repeatedly punching a cab driver and then not cooperating with the police? It is ridiculous and no, chalking this up to immaturity is not an excuse with his history of breaking the law and altercations with teammates. I would say someone is in need of anger management training.

Let it be known that I am an avid Chiefs fan and a fan of the NFL. I am a season ticket holder of the Kansas City Chiefs. In addition, I am a big fan of Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, and his actions and disciplinary reactions to NFL players breaking the law. That said, this makes me sick. Like most everyone else, I work hard for a living. I spend a good amount of my income on season tickets. However, I am sick and tired of hearing of NFL players breaking the law. Like having a drivers licence is a privilege, so is making millions and millions of dollars to play a kids game.

The NFL, I believe, is full of mostly really good guys who work hard and obey the law. However, the NFL also continues to take men into the league who have come from really bad backgrounds, pay them millions and millions of dollars, and expect them to act morally. This is obviously not working with many players. I am even fair enough to say that people deserve a second chance if they learn from their mistakes. I cannot accept the fact that there are grown men who continue to break the law and act immorally and have second, third, and fourth chances to make even more money and feel as though they are above the law. It is a disgrace and something needs to be done about it.


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